Dara Variety Poll: Ken+Ann

1 Aug

Sawan Biang is such a classic! I’m really surprise it’s only at #4. Sood Sanaeha and Sawan Biang tie as not just my favourite Ken/Ann lakorns but my favourite lakorns period!
And yes, YLC definitely should be at the bottom. 365 Wun Haeng Rak didn’t make the list? But I guess this poll is limiting itself to 5 choices.

oops. Just realise the poll covers Ann’s lakorns, not just those with Ken. I need a separate post to talk about Ann’s lakorns!

I would’ve ranked Sawan Biang as Ann’s #1 lakorn instead of Ab Ruk Online and Ya Leum Chan should’ve been #5. I disagree with this list lol, but I totally agree with Ken’s list though. Ann will always be Ken’s #1 nang’ek.

Ann’s Top Ranked Hit Lakorn:

Ken’s Top Ranked Nang’ek:

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One Response to “Dara Variety Poll: Ken+Ann”

  1. daralene December 17, 2015 at 4:36 AM #

    seems like ken played safe by keeping almost all his coactors… but i can understand why YLC is ann’s 2nd since she had always wanted to act with TIK… which is the downfall of the lakorn, since she was not comfortable around him. and for ARO she waited for peter to be the lead… so its sort of understandable

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