the heart wants what it wants – Ab Ruk Online ep 1-7

1 Feb


Yes, I’m finally back watching lakorns! I’d been watching ‘Ab Ruk Online’ and I had wanted to compose a nice, well thought out half-time review to kick start this blog again but well, sometimes blogging is about that rush of thought when it hits you. I started watching ARO for Ann obviously and was looking forward to her chemistry with Peter. I wasn’t so big on Mark/Kim though, since no one in the younger batch really interests me and indeed I wanted to smack Pidpraw (Kim) in place with a big office file in the first episode. Since then however, it has been Saya (Ann) that has been difficult to watch with her growing infatuation of Pranon (Mark) and the lies after lies after lies that she tells to keep up her pretense in the office. Pidpraw does have a thing or two to learn about manners, humility and teamwork but with her, everything is out in the open (well, almost everything). She says it like it is (or at least how she sees it) and as tactless and offensive it may be, the arrow comes straight at you and you can certainly shoot one back while fuming. 

With Saya, what makes me uncomfortable isn’t just the fact that she created a false online identity to chat with Pranon. To be fair, when she created ‘Ab Ruk’ she was only thinking about establishing a link with this person whom she has been thinking about for the longest time but as time went on, her feelings snowballed as she chatted more and more with Pranon and what I find unacceptable is how she abused her position to manipulate situations to get close to Pranon. Despite her repeated denials to herself and Lipda/Pidpraw, she has already crossed the line by a mile. I really CAN’T with the hypocrisy when she acts all high and mighty lecturing Pidpraw about being proper and how she Saya is only doing what she is doing for the company’s best interest in ep7. I do think a small rational part of Saya’s mind is telling her to rein her feelings in but her online chats with Pranon has given her this connection to Pranon which feels so real that her love, and jealousy, keeps growing and growing. Problem is, she knows who she is having a connection with. A very real Pranon whom she knows and observes behind her office glass window (stalker much?). What about Pranon? In some sense he managed to see the wise, sensitive, caring side of Saya which others seldom notice, but he’s not getting the full picture and that’s not a balanced relationship.

And the scariest part of it all? Realizing that I’m more of a Saya than Pidpraw in my own life and maybe that’s why it’s so hard to watch Saya because I see a reflection of my less than pretty self. I’ll leave it as that.. this is after all a space for make-believe romances and the developing one between the down-to-earth Pranon and Miss uppity Pidpraw has been surprisingly fun to watch. It’s nothing ground breaking really but hey, it works and I actually go awwww when they are together. I think – and hope – that Saya will ‘wake up her idea’ (Singlish for stop dreaming) in the second half of the lakorn and start noticing her very very swoon-worthy boss Lipda. I don’t blame Saya for not taking Lipda’s words or even actions seriously because he has always played to his playboy/playful image and you know, not exactly husband material if you’re looking for more than the looks and cash. But now she’s so focused on her secret pursuit of Pranon that she risks throwing away what she already has. Well well, that’s only too human ain’t it?

ok, rant over. Monday is calling and hopefully I will have time/energy in the coming week to talk more about the story/other characters.

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