Forget you

22 Jun

Hello to my readers old and new, thanks for still dropping by occasionally though I have not updated in such a long time. I won’t call my current state a ‘drama slump’ because that’s when I want to watching something but nothing catches my attention. For the past couple of months I simply couldn’t summon the interest in drama watching, instead I spend my time writing endlessly in my private journal trying to write and reason my way out of a RL conundrum. Things are still a bit iffy in RL but I’m getting more of a grip emotionally (I think) and it’s time to get some enjoyment out of drama watching once again. 🙂

I started on ‘Spinsters Vs Casanovas’ a couple of weeks back and it was fab~~~ It had me laughing and crying in the first 2 episodes but somehow I got distracted and decided to pick up ‘Ya Leum Chan’ again. I had been skimming through P’Fia and Darknesslakorns recaps on it and I had a rough idea how the story played out and boy was I glad I dropped it at the beginning of ep4 when Khem started going down the loony slope. Though I didn’t care for the main couple, I really liked Eua and Gaenlong and thought why not zip through YLC for their parts since they get a happy ending? So I started watching from ep8 and continued through to the last episode before giving up at the finishing line again because I really couldn’t be bothered with watching Khem get his happily ever after. My feelings towards the story/4 main characters remained the same as my first impression of this lakorn.

– Khem: Jerk pra’eks are a dime a dozen in lakorn land but the trick is to give them a redeeming quality and/or a good enough reason to be acting like a jerk in the first place for the audience to sympathize and root for them. In Khem’s case, that ‘reason’ is the love of his life dumped him to marry a rich old man so when she re-enters his life he goes all out to mess up her life as ‘revenge’. Uhhmmmm, not good enough. It’s just plain idiotic and childish for a grown man to behave like he did and for what? Cos his little woobie heart got broken eons years ago? I’m sure heartbreak hurts like hell (I should know) and it’s not something one gets over easily but come on… if this is the way he loves, I would have to say thanks but no thanks even if you look like Tik. I really hated the way Khem used and lied to Gaen to cover up what he is doing to Wadee behind Gaen’s back and I find it incredulous how even after he got busted he had the cheek to come begging Gaen and saying she is still the only woman he wants to marry. My eyes rolled to the back of my head and back again when the people around Khem kept excusing his behaviour as due to him ‘not knowing his heart’ but again, not good enough an excuse. Besides his aggravating behaviour, I found Khem a very flat character. There wasn’t emotional depth in his relationship with Wadee though that seemed to be his only purpose in life and none of his emotions rang true to me.

Wadee: Ah, saint Wadee. I liked that Wadee wasn’t a complete doormat and did give Khem a few good telling off but she was too vanilla to make an impression.

Eua x Gaen: If only Khem had half, no, even a quarter of the sensibilities of Eua or Gaen and we would have saved everyone a lot of trouble. Eua was the perfect gentleman to Gaen’s sunshine princess and we actually get to see and feel their relationship grow from p/nong to something more. It’s very heartwarming to see Eua and Gaen support each other as true friends without any hidden agendas and it felt very organic when the little light bulb went off and they realised their love for the other is more than just a friendly one. No regrets over continuing YLC for them!



It’s a pity such a strong cast was let down by the storyline but at least we had Eua and Gaen as the saving grace.

Next up I’ll be continuing on ‘Spinsters Vs Casanovas’ and will also be checking out ‘Ruk Nee Je Jud Hai’ (Rome/Matt) and ‘Look Nee Tee Ruk’ (Golf/Toey). Drop me a comment if there are any other hot lakorns I’ve missed while on my hiatus!


6 Responses to “Forget you”

  1. asl June 26, 2014 at 2:38 AM #

    Saneha Sunya Kaen is the perfect wtf lakorn to watch for pure entertainment. People are more amused by Dome Pakorn’s bipolar sociopathic character than the actual horrendous plot. I dont know what to categorize this as. Horror? Thriller? Comedy? Melodrama? But if you want a good laugh, SYK is the perfect dose of a revenge lakorn gone wrong. I’m sticking with this lakorn to the end just for mockery purpose lol Nahkin (Dome’s character) is far worse than Khem but much more amusing to watch and bash lol

    Maybe you should give Twdrama a go. You should try In A Good Way.

    • J June 26, 2014 at 10:13 PM #

      I drop by Darknesslakorns occasionally to check out her recaps on SYK and indeed I see lots of mocking potential in the plot and p’ek! Sounds like an entertaining train wreck…

      I do watch Tw dramas and have heard lots of good things on IAGW but not feeling like that kind of drama now. but thanks for the rec!

  2. jamieguo July 10, 2014 at 1:24 PM #

    Hi there! Good to see you post now and then. I should do some blogging myself, lol. After perusing the list of 2014 lakorns released so far, I actually don’t know if you missed much. There are a number of upcoming lakorns that might be interesting. The Rising Sun series with its unique background (and Wishy subbing it, yeah!). The Mafia series has alot of big name actors, actresses, let’s hope they get some good plots as well.

    I’ve only watched Full House Thai, which is fun if you want a quick and cute lakorn, but its pretty similar to the kdrama. I guess Cubic and Samee Tee Tra also had lots of interest, I tried Cubic and believed in what I heard about Bomb’s acting. STT, I still have to watch Ann’s version.

    I’ve been watching more older lakorns, Sao Noi 2012, Nang Rai Sai Lab, Ngao Asoke 1999

    SN 2012 was good, NRSL I really watched for the couple, Margie and Pete and I liked the premise, but they were some of the most incompetent police ever. I enjoyed NA 1999 as a guilty pleasure, it was fun watching an old skool lakorn, the music, the clothes. Now I want to watch more oldies!

    I’m looking forward to Pete and Ann’s lakorn Abb Ruk Online. And did you know they’re doing remakes of Leh Ratree and Roy Leh Sanae Rai? It feels so weird that now I actually have watched some of the lakorns they’re remaking.

  3. asl January 9, 2015 at 8:08 AM #

    Hey! It’s been so long. How have you been?

    Anyway Abb Ruk Online is finally on air. Did you check it out already?

    Another recommendation would be Songkram Nang Ngam aka Beauties and the Bitches. No I am not kidding, the official English title is that. It aired late 2014 still ongoing. It should be completed in the next 2 to 3 week.

    • J January 10, 2015 at 1:45 PM #

      Hihi! It has been a long time indeed! Not just lakorns… I simply hadn’t been watching any dramas beyond the occasional episode of NCIS and wadnot. I’ve been a drama addict for so long that I never image that no dramas would interest me. Or maybe it’s because I’ve watched so many that nothing catches my fancy now? lol.

      Ohh, thanks for the headsup on ARO. I don’t fancy Mark/Kim, but I gotta check it out for Ann! If you see some new posts on this blog, you’ll know that ARO has me. 😉

      • asl January 11, 2015 at 7:28 AM #

        You gotta love Lipda (Peter). So flirtatious. The subbing team of Viki is pretty darn quick. Will be waiting for a new post from you soon. I hope ARO will revive your drama addiction.

        Between Chobling has the first episode of Beauties and the Bitches on her blog… lots of new faces but it is very different from the usual lakorn.

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