Thai pop digest #1

26 Apr

Lakorns OST was my gateway to Thai pop but the language remained a barrier for me to get to know artistes/songs which don’t get the exposure through lakorns. These days when I’m in the mood for some new Thai pop, I surf around youtube, linking from one song to the other and giving random singers a try. But again, if the singer and/or song doesn’t have an English name it can be hard for me to find that song again when I want another listen so I’m doing this Thai pop digest series as a way for me to keep a record of those songs as well as to recommend Thai pop to those who are not familiar with it. Enjoy~

My introduction to New and Jiew was from 2014 Samee Tee Tra’s OST. I initially thought they were solo artists who teamed up for the song but turns out they are a duo. I’ve enjoyed all their ballads so far and some of their songs are subbed on the GMM Grammy International yt channel. 

The Kpop influence is very obvious with girl group G-Twenty, right down to having a designated ‘rapper’ in the group, who really just mumbles a few lines instead of singing. I find the melody of this song really catchy and it will probably on my music loop for a while but for now I’m not inclined to check out their other stuff.

Uhmm, I think the singer’s name is Grand? The ‘no no no’ part is so addictive. haha. This is a nice one to bob my head to while doing stuff. Anyone has other songs of hers to rec?

Neko Jump’s vocals aren’t particularly strong but guess I’m in the mood for some emo ballads?


2 Responses to “Thai pop digest #1”

  1. chobling April 27, 2014 at 2:13 AM #

    I’m a big fan of New and Jiew and Grand. AnothaiDara introduced me to New and Jiew, but for Grand, I don’t believe she’s been signed on as a full-time singer for Grammy. She sings occasional singles for them, but she hasn’t had an actual album released (unless you count the Music Dance Series album she did with Hunz — but the songs were mostly covers). I think it’s such a shame that Grammy hasn’t given her her own album. I like most of Grand’s songs. You should check out Khon Nai Grajok (The Person in the Mirror): The video quality’s not great, so the audio isn’t very good (but serviceable). Also check out Gep Wai Nai Hua Jai (Keep/Hold [You] in My Heart): There’s one with Chinese subtitles, but they’re not synced correctly to the song: I never watched the lakorn, but I loved the soundtrack lol.

    As for G-Twenty, I’ve never heard of them, but then again, that’s not surprising since I haven’t been as active in the music scene as I used to be. Their song is rather catchy though. As for Neko Jump, I’ve heard of them, but I’m not a big fan. I do think some of their songs are rather catchy, but I’d probably tune in a little more if they focused more on working on their vocals and less on their sex appeal.

  2. asl April 27, 2014 at 9:51 AM #

    I can’t do Thai sugar pop. I am more of a Thai alternative, rock, indie type. Some Thai ballad and R&B is good too. And of course I have to admit I am somewhat into Lookthung/Morlum (country music). I love Endorphine, (Boy) Peacemaker, (Bank) Clash, Pop Calories Blah Blah etc

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