2013 Lakorn list

22 Dec


Love it!

Khun Samee Kamalor Tee Ruk (My Dear Fake Husband) – Rome/Chompoo

Baan Sai Thong (Golden Sand Mansion) – Num/Joy R 

Enjoyed it

Kularb Rai Glai Ruk (Evil Rose Becomes Love) – Grate/Matt

Huk Liem Prakarn – Num/Joy R

Paap Ataan (The Mysterious Painting) – Pong/Aom/Charebelle/Yayaying

Sai Roong (Rainbow) – Johnny Anfone/Ann


Likit Fa Chatah Din – Son/Mo/Mike/Charebelle

Roy Lae Sanae Lueng (Charming Deception) – Weir/Mai
Mai barely registered on my radar in ‘Tawan Tor Saeng’ before I dropped it but here I was immediately sold on her pairing with Weir the moment their characters met. It all boils down to that elusive thing we call chemistry eh? The plot though was less nice to look at. Considering what the p’ek Krao went through, his rage is way more understandable than half the p’eks out there looking for revenge. It’s how the lakorn dealt with the pra’nang falling in love despite Krao’s thirst for vengeance that has me going whut?? half the time. Usually you get the slapping for the first half and kissing in the next but here Krao and Nuch go through the whole routine every other episode that it almost gave me whiplash. The good thing about RLSL is that it keeps throwing you new drama to distract you from whatever that didn’t make sense previously and you just go along for the ride. A confusing ride it might be but a fun one nonetheless with a really hot couple in the driver’s seat.

weir_mai3 Yep, plot aside, I could watch them all day.

Silamanee 2008 – Paul/Kob
This is an odd one. The best thing I can say about this version of Silamanee is that Kob looked gorgeous in Chiangrath’s traditional dresses. Everything else annoyed me in varying degrees yet I actually sat through all 17 episodes so I guess I didn’t not-like it that much?

What did I just waste my time on

Manee Dan Suang (Jewel from the Heavens) – Art Pasut/Sara Legge

Dropped [ep watched/total no. of ep]

Anko Kon Ruk Strawberry 4/14 – Ken/Chompoo
Sigh, the curse remains unbroken. Will I ever enjoy a Ken lakorn where he isn’t paired with Ann??

Dong Poo Dee (Blue Blood Territory)3/15 – Smart/Taew
It’s a bit Dok Soke-ish with the older p’ek taking care of the n’ek since she is young. I would love to continue (hadn’t even made it to see the n’ek grown up!) but the subs are stuck at ep8 and I would hate to get sucked into the lakorn and not have subs to fall back on. Might check it out again when subs are completed.

Lhong Ngao Jun (Under the Spell of the Moon) 10/16 – Stephan/Kob
I don’t even know why I bothered watching this. Oh yes, for Kob. Stephan’s Ae is one of those p’eks who have no business running around seeking revenge. Ae’s friend (friend! albeit a close one. Not even like Harit who lost his one and only brother/family) went drunk driving after getting dumped by his girlfriend and ends up dead in a traffic accident and our dear Ae pins all the blame on the girlfriend whom he only knows by name and swears to make it his life’s mission to bring misery to the girl. Ooooook. The funniest part is how Ae’s other friend gives him all the logical reasons which would occur to any sane person of why Ae’s vengeance isn’t justified but of course he ignores them. N’ek Pim has a pretty depressing life and the first few episodes were basically of her silently suffering the abuse of her father’s wife and daughter (her mom’s the mistress but actually who her dad really loves … long story). Her depressing life continues when Ae mistakes her for the heartless girlfriend (it’s really the sister, but of course) and brings her trouble blah blah blah. I ff full episodes until Ae became paralysed after being hit on the head by Pim with a big rock and she starts taking care of him to redeem herself. Or something. Things still didn’t get more interesting nor did Ae get much more likeable so bye bye it is.

Likit Sanaeha 14/20 – Kong/Marsha/Grate/Matt

Pan Ruk Pan Rai (Love Plan, Evil Plan) 5/15 – Tootam/Charebelle
Too much time spent on crazy n’rai offing everyone who stood in her way and not enough romance to make me stay tune.

Paen Rai Pai Ruk (Cunning Love) 9/16 – Film/Matt
I wish lakorn romcoms didn’t have to rely so much on the set up of the main girl/guy sabotaging the other then falling in love. Kemmik is at least given a more sympathetic reason (getting money for her mom’s cancer treatment) than Anya in ‘Kon Ruk Strawberry’ and initially while I wasn’t super drawn into the show, it was occasionally entertaining and had some emotional grounding in Kemmik’s relationship with her mom and best friend. It was when her past with Phisaeng was revealed that I rolled my eyes, threw my hands into the air and promptly dropped this. We wouldn’t have dramas at all if it weren’t for Mr. Coincidence but when every single character is somehow connected in one giant circle, I don’t buy it. Plus the OTP’s backstory is so stupid I simply couldn’t continue rooting for them. Film and Matt had decent chemistry but maybe it’s ‘cos the other pairings I’d seen them with (Film/ Janie and Matt/Grate) were so much better that they pale in comparison here.


Samee Tee Tra 2001 – Au/Ann

7 Responses to “2013 Lakorn list”

  1. jamieguo December 27, 2013 at 3:53 AM #

    Hmm, No Love It lakorns for me this year. I thought Sood Sai Pan was going to be one or Raeng Pratana, but nope.

    I’ve heard a lot of praise for Baan Sai Thong, most of the other ones that are subbed I plan to check out from your love/enjoy/average lists.

    I think the problem with Ken is that most of his dramas with Ann were above average, so it would hard to replicate that with anyone else in general. I do want to see his drama with Janie, Nueng Nai Sueng which i’ve heard is good, and maybe one of his ones with Aom, but his best work seems to have been with Ann.

    I see you didn’t watch the Gentleman series either. I started one actually, but I just felt and others told me you have to watch them all and I didn’t want to make that time commitment.

    Loved it ?

    Enjoyed it
    Raeng Pratana

    12 Rasee
    Marjurat See Nampueng
    Kao Tom Mud Love Story
    Sood Sai Pan (1st half is good, 2nd half descends into ‘what did I waste my time on’ category.

    Not finished
    Ngao Kammathep – not sure why I want to watch this one. I guess I want to see their romance develop, because its pretty average.
    Sao Noi (2012) – I could see this on my enjoyed it/ or loved it lists next year if the fast pace, and romance continue. Lots of characters, conflicts, so far are solid and interesting.

    • J December 28, 2013 at 5:44 PM #

      Baan Sai Thong can get slow at times but overall it is a classic worth watching. Unfortunately I think it’s only subbed in Chinese for now.

      Re Ken, I’ve checked out a few of his lakorns with Janie/Aff/Chompoo but the furthest I lasted was 4ep for Kon Ruk Strawberry. I didn’t even make it past the first episode for some. I’ve sat through lakorns with lesser actors and worse plots so I wonder what is it about Ken’s not-Ann lakorns that keep me away. Or perhaps it is as you say, KA has set the bar too high that everything else falls short.

      Nope, not tried the Gentleman series. I’m not really into dramas set in that era and for now the stories don’t attract me either. Maybe I’ll check it out someday when I’m in the mood.

      Ngao Kammathep’s first episode didn’t pull me in enough to continue but I do intend on giving it another shot if only to see Weir/Mai on screen again. I’m also looking forward to Ya Leum Chan of course and Matt’s new lakorn with Grate. Otherwise, not much else on the lakorn front. I might be watching more Taiwan and Japanese dramas in 2014… quite a few promising ones.

  2. picadrama January 1, 2014 at 4:56 AM #

    Raeng Pradtanah was my lakorn crush this year! I tried The Gentleman series but it was too slow for me. Sood Sai Pan was a total let down. After the second half I skipped at the end lol. I’m glad I watched because of the OST by Bankk Cash – love that song. You should try Majurat See Nam Pueng (it’s not KA level, but it’s pretty good), Mia Taeng (came out last year with Rome and Chompoo), and Cinderella Rong Tao Tae, which is quite funny!

    I’m looking forward to Samee Tee Tra, Cubic, Look Tard, Yah Leum Chan, and Matt and Grate new lakorn!

    If you watch Chinese dramas you should check out Perfect Couple and Bu Bu Jing Qin (the sequel to BBJX) – none of them are out yet.

    Happy New Year!

    • J January 2, 2014 at 12:19 AM #

      Oh yes, I forgot about Samee Teetra. I’ve watched a few ep of Ann’s version but the n’ek is not a very pleasant character which is why I haven’t resume watching after I paused at ep4. That said, I’m excited to see what new direction Ann will take this with lakorn in the newest version.

      I seldom watch Cdramas outside of wuxia. Eh, I dunno, their modern dramas simply didn’t work for me. I am planning to watch tw dramas ‘In a good way’ & ‘in the pursuit of happiness’ though.

      Happy New Year to you too! =)

  3. Kashie March 12, 2014 at 2:25 PM #

    Replying in regards to Ken minus Ann lakorns. I’m a diehard Ken-Ann fan, I think they have awesome, almost incomparable chemistry ( Yadech are real contenders), but Lord! Do I love Ken and Aom. Their 2nd lakorn, Ruk Tur Took Wan – loosely based on the Korean MV “Because I’m a Girl” was mediocre, but give “Song Rao Nirundon” a shot. A nicely paced lakorn that was so charming you couldn’t turn away, yet dramatic enough to keep you glued. Aom and Ken’s their performances were effortless and top-notched. Their onscreen chemistry was so darn cute and natural. The rest of the cast were also a plus. The 2 rais are not over the top annoying, and most of the side characters added to the story.

    By 2005 Aom had already made a name for herself but Song Rao Nirundon really put Ken on the radar. The lakorn won Best Lakorn at Top Awards. Ken also earned his first Best Actor Award for his role in this lakorn. But then 2006 came and so did Oum Ruk and Ann. I think a lot of people forgot about this lakorn. Such a shame. A must watch if you haven’t already.

    • J March 15, 2014 at 9:38 PM #

      Thanks for this rec! I’m always open to a good lakorn, more so if it has Ken. I’ll let you know if it breaks the ‘curse’. :p

    • pueng_pichy March 30, 2015 at 9:21 PM #

      yes i watch already..and u know..song rau nirundon such a pretty good lakorn to me..hahaha…ken was such a good pair with aom cause she is very cute..

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