Watching now: Paap Ataan

28 Nov


Surprise, surprise, the only drama I’m actively following now is actually ‘Paap Ataan’, which had me starting with low expectations considering it’s Ch5 + horror lakorn + Exact. The rustling leaves and window panes banging thing is overused to show the presence of supernatural beings but otherwise the horror effects aren’t as cheesy as I had feared. It’s really not scary though as the spirits, vengeful or otherwise, are central characters with their own story to tell and there’s not much to fear once the ‘mysterious’ factor is stripped away, at least from the viewer’s POV. That’s a good thing though ‘cos I’m not in this for the horror aspect. There is no great love story for me to root for here. Pong plays an unfaithful man (albeit still a charming one) in both his past and present lives and is the root cause of misery for the women who were unfortunate enough to fall for him but the characters are interesting and that’s what keeps me tuning in.

Flashbacks are predictably used to tell us what happened in their past lives but what I liked was how the flashbacks were non-linear and each character picks and chooses the parts of their past they want to concentrate on, and not surprisingly, the stuff they hold on to puts them in better light. Every time I thought I’d gotten the whole picture (heeh), another flashback shows that there really is two sides to every story. I watched PA for Pong and Charebelle but it’s Aom’s Prayong and Yayaying’s Gade who have intrigued me the most as the puzzle pieces slowly fall into place. My sympathies were with Prayong initially ‘cos she devoted her love her life to Pratt and her family was the reason Pratt could even have the chance to succeed yet he repays her by betraying his promise and marrying another? No wonder she turned out as bitter as she did. Bit by bit though, it’s revealed that Prayong was the one who wanted Pratt to rise higher in the government ranks before marrying him and refused to follow him to the rural areas where he had to work for 3 years to earn that raise. Her own parents warned her that as a single young man by himself in a far away place, Pratt could very well have a change of heart in those years but Prayong took the chance anyway and she has to live with the consequences. Sure, Pratt has his share of blame but Prayong wanted to ‘love’ Pratt from her comfortable status as the young mistress of a prominent family and when you think about it, she never sacrificed anything for Pratt. If anything, Pratt owes his debt to Prayong’s father who sponsored him, not Prayong.

On the opposing end, I began disliking Gade but have gained a bit of admiration for this outspoken servant by her death in yesterday’s episode. Gade is Mae Orn’s (the woman Pratt marries while away) servant and follows her to the Sihamontree mansion. What we saw initially was her bossing other servants around and sleeping with Pratt behind Mae Orn’s back (or maybe with her knowledge? Seems like a fairly common thing back in those days), not exactly endearing stuff. Turns out Gade had a whole lot of sisterly love for Mae Orn and was fiercely protective of the kind, naive Mae Orn. The stand-out scene for Gade was at Mae Orn’s death where she rebuked Pratt and told it straight that HE was the real cause of the death of his wife and child. While Pratt mourned and refused to face the possibility that Prayong may the real killer of Mae Orn, Gade worked tirelessly to seek justice for Mae Orn. Keeping in mind that she was a mere servant who lost her master and was living under someone else’s roof, that took a lot of balls. But the odds were stacked in her favour and she became Prayong’s second victim. Waiting for tonight’s episode to be uploaded to find out if Pratt finally grows a spine and leaves Prayong!

There are meh bits of course, mainly the present life storyline where Prayong is constantly fuming, Chetta (Pratt) is constantly fainting, Gade (her name still sounds the same!) is constantly bitching and Anongwadee (Mae Orn) is constantly brooding. I’m always willing to watching scenes of Pong/Charebelle but I’m not at all convinced of Chetta falling for Anongwadee and vice versa. For Chetta I could excuse it as being a case of being confused by his past memories with Mae Orn and transferring those feelings onto Anongwadee but Anongwadee suddenly developing feelings for Chetta leaves me scratching my head. Eh, but since it’s Pong, I would’ve fallen for his charms too? Lol.

More to comment on Pong/Charebelle but I need to go watch ep16 now! Shall leave it for another day. I watched the first 4 episodes with subs and once I sorted out how who was related to who, I managed to follow the story with the smattering of Thai I picked up from lakorns. You can catch the latest episodes here or check out subbed vids at Kudalakorn.

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