On Call 36 Hours II ep4

10 Nov

yes, I’m alive, just that life has been taken over by work. I’m following 4 dramas concurrently *pls refer to sidebar* and all are decently entertaining but none has made me want to write about it. Even the highly anticipated sequel to On Call 36 Hours took a while for me to warm up to, with the bunch of new characters and screechy patients running about but golly, Yat Kin and Yu Zai continue to be the heart and soul of this drama. Ep 1 was busy explaining missing characters and introducing new ones, but once Yat Kin and Yu Zai showed up, my anchor to this show was back. I love the  Love Actually thing Yat Kin did for Yu Zai to cheer her up while she was under quarantine and how in tune they were in wishing for the same thing (that both mother and child are fine). But there wouldn’t be much to watch if their lives were henceforth smooth-sailing so poor Yu Zai suffers a cancer relapse in ep 4 and has to abort her baby before she can start her treatment.


She refuses to give up her child to save herself and the scene where she talks about this issue with her mother-in-law was really powerful. When Yu Zai says ‘you’re also a mother, you should understand how I feel’, Siu Jie goes from a concerned mother-in-law to a heartbroken mother who lost her child in a split second. Even with the passing of time, Siu Jie’s pain over Yat Hong’s death is no less and my tears couldn’t help falling watching these two mothers grief over their children.


Yat Hong does a cameo by appearing in Yat Kin’s dream and Yat Kin decides to go with Yu Zai’s decision to keep the baby at the risk of her own health because he does not want her to regret it.


I’m afraid if I don’t let you keep the baby, you will miss it in the future. So even if this decision is wrong, I don’t want you to be tormented by this in the future.


Later, a patient tries to throw himself off the hospital roof after getting dumped by his gf who also aborted their baby. After pulling him to safety, Yat Kin gives the patient a dressing down but I think his words were also a reflection of his own feelings on Yu Zai’s situation and as Yu Zai listened in at the sides, they spoke to her too.


Why don’t you let go of things you know you can’t do? Yes, when we lose some things in life it brings us heartache but there must be something worth living for! What about your family, your friends, people you love? Think carefully! There’s nothing left if you lose your life, you can’t start over. Live and there will surely be second chances.

Preview for ep5 shows Yu Zai deciding to abort the baby and start her cancer treatment. I really love love love how Yat Kin and Yu Zai always think for each other. Yat Kin lets Yu Zai keep the baby so she will not have regrets and Yu Zai finally gives up her child for Yat Kin. Too perfect/ideal a relationship perhaps? But watching them gives me hope, that such a love which builds each other up exist, that love will keep and hold you in trying times. Ah, getting sentimental here. Even if nothing else works for On Call 2, I’m at least glad to see Yat Kin and Yu Zai again.

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