By2 不哭了 [No More Tears] lyrics / translation / pinyin

15 Oct

[updated with pinyin]

By2’s ballads have fairly simple and straighforward lyrics but somehow they always manage to catch me at the right time and resonate with me. When I first heard their latest ballad ‘No More Tears’ I thought it didn’t match up to their previous one ‘You Don’t Know Me‘ which I liked a lot but over this weekend, this song just … fit. Let’s not cry any more.

ting zhe ting zhe you ku le peng you kou zhong ting shuo ni he ta de
I cried again as I listened to friends talking about you and her

窗外天空失眠了 星星還孤單的閃著
chuang wai tian kong shi mian le xing xing hai gu dan de shan zhe
The sky outside is sleepless, with stars shining in loneliness

yuan lai wo zui zhi zhuo de jing shi ni cong lai dou bu zai hu de
I was the only one who persisted while you never cared

fang kai shou tian tu ran liang le
The sky suddenly brightens when I let go

不哭了 不哭了
bu ku le bu ku le
No more tears, no more tears

xian zai wo yi ge ren bu ku le
I’m now alone but I won’t cry any more

kan zhe ni zui ai kan de dian ying heng zhe ni de ge
Watching your favourite movie, humming your song

不苦了 不苦了
bu ku le bu ku le
No more bitterness, no more bitterness

he bi wei bu zhi de er ku ne
Why shed tears over someone who’s not worth it

謝謝你 讓我明白失去你 才會快樂
xie xie ni rang wo ming bai shi qu ni cai hui kuai le
Thank you for letting me understand I can only be happy after losing you

ku guo de ren cai hui dong ai mei you man fen
Those who cried will know there’s no perfect love

wei xiao de ren zong hui you xing fu de ke neng
Those who smile will have a chance at happiness

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