Paap Ataan teaser

3 Oct


I thought Ch5 was gonna jump straight into airing ‘Paap Ataan’ without giving us a teaser but here it finally is. This looks creepier than I expected but I’d have to wait for the lakorn to air before I can judge if it’s actually scary or just plain cheesy/bad CGI.  I hope PA can strike a balance between the past and present lives, unlike in Roy Mai which I felt did not develop the characters in their present lives sufficiently. Then again, PA is an Exact lakorn, I should just expect drama and more drama. Anyhow, OTT drama > boring (sorry Roy Mai, you bored me) and if all else fails there’s always Pong and Charebelle to watch.

‘Paap Ataan’ premiers next Wednesday, 9 Oct 2013.

2 Responses to “Paap Ataan teaser”

  1. -- October 4, 2013 at 12:23 AM #

    Oh my, I didn’t realize that Aom Piyada is playing the ghost. I was hoping she would come back to the small screen and play a heroine. Dammit. She “used” to be a great pairing with Pong too, which got a lot of people head over heels with them. This should be interesting to see whom he pairs better with: Pong+Aom or Pong+Charebelle.I have no doubt that Aom has the better acting chops, but in an OTT drama, we’re all watching for the chemistry anyway, no? I won’t be watching this, so I’m looking forward to your impressions!

    • J October 4, 2013 at 1:05 AM #

      Heeh, probably ‘cos I didn’t mention much of Aom in my previous post on PA. From what I observe on forums, Pong/Aom seems to be the more popular pairing for Pong but since I haven’t seen any of their dramas together, I have no particular anticipation for their reunion here. I’m just going in without any expectations to see Pong/Charebelle so there shouldn’t be any room for disappointment … I hope. lol

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