Paap Ataan and OTP ramblings

10 Sep

What makes you fall in love with an on-screen couple? Most of the time my love for a pairing is an extension of my love for the fictional OTP they portray (eg my obsession with Aum/Aff for a while after Jam Loey Rak), then there are those with a natural cackling chemistry that makes me want to watch them regardless/in spite of the plot (eg Great/Matt, Dome/Ploy, Weir/Mai) and of course ideally you have a couple who combines both factors (eg Ken/Ann in Oum Rak, Sawan Biang and Sood Sanaeha).


Then there’s Pong/Charebelle. Not sure if it’s obvious by now but since Dok Soke I’ve been quite the Pong/Charebelle shipper and till now I can’t quite put my finger on why. I enjoyed watching Asanai (Pong) care for Dok Soke (Charebelle) through the difficulties in her life but I didn’t care to know about their characters beyond their interaction with each other. The ‘why’ leading up to a scene didn’t matter to me, just having them together on screen was fine by me. Must be explosive chemistry then? They had chemistry but I think it’s more down to Pong’s charm ‘cos he has good chemistry with his co-stars in general and I’m neutral towards his other leading ladies. As much as I like Charebelle, I’d be the first to say her acting needs improvement. Her sweet scenes with Pong in DS becomes unintentionally funny sometimes because she looks so uncomfortable when Pong is hugging and/or kissing her that Pong ends up looking like he’s preying on an innocent young girl. lol. But! awkward acting and all, I can’t help shipping them. Do you have any odd/less popular pairings you support with all your heart?

My wish of seeing them paired up again is granted in ‘Paap Ataan (The Mysterious Portrait)’. Pong has two leading ladies in this, Charebelle and Aom. Most Pong fans are rejoicing at him pairing up with Aom again… maybe I’m the only one looking out for him with Charebelle in this. haaa. The ‘Paap Ataan’ thread on baidu has a detailed synopsis but the thread owner hasn’t responded to my request for permission to translate and post it on my blog so I’ll just do a brief summary: Pong and Aom are lovers and he promises to marry her before he leaves due to work. He meets Charebelle and marries her instead despite his promise to Aom. When Pong returns, Aom can only be the mia noi and is of course Not Pleased. She makes life difficult for Charebelle to win back Pong but accidentally causes the death of a pregnant Charebelle, thus losing Pong’s heart for good. Aom becomes a vengeful ghost who continues haunting Pong and Charebelle in their next life. Sounds a little like ‘Buang’? Not really my kind of drama but whatever, it puts Pong/Charebelle on my screen again.

Pics from ‘Paap Ataan’ opening ceremony (taken from here)182988


Filming! I wonder if it will be able to air within this year.


3 Responses to “Paap Ataan and OTP ramblings”

  1. AnoD_Chobling September 15, 2013 at 9:57 AM #

    I didn’t see much of DS, only bits and pieces here and there, but the end killed any interest I had in wanting to watch it. Still, from the little I did see, I liked Pong and Charebelle together, even if she played 16 in the lakorn (did she ever grow older?). I would love to watch a collaboration with Pong, Aom, and Charebelle, but it’s not really my kind of genre. I like supernatural just fine; I just don’t like vengeful horror – especially in lakorn format. Well, I guess I’ll still check it out when it airs just to see if their chemistry/personalities are enough to carry me through the show.

    As for odd/less popular pairings that I support? I suppose I have quite a few since I seem to be drawn toward those less popular lakorns lol, but honestly, I only ship them within that particular lakorn. I’m not like most people who like couples so much I want them to pair again in another lakorn because to me, they’re different people now and it’s not the same. I guess you could say it’s not the actors/actresses themselves I ship, it’s their characters.

    • J September 15, 2013 at 5:30 PM #

      I think Dok Soke grew to at least working age? I vaguely remember her going to work for the last stretch of the show. lol, yes, that’s how much attention I paid to the actual plot. I didn’t even finish the last episode because I read about the crap ending so why bother but no regrets spending my time on the Pong/Charebelle parts!
      I’m a scaredy cat who avoid the horror genre in general. The closest thing to a supernatural/horror lakorn I watched was ‘Roy Mai’ and that was neither scary nor interesting. Same here, I’ll be checking out ‘Paap Ataan’ for the cast and see where it brings me.

      The chemistry between the actor/actress playing the main couple is a pretty big factor for me in lakorn watching. You know, I’ve not finished a Ken lakorn where he doesn’t pair up with Ann. I’ve watched Ann’s collaborations with other p’eks (tho’ none made it to my love it lakorns) but with Ken, I don’t know if it’s the script or what, his works with other n’eks simply don’t attract me. Maybe his upcoming lakorn ‘Kon Ruk Strawberry’ with Chompoo can break this?

      Which less popular lakorns/pairings do you like? I’m curious. :p

  2. AnoD_Chobling October 3, 2013 at 3:21 AM #

    I completely agree with you about the chemistry thing. I may not have expressed myself very well last time. Who plays the characters also makes a big difference in the pairing. I doubt Sood Sanaeha or Sawan Biang would have done so well with other actors/actresses playing these characters. I only meant I ship the couple and not the actor/actress themselves because sometimes a pair who has really good chemistry in one lakorn is a dud when paired up in another lakorn, but at the same time, if one couple has amazing chemistry in a lakorn and I can’t find myself willing to care about them, I wouldn’t care less what happens to them either. So I guess in a way both parts matter, but I’m less strict about who plays together because I’m willing to give most actors/actresses a chance to wow me.

    As for those less popular lakorns/pairings, I’m not sure you would know who they are – or if most people would even know who they are because it’s been years since I last saw these people. I don’t know why my mind jumped to [really] old lakorns instead of more recent ones – probably because my viewing in recent years has been sporadic at best. I liked Ann Siriam and Sam Yuranan, and if anyone remembers them, Ake Egkarat and Sai Charoenpura in Jao Sua Noi. There are a few more along those vein, so I don’t want to bore you with faceless names. I’m trying to think of more recent ones, but I can’t seem to be drawing a blank. I can’t remember if they had chemistry in Ngao Kammathep (because I only saw the beginning and have yet to finish it), but I had liked Weir and Mai. Seeing as how they’ve been paired up a few more times after that one, however, I guess you can’t consider them “less popular pairings.”

    I’ve started most of Ken’s lakorns (not the two most recent ones, however), but I haven’t finished a lot of them just because during the time it aired, I always had something else going on that prevented me from finishing it. Honestly, of Ken and Anne’s lakorns, I’ve only seen Raeng Ngao and Sood Sanaeha in its entirity and almost all of Sawan Biang. One day maybe I’ll go back and finally finish their other ones.

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