Lakorn Challenge 16 – 20

28 Aug

16. Most memorable lakorn confession?

I’ve blogged about Din’s confession to Alin on ‘Sood Sanaeha’ way back in 2010 but 3 years and many lakorns later, it’s still the confession that touches me the most. Do you love someone because he/she is perfect? Or is that person perfect in your eyes because you love him/her? A question we will do well to ask ourselves.

Din’s confession starts at 6.30

17. Most memorable first meeting of the main couple?

Having the pra’nang start off on the wrong foot in a lakorn is nothing new but sometimes it feels like the characters are making a mountain out of a molehill for the sake of conflict to drive the drama. Well, Nop and KhwanUma’s meeting in ‘Suay Rerd Cherd Sod’ is certainly over the top but that’s what KhwanUma is, a prissy OTT Hi-So and it’s actually in character for her to make a big fuss. This meeting sets the tone for the way they interact later, KhwanUma being her OTT self and Nop reacting in a deadpan manner to hilarious results.

18. Favourite lakorn ending?

I like my happy endings and you can guarantee that I’ll be grinning like an idiot when a OTP I root for finally gets round the obstacles in their way and ride off into the sunset. Having said that, by then the tension is mostly gone and it’s only the icing on the cake, not what I would generally remember of the lakorn when I think about it months or years later. Ironically, the endings that stick are the crappy ones!

If I had to pick a favourite, I’ll go with ‘Num Baan Rai Gab Wanjai Hi-So’. I thought the last episode as a whole wasn’t well done but the last few minutes saved it for me. Napdao, the girl who was once lost in the glitz of the hi-so world has found her place with Prab at the farm her father dreamt of building years ago and I love the peaceful contentedness of the moment.

19. Top 3 couples in a lakorn?

Alin/Din – Sood Sanaeha
Prab/Napdao – Num Baan Rai Gab Wanjai Hi-So
Chai Klang/Potjama – Baan Sai Thong

20.Top 3 actor/actress pairing?

Bonus MV focused on Sawan Biang

I thought this would be an easy question but my list of pairings I fancy is rather long yet I don’t feel very strongly about them. The only one which I can say without hesitation that ‘they are better together’ is Ken/Ann.

Special mention goes to Great/Matt for having cackling chemistry that transcends the less than stellar scripts they have worked on so far.

2 Responses to “Lakorn Challenge 16 – 20”

  1. crazysimplesandi September 2, 2013 at 4:32 AM #

    The confession from Din to Alin was so cute. I was blushing. I mean it was perfect.

    I was laughing the whole time I watched Film and Janie meeting eachother for the first time. It was very funny.

    The ending for Num Baan Rai Gab Wanjai Hi-So was so nice. It was very peaceful. It was a great way to end the lakorn.

  2. suzsuz September 11, 2013 at 9:06 PM #

    love the kru cook and alin confession too. I remember tearing up during that part.

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