Lakorn Challenge 6 – 15

27 Aug

6. What lakorn are you currently watching?

Silamanee (Precious Stone) 2008 Paul Pattarapol/Kob Suvanant.

7. A lakorn you looked forward to but disappointed you in the end?

Namtan Mai comes to mind. I was obsessed with Aum/Aff after ‘Jam Loey Rak’ and anticipated seeing them partner on-screen again but Namtan Mai was soooo draggy and the OTP spends more than half the lakorn apart. I hung round for the whole lakorn for the Aum/Aff’s sake but I really should’ve bailed earlier.

8. A lakorn you started without expectations but loved it in the end?

‘Ruk Mai Mee Wan Tai’ I guess? I started watching mainly to have a laugh at the cheesy vampire storyline and it was cheesy but Dome and Ploy’s chemistry was so hot I went fangirl crazy over them.

9. Preferred lakorn type (revenge, slap/kiss, boran, romcom etc)?

I generally prefer romcoms but not those with slapstick comedy. An occasional slap/kiss is good too!

10. Favourite male/female character?

Alin from ‘Sood Sanaeha’.

11. Least favourite male/female character?

Tin, the p’ek from ‘Plerng See Roong’. He’s not just a jerk, he’s a hypocritical jerk and I can’t stand those.

12. A lakorn character you’d like to be friends with in real life?

Napdao from ‘Num Baan Rai Gab Wanjai Hi-so’. She’s fun, zesty, and you’ll definitely want her on your side in a cat fight!

13. A lakorn character you’d marry in real life?

I was tempted to pick the perfect gentleman Khun Chai Klang from ‘Baan Sai Thong’ but as wonderful as he is, he can be rather cold and overly rational. I shall go with Phoo Yai Lee from ‘Phoo Yai Lee Gab Nang Ma’. He’s also mature and responsible but his inner child is still very much active so I think life with him will be filled with laughter.

14. Lakorns are full of psycho villains. Who makes your blood boil the most?

Leela from ‘Sawan Biang’. There are many lakorn villains I would gladly strangle but I have a giant soft spot for Kawee despite his gazillion faults and to see Leela stepping on exactly where it hurts for Kawee (his relationship with his dad) makes my blood pressure goes through the roof. Doesn’t help that she’s so obsessed with Kawee she doesn’t give two hoots about her own sister’s suffering!

15. A lakorn character that is most like you?

I’d say Pim from ‘Khun Samee Kamalor Tee Ruk’. I’m not as fierce as she is (I think? haha) but I can be stubborn like Pim in wanting to do things the way I like. Her career-mindedness and being spoilt by her family is similar to me too. Heeh.

4 Responses to “Lakorn Challenge 6 – 15”

  1. jamieguo August 29, 2013 at 1:11 PM #

    6-8 I’m watching Sud Sai Pan, but I believe I mentioned that already. I started Qi Pao for Ann, but only watched 1st episode. Roy Marn and Mia Taeng I both liked more than I thought I would.

    9. I prefer and look for certain tropes more than genres. Like marriage, pretend couple, strong female lead, doesn’t really matter if its slapnkiss, romcom or whatnot. Also look for favorite actors/actresses and couples as well.

    10-15 Have to think about those more.

    14. Ah Kawee, it’s still amazing to me how much I sympathized with him and I think that’s due entirely to Ken’s acting. Any other douchebag rapist, like the guy in NK would get like negative sympathy from me.

    • J August 29, 2013 at 11:17 PM #

      9. True, I too look out for certain tropes which either pique my interest or make me immediately skip it.

      14. ikr, Ken’s acting makes me empathise with Kawee as far as his broken relationship with his dad is concern and later actually root for him as he tries to redeem himself to Narin despite the appalling way he treated her before.

      • jamieguo September 4, 2013 at 9:00 AM #

        I think that’s the difference whenever SB is compared to something with another really sadistic male bastard, like the guy in Sealed with a kiss (which I haven’t watched and don’t want to) and the guy in Le Jun Kai, which I’m watching cuz its 9 episodes of 15 mins, but I have zero sympathy for the guy.

        Didn’t care much for Harit in JLK either.

        By the way, have you tried watching the Chinese remake of Sawan Biang? Love is the Best

        I tried a couple of episodes, only to realize it was Ken and Ann that made the story appealing to me, not the story itself.

  2. J September 12, 2013 at 9:25 PM #

    @jamieguo, I didn’t know there was this Chinese rip-off of SB. >_> I checked out a random episode and just … no…
    Considering the crazy set up of SB, I do think it was well written in the sense it made me sympathise and care for Kawee but then again if Ken wasn’t the one playing him, I’m not sure how much I would still be into SB. Well, we shall see when SB gets remade in 2018 or something. haaa
    Re Sealed with a Kiss, I don’t think I’ll rewatch it but I find that it’s like a more realistic and better written slap/kiss. There’s depth to most of the characters despite how messed up everyone is.

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