Lakorn Challenge 1 – 5

25 Aug

1. How did you start watching lakorns?

Around 4 years ago, I kept seeing threads of a Thai drama ‘Jam Loey Rak (Defendant of Love)’ on both English and Chinese drama forums that I visited and checked it out to see what the fuss was all about. It took a while for me to get used to the sound of Thai language and even now I wonder how I managed to last through Soraya’s screaming in the first few episodes to reach the good bits but I’ve been hooked on lakorns since then.

2.Your all time favorite lakorn?

Hands down ‘Sood Sanaeha (Recipe of Love)’. It’s a well-crafted love story from beginning to end and wonderfully played out on-screen by Ken Theeradeth and Ann Thongprasom. It’s a lakorn that I can go back to any time, start watching at any random point and will always be entertained and touched by Alin and her Kru Cook.

3.Your least favourite lakorn?

I always name ‘Kaew Tah Pee’ as the lakorn that annoyed me the most but to be fair, it was one of my first few lakorns and my memory of it has dimmed over the years. Perhaps if I watch it again now I might think differently? Eh, but I think there are better lakorns out there to spend my time on. It’s a tough fight between ‘Likit Sanaeha’ and ‘Manee Dan Suaang’ for least favourite lakorn but I will have to go with MDS for it’s plot which made no sense whatsoever on all fronts. Its only saving grace is the rocking chemistry between Art Pasut and Sara Legge and they made great eye candy!

4.Your favorite lakorn OST?

Huk Chan Ru (If I knew) from ‘Baan Sai Thong’. There are many memorable lakorn theme songs like those for ‘Jam Loey Rak’ or ‘Sawan Biang’ that will bring you back to the show once it sounds but I pick ‘Huk Chan Ru’ because it’s not only a fitting theme song for the relationship between Chai Klang and Potjaman, it’s actually a song that exists within the drama as Chai Klang’s favourite song to play on the piano and Potjaman uses the song’s lyrics to confess her feelings to Chai Klang.

Other lakorn OSTs that I love are ‘Dok Soke’ (You Will Know I Love You by Mutmee) and ‘Ruk Mai Mee Wan Tai’ (Love Never Dies by Dome Pakorn).

5.The last lakorn you’ve seen?

Baan Sai Thong (Golden Sand Mansion) 2000 Num Sornram/Joy Rinalee

A meaningful lakorn that lives up to its status as a classic and it’s a pity it isn’t subbed in English for more people to enjoy. I shall save further comments for my review on it!

6 Responses to “Lakorn Challenge 1 – 5”

  1. jamieguo August 27, 2013 at 8:12 AM #

    Sood Sanaeha, I know a lot of people really love that lakorn. For me, its more of a love/like/dislike sort of thing. Here were my thoughts after watching it “Stupid plot contrivances abound, especially ending kidnapping, which, while funny, was totally idiotic. And don’t get me started on the anticlimactic ending.

    But the relationship between Ken and Ann? Pure love. Ann is so gifted and made this character a strong, funny woman. Ken is adorable as the chef who falls hard for her early on.” Ann really got to hone her comic skills, which were a-mazing, but I think Oum Ruk is overall just a more solid story, although neither the ending for that or Sood Sanaeha really knocked my socks off

    .All time favorite? Probably Rahut Rissaya, it had a heroine that’s hard to find anywhere else. Less favorite that I actually watched through? Maybe Nampueng Kom. I usually just drop lakorns if I don’t like them, but with NK, I was interested in how things would turn out and it wasn’t that long anyway. I think it wasn’t an awful drama, just not for me, and the leads were really unlikable at times.

    For ost, that’s a hard one, probably JLK, Wanida was good as well. And the last lakorn I watched was Marjurat See Nampueng, which Ken was good in, everything else was rather average.

    • J August 27, 2013 at 8:05 PM #

      Sood Sanaeha had over-the-top villains and I doubt anyone took the kidnapping seriously for one second but for me Alin and Din’s relationship held up right till the end. Her proposal to Din was so typically Alin! haah, but to each our own yea?

      Re watching lakorns I don’t like. I’m watching Silamanee 2008 now and my feelings about it are rather like how you describe yours on NK! I’m in a constant state of mild annoyance and I don’t understand the OTP’s ‘love’ at all but I want to know how things will go. It’s rather long at 17 ep but ff makes everything better. lol. Sometimes I don’t know why I spend time watching lakorns I have so many problems with but I tend to drop those that bore me rather than if they are just a hot mess.

  2. AnoD_Chobling September 15, 2013 at 10:43 AM #

    I’ve been trying to think of answers for these questions for weeks, but I guess I fail the lakorn challenge because I can only answer some of the questions. So instead, I’ll just sort of respond to your post.

    It may come as a surprise to some people, but I haven’t seen Jam Loey Rak in its entirety. I think I only watched the first two episodes? It was too violent for me to continue. I don’t mind revenge when it’s done well, but torture is something I just don’t agree with on a personal level. If I could only check my conscience at the door, I’d watch it, but I found it too hard to find the show entertaining when I can’t get past all the violence. It was the same with Sawan Biang, although I actually watched that one – at least up until the first infamous R scene – after which I just skipped until the end just to get my closure. I found the R scenes in SB so traumatizing, and I’ve been watching lakorns for years.

    I loved Sood Sanaeha though. They were hilarious. I don’t think their funny lines translated well into English, but in Thai, I thought they were genius.

    I haven’t seen Likit Sanaeha or Manee Dan Suang, so I can’t comment on either, but for Hak Chan Roo, the entire Ban Sai Thong soundtrack was on my playlist for a period of time.

  3. yuuri February 20, 2014 at 1:20 AM #

    I started watching lakorn for Ken T. I like him from Bangkok Traffic Love Story.
    Most favourite lakorns are: Sood Sanaeha, Pieng Jai Tee Pook Pun, Thara Himalaya, Roy Mai and Mon Jantra.
    Fav OST: Roy Mai.

  4. Sirey April 21, 2014 at 2:39 AM #

    My most favourite lakorn remains Boteun Gleep Sudtai with Aff and Aum. No lakorn, no matter the amount of romance in them can touch it. BGS is a family lakorn set in early 20th century and deal with chinese immigrants in Thailand. This lakorn is a mix of family, art, romance, and I felt for every characters there. I love the moral at the end (besides Noooo rape !!)

    • J April 22, 2014 at 11:26 PM #

      Yep, I enjoyed BGS too! I really felt for Aum’s character and how he persevered thru the difficulties in his life.

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