Huk Liem Prakarn review

9 Aug


Spoiler alert – my posts are usually spoiler laden anyway but this one spoils the ending so if you’d rather not know, turn away~~

I’d been averaging 4 episodes of ‘Baan Sai Thong’ a day but it’s a long lakorn at 35 episodes and by ep26 I was getting tired out by Chai Klang and Pojaman’s refusal to speak their mind. I still wanted to watch Num and Joy together though so I checked out their modern day action lakorn ‘Huk Liem Prakarn’. I went in without any expectations ‘cos you know, action lakorn, I just wanted to enjoy more Num/Joy times on screen and my only requirement was for the action scenes to not be too facepalm-y but I’m happy to report I ended up loving it. The plot is pretty thin – undercover cop Kom falling in love with Mina, the only daughter of the man he is trying to put behind bars – and sometimes the bad guys’ plot points don’t make a whole lot of sense (or maybe I ff them too much??) but the point of HLP isn’t Kom serving justice on a drug lord, it’s his angsty times as he struggle with his feelings for Mina and boy, does Num bring on the brooding charm as Kom.

Kom and Mina start off being annoyed by each other as per usual lakorn trope but their process of falling is love is sped up in ep4 when Kom rescues Mina after she gets kidnapped and they bond over their escape in the mountain. There’s no screen time wasted on misunderstandings and whatnot because the giant axe hanging over Kom’s head isn’t having to win Mina’s heart. He may think of Mina as a spoiled Khun Nu but at the same time he acknowledges her innocence  and he doesn’t want to get involved with her at all. The greater the happiness the greater the angst and that’s what HLP is gunning (oops, accidental pun) for so despite trying his darnedest to stay away from Mina, she gives him her heart and even her father allows them to get married. The smooth sailing romance that every lakorn p’ek dreams of is like a thorn in Kom’s heart because he knows Mina will be crushed when the truth about her dearest father and Kom’s identity is revealed and this tension continues building as Kom gets closer to busting Mina’s dad. It all culminates in the final episode when Mina finally learns the truth and the two men she loves the most hold a gun to each other’s head. Mina and Kom are cute and sweet together but as the only innocent character on the show, she’s plain as an individual. It’s only in the last couples of episodes when things start unravelling that Joy gets to show off her acting chops as Mina and she was absolutely stellar.

Other than Dok Soke, this is the only other lakorn I watched where there’s no happily after but whilst Dok Soke’s ending made me go wth, HLP’s was logical in having Kom and Mina part. No matter how much Mina loved Kom, the trauma of seeing her father killed by her husband before her eyes is too much. At least both are alive and perhaps one day, long long after, they may find it in their hearts to be with each other again.

HLP’s isn’t without it’s faults of course. The editing is choppy and the transition from scene to scene can be quite jarring. Story wise I don’t get the point of Mina’s dad coercing the actress Teeda into marriage so that she can bring drugs and money around for him. Yea, he lusts after her as well but surely with his power and money he can get her to do his bidding without marriage? Teeda/other villains parts which do not involve the OTP are entirely forwardable and you’ll still get the plot. Action scenes are fairly decent though.

Often lakorns start off great, peak in the middle and either putter out or spiral out of control by the last act. HLP does the opposite. It begins so-so and continues pulling you in till the explosive finale, and breaks your heart with the inevitable parting of two people whose love was doomed from the start.

Kom’s buddy Den tells him to avoid Teeda ‘cos she’s the boss’ wife and Kom asks him instead how to avoid the boss’ daughter. There’s no hiding Kom! Fate is pushing her right into your arms. P’eks have a habit of being nasty to n’eks to make them leave for whatever secret reason but I like how Kom never deliberately hurts Mina to keep her away. He tries to keep his distance and remain aloof but of course, he can’t stay his own heart.

Joy doesn’t look that great in the official drama poster that I posted up there but she’s so pretty in the lakorn. Joy has very distinct features so she looks best with minimal make-up and I’m happy that’s how she is most of the time in HLP.
They are so in love and sweet together.

But like what Kom says, as much as he wants to run away from reality, he is unable to avoid it. Joy was fantastic in this scene where she pleads hysterically with Kom not to arrest her dad.

I gave you this flower when I gave you my heart. Now please give it back to me.

Goodbye, my love.

I can’t embed this video from yinyuetai, but head over to watch the final parting scene and scenes of their good times together. Watch Huk Liem Prakarn with Chinese subs!

*credits for caps as per watermarked.  A couple capped by me.
btw, anyone knows what the title ‘Huk Liem Prakarn (หักเหลี่ยมพระกาฬ)’ mean? ‘Shadow’ seems to be official English title judging from the credits and the Chinese title is translated as ‘Conquering Death god (征服死神)’ so I have no idea what the actual title mean!

4 Responses to “Huk Liem Prakarn review”

  1. AnoD_Chobling August 25, 2013 at 7:57 PM #

    Ah, another “oldie” I haven’t heard of in a while. I didn’t enjoy this lakorn that much, but that may have been because I was waiting for a Joy R.-Num Sornram reunion and it fell short of my expectations. I loved their happy, lovey-dovey scenes, but I couldn’t help but feel their entire relationship was overshadowed by their offscreen scandal. It’s precisely for this reason that I prefer not to know too much about actors’/actress’ private lives. I try not to let their private lives affect their onscreen portrayals, and usually I’m successful, but sometimes, as in this case, I wasn’t so successful. Thankfully it was a fairly short lakorn, and I liked the soundtrack, especially Bovy’s song. As for the title, it’s like the Chinese title says: Conquering/Defeating the King of Hell.

    Hak liem – to conquer/defeat
    Prakarn – king of hell

    • J August 25, 2013 at 8:21 PM #

      oooh, Num/Joy had a scandal??
      Objectively HLP isn’t a spectacular lakorn but like you mention it’s short, to the point and it ended at a good point which left a favourable impression. And I liked Num’s scruffy look. Haah.
      Thanks for your explanation of the title! =)

  2. AnoD_Chobling August 25, 2013 at 9:39 PM #

    Well it’s a long story, but suffice to say they were rumored to be dating at one time (around the filming of BST), and during one interview, Joy confirmed it only to be humiliated when Num almost immediately came out and denied it, even going so far as to prove that they weren’t dating by confessing that he was dating or courting Nui Sujira, Miss Thailand 2001. I don’t know if Joy was lying, or if they had already broken up by this time and this was her desperate attempt to hold on to him – or maybe they were never dating and she was trying to force his hand – but it looked badly for her. For a long time she was a byword for being indiscreet, desperate, and a liar (which I think attributed to her eventually being relegated to nang’rai roles but that’s just my personal opinion), but whatever the truth was, I couldn’t look at Num the same. I thought he had handled it badly, but since I’m just an outsider, maybe his drastic action was warranted? I guess it depends what the truth is and which side you stand on. I always felt that they were paired up in HLP to show that there were no hard feelings between them, but as I was watched the lakorn, I couldn’t help but feel there was a slight restraint on their part in portraying the love scenes, especially on Joy’s part. Maybe it wasn’t like that and I was letting the scandal color my viewing, but either way, it destroyed almost any enjoyment I could have derived from it. I don’t know what the true circumstances were at that time, but I am convinced that at one point in time (not necessarily around the time she confirmed it but at some point in their lives) they had dated, no matter what anyone says. I think one thing Joy learned from this was to keep quiet about her personal life.

    • J August 25, 2013 at 10:26 PM #

      Ouch, that’s quite the news. Now I understand why it affected your viewing of the lakorn! Only Num and Joy will know what exactly transpired but it’s sad how it’s usually the ladies who get more negatively affected by such news.

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