Yearning for you – Baan Sai Thong ep9-16

4 Aug

I was just talking about waiting for Chai Klang and Poj to fall in in my last post and we see that change in feelings by ep9. Chai Klang recognizes these feelings more clearly than Poj who still refers to Chai Klang as a father figure and protector. However she chooses to classify her feelings for Chai Klang, her yearning for him deepens day by day, and him for her as well. For modern day lakorns it can get grating when the pra’nang dance round their feelings for too long but in this case, their obstacles are understandable. Poj might be the rightful heir to the mansion, but for now she is constantly reminded by her aunt and Ying Lek that she is a mere parasite feeding off the generosity of the Sawawong family and there is a difference in status between her and Chai Klang.


The greater barrier though came unintentionally from Chai Klang’s mom who, based on her own selfishness, misinterprets Chai Klang’s support of Poj as a clever scheme by him to seduce Poj so either way Baan Sai Thong will always be controlled by the family. Afraid of being made used of by his mom to Poj’s detriment, Chai Klang tries to hold back his concern for Poj but his feelings for Poj is only made deeper by this stumbling block. Poj doesn’t know how to repay Chai Klang and secretly tidies his room for him and when he finds out from a maid, the objects in his room tidied and placed there by Poj suddenly takes on a deeper meaning. The card she wrote to him, the fresh roses she put up for him, the blanket she folded for him, they all bring her closer to him.


I all but melted when Chai Klang smiled so sweetly when pulling the blanket over him at night and when he has to leave Baan Sai Thong for half a year due to a overseas posting at work, he packs that blanket with him. I’m not usually patient with what I term ‘MTV moments’ in dramas where people stare into the air with music playing but in this case it works for Chai Klang and Poj’s slow burning relationship and their longing for each other is palpable in every glance.


Poj stays away from Chai Klang’s farewell party and instead waits along the road to the main gate where his car will surely pass by. Poj silently wai Chai Klang with tears streaming down her face and he wordlessly holds her hand before reluctantly leaving. No sweet nothings, no promises, but their unspoken farewell touches me so.

Baan Sai Thong’s magic seems to leave with Chai Klang at the end of ep11. Ying Lek realises that no amount of beating and abuse will break Poj’s spirit and decides on another course of action. She does an about face and offers to take Poj under her wing in Chai Klang’s absence. Ying Lek introduces Poj to high society in hopes that Poj will be seduced by the glitz and glamour and destroy herself when she gives in to high society’s decadence. Poj nature isn’t changed by her suddenly fancy life but being a naive child without social experience and Chai Klang not around to guide her, Poj does lose sight of the big picture and quits school one term away from graduation to work. Poj’s pride and stubbornness works against her when she insists on working to be financially independent to support her family in the village. Ep12-16 is mostly of the shrill Ying Lek bringing Poj to various functions and Poj being so darn stubborn I want to shake her awake for Chai Klang. I ff a lot for these episodes which is how I cleared so many in a day. haaa. I can’t wait for Chai Klang to return from his work trip – which is soon I hope ‘cos grandpa is about to kick the bucket – and give me back my sweet scenes between Chai Klang and Poj!

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