A fairy tale – Baan Sai Thong 2000

3 Aug

Perhaps I’ve had too much of lakorns with complicated relationships and inane plots that I needed something simple and straightforward, a good ol’ fashion fairy tale like Baan Sai Thong (Golden Sand Mansion). The first time I heard of this story was a couple of years back when Pong Nawat was rumoured to play the role of p’ek Chai Klang in a remake but that never materialised. I’m not sure of this lakorn’s history but it appears to be a very popular one that gets remade a lot? Then again that sounds like a fair number of lakorns since remakes seem to be raining down on us these days. Anyhow, I chanced upon the year 2000 version starring Num Sornram and Joy Rinalee while browsing for completed lakorns and gave it a shot on a whim.

BST’s story is pretty simple. N’ek’s Pojaman’s grandfather was wrongly accused by his brother and chased out of the family, losing his inheritance the Golden Sand Mansion. Two generations later, Pojaman  returns to the mansion after her father’s death to seek financial support from her relatives as well as to clear her grandfather’s name. She gets treated like crap by her aunt, the current ‘owner’ who feels threatened by Pojaman’s arrival as she knows that Pojaman is the rightful heir to the mansion but no worries, Pojaman has her prince charming and fairy godmother all rolled into one in the form of Khun Chai Klang (2nd Young Master).  I’m only at episode 8 (hmm, or should I say already since I marathoned thus far in 3 days? lol) but it’s not hard to guess the rest of Pojaman’s journey as she grows and triumphs to get the man and house. Sometimes though, simple is best and BST has me engaged so far.

The first couple of episodes is a little slow with the setting up of the plot and the shots can get really slow~~~mo~~~ to perhaps achieve a more dreamy effect to match the period (looks about 70s? correct me if I’m wrong)? Pojaman took like 10 minutes to walk into the main house from the mansion’s gate and yes, you are made to watch the whole process while she wanders around wide eyed with music playing! The pace picks up after Pojaman begins her stay in the mansion but it’s only after Chai Klang shows up near the end of ep4 that I moved into ‘I can’t stop and will continue watching this till my head hurts’ stage.


Joy R was one of the first Thai daras I know from watching her as the bitchy Sansanee with her much mocked lopsided hairstyle in ‘Jam Loey Ruk’ and I’ve only seen her in supporting roles (often the n’rai) since then, but yes, she was once a n’ek too! She’s obviously much younger then but I can’t help but be amazed by how fresh faced Joy R looked. She was 22 when playing Pojaman but it didn’t look jarring for her to play a high school student at the beginning of the story. I love strong, sensible characters and Pojaman has me rooting for her from the start with her strong as steel spine. Pojaman surely needs it as she endures humiliation and abuse from her aunt as well as Khun Ying Lek (3rd Young Mistress) and suffer the temperamental Khun Ying Yai (1st Young Mistress). Pojaman fights back as much as she can but considering her position in the family there’s only so much she can do without getting thrown out. I don’t hate the villains ‘cos we need them in a fairy tale don’t we but it does get my blood pressure up to see them being so incredibly full of themselves by virtue of their inherited title and wealth. Fortunately Chai Klang is a breath of fresh air in this household and Pojaman finally received some backing since he came back.

For now, Chai Klang is helping Pojaman from pity and wanting to do the right thing and Pojaman looks up to him with admiration and gratitude. I’m very much looking forward to them falling in love! The chemistry between Num and Joy isn’t the cackling sort like Great/Matt but there is a lovely calmness when they are together.  Okie, back to watching Khun Chai Klang and Pojaman!

4 Responses to “A fairy tale – Baan Sai Thong 2000”

  1. AnoD_Chobling August 25, 2013 at 7:22 PM #

    Ah, BST, how long ago was that? I remember it being one of my favorites back in the day even though a lot of people didn’t like it and felt Joy R. was a miscast. I thought she did fine, but many people, including the Thai audience, felt she didn’t portray her accurately. As I have never read the classic novel from which it was adapted, I can’t say whether they were right or not, but in the lakorn itself, I thought she fit perfectly. Thanks for the post and for bringing up old memories. At one time, I started subbing it but felt daunted by the sheer number of episodes, so I set it aside for a moment. Maybe one day I’ll go back to it, but if a new version actually does come out, there might be no point except to serve as a comparison.

    • J August 25, 2013 at 7:57 PM #

      Even on the Chinese forum I visited many also expressed that Joy R didn’t look the part and cite her as a reason for not starting on BST which I think is a real pity ‘cos I too find her wonderful as Potjaman. Admittedly her styling in the later part of the lakorn made her look old especially when standing beside such a youthful looking Num but acting wise Joy R was able to portray both Potjaman’s strong and vulnerable sides and she held her ground against Num.

      Who do you think will make a good Chai Klang and Potjamana in the new version (which I assume will get made sooner of later)? I personally think Andrew Gregson will make a good Chai Klang but no actress comes to mind for Potjaman.

  2. AnoD_Chobling August 25, 2013 at 8:27 PM #

    Hmm… Who do I think should play Chai Klang and Pojamon? That is a very good question to which I don’t know lol. I’d have to think more on it, but I heard Ch. 7 is remaking it? If that’s the case, Andrew would never be in it due to some falling out years ago, but the channel is under new management now so maybe they’ll forgive and forget? I’ve heard Pong’s name linked to playing Chai Klang, but personally, though I don’t dislike Pong, I can’t imagine him as Chai Klang either. But going over the list of available leading males on Ch. 7, I honestly can’t imagine any of them playing Chai Klang either. For Pojamon, I heard they were casting Min Pechaya, but she’s now been replaced by Pancake. I don’t know how accurate this is; I wasn’t aware they had confirmed the lakorn. I also thought Joy did a good job portraying Pojamon’s strong, vulnerable, and emotional sides, and it’s a pity people let her casting overshadow their interest in watching this version. I’ve found that people either loved Joy as Pojamon or hated her – no middle ground.

    • J August 25, 2013 at 10:08 PM #

      Same here, I like Pong but I can’t quite picture him as the reticent gentleman Chai Klang. Shame that Andrew Gregson doesn’t appear to be a likely contender for the role! Pancake as Potjaman?? Uhm, I hope that stays a rumour. =O

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