Of wives and husbands

28 Jul

I’m not doing this on purpose but my lakorns somehow continue to revolve around marriages.

Mia Taeng re-watch
Recapping Khun Samee made fall in love with Rome/Chompoo all over again and I suddenly felt an urge to revisit Mia Taeng which was my first lakorn of them together. I didn’t particularly fancy them then due to my issues with the characters they played in MT but the lakorn itself was entertaining so I went through a speedy re-watch of the show to see if I felt any differently about it now with my new found love for Rome/Chompoo. After following Rome closely through my recaps as the devoted and gentlemanly Don for the past 7 weeks, it was a little disconcerting at first to see him again as Khongkai who is everything that Don is not. Now, I don’t approve of Khongkai being a jerk but I gotta admit for a while it was funny to see Rome turn the tables on Chompoo in MT after sacrificing silently in KSKTR and well, bad boys have their charms. Then slowly as the shadow of Don and Pim wear off, I began to see them as Khongkai and Arunprapai and all the issues I had with MT resurfaced. I still wanted to whack Khongkai in the face with a pan most of the time and I still appreciated Arunprapai for her fabulous comebacks but not her endure-all-things attitude. Usually for dramas I bother re-watching, I can often find something new to appreciate or notice some flaws I missed before but for MT I felt almost exactly the same about it as I did on my first watch. The only slight difference is that Poochom’s inconsistent characterization became more glaring. I still found his relationship with Jieb totally adorable but I feel like I’m watching two different persons when he is around Jieb and when he’s chasing after Arunprapai. I especially liked the part where Poochom approaches Ben after their divorce at Jieb’s encouragement and both achieved closure from their destructive relationship by being open about their feelings and accepting their flaws. I really liked how Ben recognized that she disrespected herself first by seducing Poochom to begin with but also told Poochom clearly how hurt she was when her own husband did not care for her, thereby making Poochom see Ben as a real person with feelings rather than a problem he needs to run away from.  A minor plot point for minor characters perhaps, but it rang more true to me than all of the talks various people gave to Arunprapai about being a ‘good’ wife. Poochom met Jieb after his frank talk with Ben and it was apparent to me they were developing feelings for each other so it didn’t fit when Poochom fell back into being part of ‘Loving and worrying for Arunprapai association’ (as coined by Wayu). Maybe I’m expecting the scriptwriters to do too much for a side character and should be happy that we even get to see Poochom and Jieb get together officially. I like them so much I have considered writing fanfiction to fill the gaps in their story a few times but always give up because I had trouble writing around Poochom’s inconsistent actions. MT is entertaining stuff and my guilty pleasure but the rewatch has proven that no amount of Rome/Chompoo love or any number of willing scenes will make me accept the unbalanced premise of Khongkai/Arunprapai’s relationship. Ending with a cute pic of ‘uncle’ Poochom and ‘crazy kid’ Jieb.


Samee Tee Tra ep2-4

STT is surprisingly holding my attention though the n’ek and majority of characters are not very pleasant to be around. I’m undecided on n’ek Karat. On one hand I feel angry for Karat when Peung goes to Karat’s house and rubs her pregnancy / marriage certificate with Pu in Karat’s face and it was satisfying seeing Karat’s sisters Koong and Koi stand up for her.  But Karat’s general behaviour is is so overbearing and prone to tantrums that I kinda get why she alienated her ex-husbands and Peung. So there goes the question again, whose fault is it? At the end of ep4 we see Pisoot and Peung joining the same company and I already fear for Karat for the backstabbing that is sure to come from Peung who has also set her sights on the upright Pisoot. But … yes, always a but, as of now I’m not sure if Karat deserves Pisoot either it’s just that I dislike Peung’s self-pitying and vindictive attitude slightly more than Karat’s self-entitled one, so I’m leaning  towards Karat. If there’s a remake of STT in 2023, can I suggest pairing Pisoot with Koong instead? She’s a very nice lady. lol. Everytime I see Koong she’s either protecting/comforting Karat or cleaning up Karat’s mess and I hope she gets appreciated by a nice man too!

We also learn that Pisoot’s mom (Neuprae I think her name is?) isn’t the mia noi of Karat’s dad like everyone assumed. Not technically anyway since they don’t have a physical relationship and she earns her own keep. Just friends people, just friends. I wonder if the audience is supposed to hold them in higher regard versus their respective spouses since they are ‘misunderstood’?  Karat’s dad can pretend to hold the moral higher ground for all I care but to me emotional infidelity is as good as a physical betrayal and his heart is obviously with Neuprae.

I’m not sure if I will stick around with STT till the end if Karat doesn’t show some growth/change soon ‘cos it will be hard to root for her and Pisoot to get together if I can’t even get myself to like her. We shall see.

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