The Dream Makers ep7-15

20 Jul

Yes, I’m rather behind on zzsf, which is an indication of how this show is not exactly grabbing me. I catch up with a few episodes every weekend and I do enjoy the show and the myriad of characters while watching but I don’t feel compelled to tune in everyday.  Updates on my thoughts so far:

Wei Yun vs Kang Li

Kang Li wins hands down in this one. While her family drama is a tad cliche (strong career woman juggling husband/child problems), it’s something I can empathise with even if I’m not at that stage in life yet. I really love the episode where she confirms Jia Guo’s (her husband) infidelity. She is crushed by the knowledge but she has so much internal strength to calm down, use Yu Fan to warn Jian Guo that she knows, and still pretend that she is in the dark in front of Jian Guo to save him ‘face’. 真是高招! We get to see the many faces of Kang Li,  shrewd wife, capable boss, helpless mother, vulnerable woman all rolled into one and Chen Li Ping nails all facets of Yao-Zhu Kang Li perfectly. Wei Yun on the other hand … her romance with the married Zhi Ming is so pretentious and drawn out I started ff all her parts by ep5. My problem is not really her wanting to be with a married man (altho’ that is a problem in itself but I get her logic of wanting to be with the man she loves after her near death experience) but her character in general is so depressing and lacks a spine. Most of the time we see her being moody over Zhi Ming, being moody over her mom, being moody over her money face sister-in-law … ok, not interested. Next.

Fei’er x Jason x Tonglin x Zhan Peng + Yuan Ren

I do commend Jeanette and 715 for their natural portrayal of Fei’er/Jason as a couple but I’m not quite invested in their relationship. Actually, neither am I invested in the potential relationship between Jason and Tonglin though that’s where the story is heading. The show is hammering me over the head with their compatibility and I’m quite sick of the Wong Kai Wai references which screams trying too hard. Maybe I will change my mind later when we do get to them developing a romance proper? For now I’m firmly in camp Zhan Peng! Zzsf has totally got me sitting up and noticing Shaun Chen as Zhan Peng, the only character in this set that has my heart. Jason’s a great guy but too much of an idealist for me. I love Zhan Peng’s maturity, his tactful and smooth manoeuvres at work, his frankness at dealing with his changing feelings for Tonglin… I could go on and on. He is my perfect guy! Unfortunately he ain’t Tonglin’s dream guy and it’s the worst to be rooting for a character whom you know confirm chop is not getting the girl. There’s no lack of love problems in zzsf but I find the romances lacking in making a connection with me. Those who have watched ‘Poetic Justice’ will recognize the similarities in the love-rectangle in the two shows but the character dynamics is quite different and for all of PJ’s failings in the news portion of its plot, the romance at least had me hooked. There was a clear development of relationship between Zheng Ye and Yan Zhi from bickering colleagues, to friends, to comrades and finally falling in love. Perhaps because romance is only part of zzsf’s make up that it feels less focused? That said, zzsf has other great parts I enjoy and that will be all the Fang siblings scenes ‘cos they are so funny and natural (Dennis Chew seems to ad-lib a lot of his lines judging from the BTS!). When Jason/Tonglin/Zhan Peng/Yuan Ren are in a group in whatever combination their interactions are gold so I do have to give zzsf credit for that.

According to a comment on my previous zzsf post, audiences will be voting for not 2, but 3 !?! possible endings for Jason, which I presume to be 1) go back to Fei’er 2) be with Tonglin 3) be alone. I’ve said it and I will say it again. Getting audiences to vote for endings is a cheap trick to boost ratings. It’s great if the characters I ship get together but what is more important to me is for an ending and it’s lead up to make sense. Why put the choice in the audience’s hands? So now it’s become a character/pairing popularity contest? In that case why not let us vote for Zhan Peng and Tonglin to be the end pairing? They seem like a popular pairing from the recent responses. Well, what to do, I don’t own the tv station. I’ll leave them to whatever they want to do and I’ll come up with my own conclusions when the drama wraps.

2 Responses to “The Dream Makers ep7-15”

  1. enroute26 July 21, 2013 at 11:05 PM #

    Yeah I guess zzsf has so much to take into consideration (big cast, escalated drama, even sponsors hurr), so the romance is more stifled as compared to PJ.

    But as the web of romances gets more complicated, and as the dreaded revelation of who gets who draws near, the only things I’m looking forward to in the show are:

    1) How Kang Li and Jian Guo will resolve their issues

    2) More meeting room discussions between Kang Li and her team. I really liked the part where Dawn Yeoh got injured while filming, and they had to crack their heads about how to work around it with an amended script. The Variety unit, on the other hand, seems to be taking leave to mourn with their boss.

    3) Like you said, just Tong Lin, Zhan Peng, Yuan Ren, and Jason eating laksa together x)

    • J July 22, 2013 at 7:50 PM #

      2) Couldn’t agree with this more! That’s also part of the reason why I’m meh about Wei Yun. 能坐上综艺组总裁的位子,周薇芸肯定有两把刷子,but that ability is seldom on display in the show.

      3) lol, I could watch them chit chat and suan each other the whole episode.

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