Hongki & Mina – Ep15 BTS Hearts on sleeves

16 Jul

I thought with the end of ep15 it would be the last I’m writing about HongMina but there was so much gold in the ‘making of’ clips I had to make another post.

This is the last part of ep14’s BTS but the ‘feel’ fits that of ep15. Despite herself Mina can’t stop her tears at the goodbye announcement and Hongki comforts her with a hug after wiping her tears. Even as they leave the place of filming they walked with arms around each other.

When asked about the taste of the chicken Mina cooked, Hongki repeated 4 times that it was really ~~~ delicious. I’m sure the dish tasted nice (especially relative to Mina’s previous effort lol) but I’d like to think that Mina finds the food even more delicious because they are eating it together and Hongki finds it even more delicious because Mina made it for him. That’s why HongMina moves me. 东西易得,心意难寻。

Before they even reach the cafe, Mina starts crying as it suddenly hit her that this is goodbye. She tries to hide it (stepping away from Hongki), she tries to wipe the tears by herself (you can see her trying to take the tissue from Hongki) but Hongki moves in to wipe it all away. Why does Hongki want so much to be Mina’s ideal man? Perhaps so that Mina will never be sad or hurt around her ideal man to cry. I feel that Hongki can’t bear to see Mina upset. Of course not to say he fancies seeing other ladies cry but from his interviews he is very mindful about protecting Mina.

This is technically part of the actual broadcast but every time I get to the part where Mina tearfully says she can trust in Hongki’s words because he’s so honest, I can’t help but be moved to tears. I wonder, has anyone told Hongki that? That yes, your honesty cuts sometimes but the trust that I can give you is so much more that whatever loss in pride or face that I may suffer.

弘基真的不舍得美菜哭。Mina’s tears are triggered again by the PD’s questions as they exit the cafe and it’s sweet how Hongki tells PD-nim to stop asking but my favourite bit is at 4:37 when Mina laughs at his unintentional ice/eyes gaffe and he whines ‘that’s it! Smile!’. It’s ok if you laugh at me, just smile again. Hongki initially held his drink with his right hand but as they walked away he moves it to his left hand so he can put his arm around Mina who was standing on his right. Everybody, say awwwww.

At Hongki’s surprise singing event during the actual broadcast, the re-written lyrics which answered Mina’s letter at their wedding was what touched me. Here, there are no lyrics shown on screen and I concentrated wholly on Hongki’s voice and expression. His voice, his smile, his line of sight. It’s all for Mina, all on Mina.

I feel so small because I have nothing to give you

Don’t cry my dear, I love you, even your tears

One Response to “Hongki & Mina – Ep15 BTS Hearts on sleeves”

  1. Cece July 17, 2013 at 12:25 AM #

    Simply beautiful. Their off screen interactions are as authentic as their on screen time. How can Hongki not fall in love with this woman? like you said, has anyone ever told him that his brutal honesty is in fact his positive quality? I bet he didn’t expect Mina to pick honesty, especially since she had been hurt by his abrasive honesty before. But, Mina is such a positive person who can always find the goods in people and in every situation. A really wonderful friend to have in everyone’s life.
    Thank you so much for writing up another insightful Hongmina article. I can always find gold in your post. ^^

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