Hongki & Mina – Ep15 Goodbye, and Hello

13 Jul


The distance between the head and the heart is too long. Indeed, I know it’s only a show that lasts all of 15 episodes but still my tears flow freely when I see Hongki and Mina pour their heart to each other and for each other till the last minute.


Haa, the construction noise that follows them in this house. In my ep13 post I wondered if Hongki requested Mina to cook for him before or after he tasted her ‘special’ bento and it would seem like it’s after. Mina does not agree to cook for Hongki there and then but she kept his request in her heart and for their last meal together on the show, she cooks it for him. Only for Hongki, by Mina. wgm1508

I think this time Mina’s food is really tasty. lol, even she was surprised when she tried it. I’m sure Mina was happy to see Hongki tucking into the chicken dish so heartily but as always, her real happiness comes from being with him.wgm1509

They revisit the cafe where they first met and while they walk there hand in hand, two instead of one, did they like me think of all the precious moments that they have since created together?wgm1510

Look at Mina’s face. Look at her look at Hongki. 已经没有太多的时间这样挽着你的手,这样陪你走。wgm1511

I love their little touches which I find speaks more about their comfortable relationship than any grandiose declarations of love. Mina is very emotional here but she tries her best to keep smiling because Hongki tells her not to cry.


So many of FT Island’s songs have now become ‘their’ songs. Love Love Love, Severely, I Confess, I Hope You Will Become My Lover … … Hongki, will Mina be in your mind whenever you sing them in the future? wgm1516

Ever since their honeymoon, Hongki keeps saying that he is sorry he didn’t treat Mina better. He really really really wants to be ‘that man’ for Mina. You are Hong-chan, you are.


First it’s Hongki’s turn to list down Mina’s good points. A woman whom every man would like to marry huh? If you’ve journeyed with them the whole way, you’ll know Hongki is not saying that to be PC on a show. He didn’t even ‘give face’ on his wedding and said he found Song Hye Kyo prettier than Mina! But now, Mina has taken over his heart to be the beautiful one, the kind one, the intelligent one, the one every man wants to marry. But you’re speaking on behalf of every man on this planet Hongki? Or are you speaking for this one man in front of Mina?


When Mina mentions Hongki honesty as his good point, he says it can be a bad point too, probably thinking back to the kayaking episode on their honeymoon.

Very candid, can’t lie. So everything that Hong-chan says can be trusted, and comes from the heart.

Heart. Hold your hand over your left chest and feel it beating. But how does your heart feel another’s? I think I know how by looking at Hongki and Mina.


Do you remember how hard it was for Hongki and Mina to even look each other in the eye during their wedding photoshoot? They squealed and blushed when asked to have any physical contact and it’s natural considering they are practically strangers but now, look at them. When Hongki covered Mina’s eyes for the church wedding surprise in Okinawa, she held on to him this way too and I see a lovely reliance and trust. wgm1523

I said before that Mina is people oriented and Hongki task oriented. Mina puts a lot of thought into what she prepares for Hongki, personalised hand written, hand made, hand cooked (err, is there such a word? Haaa) little items that if based on what Hongki requests or she observes that Hongki will like. Hongki goes for the flashy big events which … not to say he doesn’t put in thought or effort but with events being part of WGM’s show format, it’s not clear how much of the events were planned/decided by the production team and how much by Hongki. But at today’s event it just suddenly hit me that yes, this is Hongki’s way of showing his heart. wgm1526

The first time I watched this episode it was like rivers of tears on my face at this part because I thought it will be lights out for Hongki and Mina after his video goodbye message. But. wgm1528

Hong-star is not going out without a big big bang! Cue an ocean of tears when Mina turns around to see Hongki on his little stage, singing only for Mina. I’ll talk about his Mina-version of Severely in another post because it’s so meaningful and I’m running out of space here!wgm1540

No words. I was sobbing so hard with Mina here.


I was surprised by how calm and almost a little excited Hongki was when he took off his ‘wedding ring’ and asked Mina to do the same. Aren’t you sad to be leaving your buin?wgm1543

That’s because he has something better to give! A necklace with ‘Hongki Mina’ on it~ wgm1546

Look wifey! I have one too! XD Oh Hongki, you are too obvious. It’s so sweet how Hongki tucks the necklace into Mina’s dress after putting it on for her. The wedding rings were big and shiny to flash on the show. Hongki&Mina necklace is to be hidden from sight and kept close to their persons. wgm1547


Am I seeing this right? Is this a WGM divorce? Why are two of them saying goodbye to the audience and production crew?wgm1549

I always remind myself that WGM is a show, a show where lines can be scripted, events planned, scenes edited to cast a spell on the audience. I feel this even more acutely in global WGM because in the BTS you can clearly see the truckload of production crew and random people/fans gawking behind the camera during a seemingly private time together. But Hongki and Mina’s genuinity won over the cynical side of me which says ‘this is just a show this is just a show’ and like the Adam Couple, they made me believe in love. Now that the spell of WGM is broken, it’s time to say goodbye to this wonderful couple who has brought me laughter and tears for the past 15 episodes.

Goodbye. They said to us.

Hello. It’s now only Hongki&Mina.

谁能预知未来。反正还是那句话,祝 幸福。


9 Responses to “Hongki & Mina – Ep15 Goodbye, and Hello”

  1. CG July 14, 2013 at 5:47 AM #

    OMG. your summary makes me speechless because I was crying and feeling for Hongki and Mina. Thank you for a wonderful recap, I thoroughly enjoyed reading it.

    “it’s not clear how much of the events were planned/decided by the production team and how much by Hongki” – I can’t speak for the other events but for the final event, according to the PD (thanks to a Soompier for the inside scoop), Hongki planned it all, and purchased the necklaces himself. I am sure there were staff that helped executing the plan, but I can see the details of the event were truly from Hongki. It has HK’s fingerprints all over it.

    Thank you again for your insightful thoughts and write-up

    • J July 14, 2013 at 7:58 PM #

      ‘…according to the PD (thanks to a Soompier for the inside scoop), Hongki planned it all, and purchased the necklaces himself’
      Perhaps that’s why my gut reaction was that this event ‘belonged’ to Hongki! I’m really happy that Hongki and Mina’s time on WGM ended the way it did, like a beautiful rainbow after the rain that signifies many more cherished moments to come. 🙂

  2. Nikki July 14, 2013 at 10:48 AM #





    自此,我们结婚了中的daramji couple (or彩虹夫妇whatever)分手了,接下去的故事不管怎样发展,它属于李弘基和藤井美菜。

    • J July 14, 2013 at 9:10 PM #

      I’ve only watched the Adam couple on WGM before so I did not dare conclude if HongMina is the only couple to leave the show together instead of separately but I really love that the last scene we see of them is Hongki with his arm slung around Mina. 真的很幸福 ❤
      Thanks Nikki for following this blog and for your kind comments. =)

  3. Barb July 15, 2013 at 8:00 AM #

    You have clearly conveyed what most HongMina fans have felt – that they are ending the virtual marriage and beginning their very own story.

  4. Cece July 16, 2013 at 4:25 PM #

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Love your post.
    Btw, have you seen the making of ep 15? part of the reasons why Mina cried a bucket at the cafe because she was told that the last scene would be filmed at the cafe. They kept the secret of the surprise event from her (similar to Guigui’s finale too).
    Hongki and Mina’s duet song was released yesterday and the lyrics are just describing their relationship to the t. If you have time, maybe you can add more thoughts on the OST and the last making of videos since I enjoyed reading your insightful post.^^

    • J July 16, 2013 at 10:07 PM #

      Hi Cece, I just posted on the making of ep15. It’s not particularly insightful but hope you’ll still enjoy it. Haaa. Ep15’s making of feels like an extension of the broadcasted version, maybe because HongMina’s reactions are so genuine in both. Sigh, I will really miss seeing them every Friday!

  5. lykishkeane August 1, 2013 at 12:33 AM #

    I LOVE YOUR BLOG!!!! I love your thoughts on hongmina :3

    yup! hong ki planned his last surprise… In a variety show last 2011, he mentioned before that if ever he would hold an event for his girlfriend (at this time he is not a big fan of doing surprises) he would fill the car with balloons, then give his girlfriend a ring and then watch the sunset/sunrise with her….

    he did that to mina…

    • J August 3, 2013 at 12:31 AM #

      Glad you like them~ =D
      I hope Hongki is still doing many such sweet things for Mina in private now. heeh.

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