How to keep a husband – Samee Tee Tra ep1

12 Jul

I’m refreshing youtube maniacally but ep15 of Global WGM is still not being uploaded! *tears at hair* Since I have some time and can’t concentrate on other shows now, let’s talk about the lakorn ‘Samee Tee Tra (The Marked Husband)’. Nope, not the one starring Ploy Chermarn and Pope Thanawat that I had written about in my drama look out post (that’s still being filmed), but the original 2001 version with Ann Thongprasom in the leading role.


Who’s to blame when a relationship breaks down? Be it in a family, marriage or friendship, when things go wrong who do you point fingers at? At first glance, n’ek Karat appears to be the source of her own problems. She’s a beautiful young woman with bountiful family wealth at her disposal but at the same time, those same things make her proud and selfish. We only see a flashback of her last argument with her third husband Pu before he dies in an accident but from Karat’s general behaviour, I can only imagine she is not an easy person to get along with in daily life. So when Pu goes fooling around with other women behind Karat’s back, is she partly to blame?

When Karat rushes back to Bangkok after Pu’s accident, we see her family and I see where she is learning her relationship skills from. Dad is keeping a mia noi (mistress) quite openly and Mom handles it by speaking confrontationally with Dad all the time. Again, whose fault is it? Dad for being a cheating bastard, or Mom for being a shrew and driving Dad into the arms of his gentle lover?

Karat’s good friend Peung is exceptionally upset at learning about Pu’s death and initially everyone assumed she was upset on behalf of Karat. At Pu’s funeral, Peung is beside herself with grief and keeps throwing up and by now the audience should have an inkling of what’s going on but not Karat who puts it down to Peung being sick. Peung’s lies might have been able to hold out a little longer if not for a woman suddenly showing up asking money from Karat as she is pregnant with Pu’s child. Peung goes nuts and attacks the woman, claiming that Pu wouldn’t let other women be pregnant with his child and she knows this because she is his…errrrm, friend. Right. Karat is not a stupid lady and she begins to put two and two together. Karat goes to Peung’s house later that night to confront her and it’s the end of their friendship when the ugly truth tumbles out. Whose fault is it? Peung for betraying someone she calls her friend? Or Karat for being so self-centred that when Karat set her sights on Pu, Peung thought it was useless to tell Karat that she was already in a relationship with him because Karat would use whatever means to get what she wants anyway?

The characters we’ve seen so far all see themselves as victims of someone’s erroneous ways but never did they stop to reflect on themselves. How do you keep a husband, how do you keep a friend, how do you keep a family? I say, start with yourself. What little we have seen of the p’ek indicates that he is a sensible man and perhaps he might be the key to turning this tide of selfishness around. I’m expecting a lot of blood pressure rising moments in this drama though, no thanks to Peung who blames Karat for causing her to lose everything and is determined to get back at her ‘friend’.

Ok, I shall get my tissue box ready and go watch the end of my fairy tale love story that is Hongki x Mina.

2 Responses to “How to keep a husband – Samee Tee Tra ep1”

  1. Fia July 12, 2013 at 10:43 PM #

    There are two sides to every to story, and then there’s the truth. I am curious to see how the remake will measure up to our original, but with the power of Ploy’s acting and Ann’s producing (not to mention her first hand experience as Karat), I think we’ll have a riot on our hands. Great impression, Nong J, chorp mak! (Like!)

    • J July 12, 2013 at 10:57 PM #

      I’m very interested in Ann’s remake of STT because like you said she has already lived the role once and I hope there will be new perspectives given instead of simply being a carbon copy of the original. But with Ann at the helm of the 2013 production, I am hopeful!

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