Hongki & Mina – Memories ep14

6 Jul

This is an episode where Hongki and Mina makes new memories while they relive old ones, not knowing that this is their last chance to do so as husband and wife on WGM. Sure, they and we all know it will come to an end eventually but when you put your heart into something, on someone, it’s never easy to walk away. This is an episode to be watched and felt and I find myself at a loss for words despite capping tons. So let’s walk with them one last time before they say goodbye next week.

Don’t forget, don’t forget. The audience is fickle and will surely move on in time but don’t forget this person who once came into your life and made a difference.
wgm1407When I see a squirrel, when I sing this song, when I visit Okinawa, when I go kayaking, when I eat umeboshi, when I visit Seoul Tower … when I … when I … I will think of you.


wgm1411You’re not heavy ‘cos you’re my husband, you’re my wife. I will carry you up the slope, I will carry you at the beach, Iwill carry you in a crowd. 

wgm1408I will wear your shoes, I will hold your hand, I will make you smile.

wgm1409I will eat what you feed me even if it’s bitter because your love sweetens it.


wgm1417I will dance for you, I will sing for you, I will love you even 10 years later.

wgm1414Because you are mine.

wgm1415And I am yours.


wgm1421Will you still be here to wipe my tears?

For the first and last time we have next week’s preview at the end of the episode but those are heartbreaking scenes of them saying goodbye at the very same place their paths crossed. I’m already tearing so much doing this post that I’m sure I’ll need a whole tissue box next week. ;__;

My younger self ever wondered if it was better to not have met certain people and not have experienced certain happiness if the sadness at their loss is made greater by my love for them. But then I came to realise that though there is an empty space there now, the indelible footprints left by those people and those experiences all made me who I am now. No matter where Hongki and Mina go from here, they will have these beautiful memories with them.


3 Responses to “Hongki & Mina – Memories ep14”

  1. Rosa Miu July 8, 2013 at 2:24 PM #

    thank u so much for ur wonderful reviews..hope u can visit official lee hongki n fujii mina soompi thread..we like to hear ur input of hongmina couple.

  2. Barbie July 8, 2013 at 3:15 PM #

    Your words are what most of the Daramji couple fans are thinking right now. Thank you for putting into words what we felt in this episode.

  3. sandradiaz July 8, 2013 at 8:56 PM #

    I so much wanna thank GWGM for putting forward this great show. Honestly, my opinion on love/dating changed after episode 4 of following Hongki and Mina. I only but hope that their honest feeling for eachother could carry on off screen. Pdmin you did well

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