The Dream Makers impression ep 1-6

5 Jul

I’m always a little wary of the supposed blockbuster/anniversary dramas as they often fail to live up to the hype but ‘The Dream Makers’ is off to a good start. By making a drama on a tv company, mediacorp is drawing on vast resources to tell a story that has been writing itself within the company for the past 50 years and I hope the story will not disappoint in the 2nd half. There are many characters who interact with each other to spin this story so there’s no singular character/couple heading the show but there are a few central characters whom we can put into two major camps.

The Veterns
They have already made it fairly high up the corporate ladder and are able to hold their fort and deal swiftly with problems thrown their way at work but not all is well.

Zhou Wei Yun vs Yao-Zhu Kang Li
They have been competing since their university days and even now they butt heads at work as head of the Variety and Drama team respectively. Kang Li loves rubbing Wei Yun’s single status in her face by constantly emphasizing her husband’s surname (though it’s a little mean, I can’t help but laugh whenever Kang Li goes ‘call me YAO-Zhu Kang Li!’) and saying oh how blissful her family is but Wei Yun ain’t doing half bad with a steady boyfriend of her own. However cracks start to surface soon when we see Kang Li struggling with her son’s behavioural problems and Wei Yun discovering that her boyfriend is cheating on her (well, technically he is cheating with her on his wife but she didn’t know it yet). At the end of ep3, Wei Yun returns home after blowing off her boyfriend who is trying to win her back and has to deal with her mother who is suffering from dementia. An exhausted Wei Yun turns to leave after tucking her mom in bed when her mom suddenly calls her name in a moment of lucidity. Wei Yun breaks down in tears in the warm embrace of her mother who has ‘returned’ in a sense and I really felt Wei Yun’s vulnerability. On the other hand Kang Li searches frantically for her son who goes missing and though she eventually finds him, she too sheds tears at her son’s sleeping form as she says how tired she is from caring for him. The last shot of ep3 juxtaposes both women crying as they hold their loved ones and so far it’s the most moving of DM for me.

The next few episodes continue showing the crumbling of Wei Yun and Kang Li’s private lives but I actually got a little bored as things got more dundundun dramatic. Personally I thought their problems could’ve been spread over more episodes instead of having everything blow up at the same time but perhaps the scriptwriters had more stuff to cram in for the remaining episodes? The upheavals in their personal lives will go towards character growth but at the same time I want to see more of these power ladies at work because hey, it’s still a drama centred around a tv company!

Yu Fan
This host with a caustic tongue is also Wei Yun’s trusted friend/colleague though we can expect to progress to a more than friends relationship eventually. I enjoy watching Yu Fan and Wei Yun’s banter and hope this aspect won’t change when their relationship does. I’m also interested in finding out what in Yu Fan’s past that caused him to embrace singlehood and be so cynical about love.

The Young’uns
These young ones are filled with hopes and dreams but who knows what they might gain or lose as they struggle to gain traction in their careers and find their way in life.

Zhao Fei’er x Jason
First off, lemme say … 715 is alive! He’s been giving the dead fish face for his past few dramas that I’ve forgotten how he looks like with any other expression and I’m pleasantly surprised to see him put his facial muscles to work again. His interactions with Jeanette Aw are very natural and they are adorable as a couple. Their memorable scene would the one where Fei’er pours out the grievances she has suffered after Jason chides her for using petty tricks to gain the audience’s favour on a show and he relents by hugging her, promising to be at her side supporting her. This scene is made all the more poignant by the knowledge that Jason’s love will be no match for Fei’er’s ambition. I like how Fei’er isn’t made out to be conniving, stardom hungry person from the start. She dreams of being famous of course and uses a small trick here and there but she is also a supportive girlfriend and filial daughter/granddaughter. She works hard at the small roles she gets  as she waits for an opportunity to shine but ironically when the opportunity arrives, she learns that sometimes hard work is not enough to get you up there. Fei’er is mercilessly bullied by the current Ah Jie (literally big sister, refers to the most popular actress) Xie Liu Xin who is jealous of her increasing popularity and I think by the next few episodes we will see the change in Fei’er when she decides to play as dirty as she is being treated.

Fang Tong Lin x Du Zhan Peng
Hmmm, should I categorize Du Zhan Peng here ? He is after all already the Head of Artiste Liaison Unit but eh, I shall since I want to talk about him with Tong Lin. I was a little apprehensive about Rui En’s role as Fang Tong Lin which requires her to be almost permanently upbeat and cheery and I was worried that Rui En might overact the part but surprise surprise, I’m enjoying Tong Lin’s parts the most. Maybe ‘cos she’s the only one with funny parts amongst the angst? From the scenes shown in the opening theme, it’s obvious that Tong Lin will do a Yanzhi and get together with the guy who starts off being somebody else’s boyfriend (Jason) so I was all ready to root for her and Jason when they eventually meet. Who knew Du Zhan Peng will run out and made me switch camps (for now)? Haah. I love the bromance Zhan Peng and Tong Lin have going on – yes, bromance ‘cos they are brudders – and their jibes are each other are hilarious. Who knew Shaun Chen and Rui En make such a nice pair? Ok, I itchy eyes went and read spoilers on wikipedia now I know how their relationship will end up (not good) but I love them both individually too and can’t wait to see more of their story.

Lots of other characters running around but I’ll save them for later when it’s their turn to take centre stage.

I’m too lazy to do caps so no pics for this post but I do have links to watch the show! xinmsn catch up tv is the obvious place to go but I think it’s only accessible to people in Singapore? If you can’t access videos there, you can watch it on this channel on youku. Some people have uploaded it on yt but the quality isn’t good. The show is broadcasted with eng and chi subs so no worries~

4 Responses to “The Dream Makers impression ep 1-6”

  1. enroute26 July 8, 2013 at 1:48 AM #

    hahah okay this may sound lame coz its all just a show, but as a Rui En fan, I don’t think I can bear to see her battle her love life out only to emerge empty-handed. Because and only because Fang Tong Lin is played by Rui En, I wish they could skip the emotional tap dancing for once and just give Zhanpeng to Tong Lin, and let Fei’Er have Jason.

    And if they are ever going to make the viewers vote for which girl Jason gets in the end, I will just cry hahaha

    • J July 8, 2013 at 8:22 PM #

      Nooooo, ch8 had better not do a repeat of that coffee show and make us vote for an ending ‘cos it’s such a cheap trick to boost ratings. I actually don’t mind them (Fei’er, Tong Lin, Jason) ending up alone if it’s properly written, but then that’s a big if. I’m not too happy with how the scriptwriters are dealing with Wei Yun’s story so they had better do a better job with the 年轻人 to keep me on board!

      • Cloudy July 20, 2013 at 1:09 PM #

        We can all just cry now. It is confirmed that they are going to make the viewers vote for who eventually ends up with Jason. And they have 3 endings! I really don’t mind that all 3 ended up alone or Jason running back to her ex-gf that broke his heart so badly – if that’s going to be logical. WHY VOTE? It will only satisfy half of the viewers…

      • J July 20, 2013 at 3:15 PM #

        You gotta be kidding me! How are they going to write the lead up and make sure which ever of the three endings chosen will make sense in context? This news is making me lower my expectations drastically for zzsf. 😦

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