A Hundred Thousand Millilitres of Tears – Tanya Chua

4 Jul

ETA: I’m surprised by the number of hits this post is getting. Good to know that this song is getting noticed from being played to death on zzsf. lol. I’ve updated the lyrics with hanyu pinyin for people who want to sing along but can’t read Chinese. Enjoy~

It’s been a busy busy week! Only had time to catch up with the first few episodes of ‘Dream Makers’ and I’ll probably do an impression post this weekend. For now, here’s a translation of a song from the drama soundtrack, lyrics by one of my favourite lyricist Xiao Han and performed movingly by Tanya Chua who also composed the melody.

十萬毫升淚水 (shi wan hao sheng lei shui)
A Hundred Thousand Millilitres of Tears
詞:小寒 Lyrics: Xiao Han 曲:蔡健雅 Melody: Tanya Chua

知道我不完美 能給的我都給
zhi dao wo bu wan mei neng gei de wo dou gei
Knowing I’m not perfect I give all that I can

於是天藍轉灰轉黑 也微笑不插嘴
yu shi tian lan zhuan hui zhuan hei ye wei xiao bu cha zui
So I smile and hold my tongue even when the sky goes from blue to grey to black

這一次會氣餒 連平凡愛一回
zhe yi ci hui qi nei lian ping fan ai yi hui
I’m dejected this time, for even in an ordinary relationship

都才將心給誰 馬上又被粉碎
dou cai jiang xin gei shui ma shang you bei fen sui
I have just given my heart to someone only to have it crushed immediately

** 滿意了嗎 你究竟有完沒完
man yi le ma ni jiu jing you wan mei wan
Are you satisfied? Are you done yet?

你煩不煩 總考驗我多勇敢
ni fan bu fan zong kao yan wo duo yong gan
Aren’t you tired? Always testing how brave I can be

有那麼難 那麼幸福和美滿
you na me nan na me xing fu he mei man
It’s so difficult to be happy and complete

我不貪婪 只求多些夜晚 不鼻酸 不孤單
wo bu tan lan zhi qiu duo xie ye wan bu bi suan bu gu dan
I’m not greedy, I’m only asking for more nights without tears and loneliness

我想要的快樂很簡單 你都不管
wo xiang yao de kuai le hen jian dan ni dou bu guan
The happiness I’m asking for is very simple but you don’t care

人的一生會積累 十萬毫升淚水
ren de yi sheng hui ji lei shi wan hao sheng lei shui
A person accumulates a hundred thousand millimetres of tears in a life time

以為哭完苦悲苦味 能換來好結尾
yi wei ku wan ku bei ku wei neng huan lai hao jie wei
Thinking that once done with crying over the bitterness we can exchange it for a good ending

並不是我後悔 愛會痛我奉陪
bing bu shi wo hou hui ai hui tong wo feng pei
It’s not that I regret anything, for I’m willing to bear the pain that comes with love

只是輪到我沒 誰視我為寶貝
zhi shi lun dao wo mei shui shi wo wei bao bei
But is it my turn yet, for someone to treasure me

有完沒完 我已無條件投降
you wan mei wan wo yi wu tiao jian tou xiang
Are you done yet? I’m already surrendering without conditions

我要歸還 向你借來的勇敢
wo yao gui huan xiang ni jie lai de yong gan
I’m returning all the courage I borrowed from you

我不野蠻 不屬於我的美滿 都不貪婪
wo bu ye man bu shu yu wo de mei man dou bu tan lan
I’m not unreasonable, I don’t chase after happiness that does not belong to me

只求一到夜晚 有期盼 有陪伴
zhi qiu yi dao ye wan you qi pan you pei ban
I’m just asking for hope and company at night

我想要你給我個答案 你卻不管
wo xiang yao ni gei wo ge da an ni que bu guan
I want an answer from you but you don’t care

ni dou bu guan
You never cared

ni bie bu guan
Please don’t not care

wo de shang gan
My hurt

5 Responses to “A Hundred Thousand Millilitres of Tears – Tanya Chua”

  1. enroute26 July 5, 2013 at 2:13 AM #

    Love this song ❤

    And thanks for the translation (: I've been struggling to fully appreciate the lyrics with my half-past-six chinese…

  2. Cristy March 5, 2014 at 6:10 AM #

    Thank you soooo much for posting this. It will help me so much in my study and makes it soooo fun to sing along with her. 🙂

    • J March 8, 2014 at 5:43 PM #

      My translations are usually done at random and on a whim… glad you enjoyed it! 🙂

  3. yoh March 13, 2014 at 12:28 PM #

    now that I fully comprehend the lyrics after reading the translation, this song’s lyrics really touches my heart deep. almost cried reading the sad lyrics. 😦


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