Hongki & Mina – Ep13 The Date

30 Jun

The no-idea-what-they-are doing at home day ends with Hongki painting Mina’s nails and she reciprocating with giving him a shave. Although Hongki seems to be someone who’s very upfront about both his thoughts/feelings and even looks, is it really ok for him as an idol to be on tv looking so haggard, manager-san?? I can’t help but wonder every time I see his make-up-less face!


But Hongki says he was happy when Mina gave him the shave and he had fun so I guess all is good!

Both look much more refresh the next time they meet for their date though Hongki’s spirits are immediately dampened by their arrival at a book store. Ms Song Hye Kyo gets mentioned again but Hong-chan’s senses has really grown since the honeymoon huh because this time he says Mina is prettier!


I bet Mina was expecting a repeat of the Song Hye Kyo conversation at their wedding so she was really surprised. I feel that this time is slightly different from when Hongki praised Mina’s bento, where he was praising her effort and honestly said that it didn’t taste good in the interview. This time when asked by the interviewer who he likes best he ranked Mina the first which makes me think that when Hongki says Mina is ‘prettier’ it isn’t limited to what he finds aesthetically pleasing (though Mina is a beautiful woman in her own right), rather who is closer to his heart. I’d like to think Mina has grown closer to his heart since the wedding. ^^



It so adorable how Hongki insists he wants Mina to cook him something. I’m not sure if ep12 & 13 were filmed in sequence. If yes, Hongki already knows Mina is no kitchen goddess yet he still wants to indulge in eating food cooked by her FOR him. If no, then we now know why Mina decided to make him a bento as part of her ‘support package’!


Hongki runs off to the arcade after a short time at the book store to nobody’s surprise. Mina is such a sensible lady who takes it all in stride and understands that getting to know each other’s interest does not equate forcing the other to like the same things.

The next part of their date hits a little close to home for me personally as the last guy I dated introduced me to pool and bowling. Because I don’t play either usually, my memories of these two activities are almost exclusively of him and I did think of those moments with him as I watch Hongki and Mina forge some of their own this episode.


Haaa, I was in stitches at this part where Hongki says he looks at a girl’s boobs first because he was short and that’s the first thing that comes into sight when he looks up at a girl.

Integrating question asking into the games is such a good idea! I should’ve thought of it on my dates. lol. I won’t recap the questions since I’m sure fans of this couple have watched this episode enough times to memorize them already. All in all it was a fun date, with sensitive questions asked and answered frankly.

wgmep1310 wgmep1311Their last comments are so typical of their styles, with Mina being happy with simply being able to spend time with Hongki while Hongki already has ideas on what else they can do on dates! With only 2 more episodes left, what will MBC give us? Judging from the fan reports we will at least be getting another date with them on the streets and going to a CN Blue concert. Sigh, that’s not enough! I wish I could see Mina’s cooking in action, more events from Hong-chan…

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