Dramas lookout – Jun13

24 Jun

If you can’t already tell from my lack of drama updates, I have somehow managed to be not interested in any airing dramas and that’s saying a lot considering I have so many drama sources. But no worries, I should be able to get back into the swing of things soon with the following list of potential hits.

Dream Makers  [Sg drama]

Ch8’s anniversary drama which stars so many big shots I can’t name a male/female lead. I’m really happy that the middle age veteran actresses are cast in leading power roles for once instead of the usual auntie ones and it looks like both Zoe Tay and Chen Liping roles will go through quite the rollercoaster ride of emotions. And Shen Jing Xing is back!! woot! He’s still quite an attractive ‘uncle’. haah. Jeanette Aw … eh, I’m not the biggest fan of her non-acting but I find her role more interesting than Rui En’s, so hopefully she will make the most of it! Read more on Dream Makers here.

Sudden – Romeo Tan / Rui En [Sg drama]

This will take a while more to reach our screens since they just had the opening ceremony but omo, I love Rui En’s new hairdo! It’s another law procedural but I’ll definitely give it a shot for Rui En and Rebecca Lim~

Summer Nude – Yamashita Tomohisa / Toda Erika [Jdrama]

Ah, finally a non-procedural Jdrama I can look forward to. The story has the possibility of going into overwrought messy love triangle territory but I’m hopeful that Jdramas can work their subtle magic once again. If all else fails, I can still enjoy the eye-candy that’s Yamapi and Toda.

Dao Kaew Duen – Aum / Janie [Lakorn]

One sentence synopsis: Janie wants to have a baby before she turns 35 and Aum is shortlisted as a potential stud.

Story sounds kinda duh but Aum and Janie looks so fiiiiiine together!! Wah, Aum did you get hotter while I forgot about watching your lakorns?? *cough* Excuse me.

Kon Ruk Strawberry Ken T / Chompoo [Lakorn]

One sentence synopsis: Chompoo is hell-bent on headhunting Ken to secure her promotion but p’ek is more into farming strawberries.

Chompoo is my It girl now so perhaps she might allow me to finally enjoy a Ken T lakorn where he doesn’t pair up with Ann?? The BTS vibes are good and the story sounds like Num Baan which I enjoyed tremendously so definitely high hopes for this one!

Samee Tee Tra – Pope T / Ploy C [Lakorn]

One sentence synopsis: Ploy has had a string of unfortunate marriages but her latest one with Pope is still in danger of being wrecked (again) by her best friend Jui.

Drama drama drama. I bet there will lots of cat fights, misunderstandings, shouting, backstabbing … what else? Anyone seen the original with Ann T and has some feedback? Nevertheless, with Ploy as n’ek and Ann helming the production, this one is on my to-watch list.

Cruel City [Kdrama]

Haven’t watched a Kdrama in eons but have heard lots of good things about Cruel City. Might check it out after it finishes airing.

2 Responses to “Dramas lookout – Jun13”

  1. Fia June 24, 2013 at 11:51 PM #

    I have seen Ann’s version of Samee Tee Tra way back when and remembered loving it, she plays the possessive, crazy nang’ek so well, and you couldn’t blame her because her stupid friend knows exactly what buttons to push. As for the pr’ek, he’s a great support system, but her internal lack of self esteem (although outwards she appears real confident) can be grating at times. But these two truly persevered and you want to applaud their ending. (There’s also family drama too because the two families don’t get along.) I hope Ann as the producer will make this another great one! Or offer a different take, somehow.

    Do you know when On Call 24 hrs part 2 will air? Would you consider recapping it? I would soo love that. I’m waiting patiently to see how they will up the medical drama!

    • J June 25, 2013 at 1:52 PM #

      Can’t believe I forgot about On Call II! Last I heard it’s slated for end of year release so we have a little while more to wait. I might recap it if nothing big is on my blogging plate.
      Re STT, thanks for your comments on the original version.

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