Hongki & Mina – ep12 The Work

23 Jun


It’s all good to have special times and private times together like Hongki and Mina did with the wedding ceremony and honeymoon but ultimately we come back to a reality where there are other obligations and Mina gets a glimpse of Hongki’s reality in ep12. To be frank, there were entertaining laugh-out-loud moments in ep12 but overall I wasn’t that touched? Might be due to the smog that’s giving me a killer headache or it could be the lack of narrative in the edited version aired by MBC. Their hearts were still plain as day to see but there’s a lack of content in what graced our screens.


It’s funny how Hongki who has no qualms about letting a supposed tv programme film his puffy face and sloppy dressing suddenly panicked and tried to hide his ‘flaws’ when Mina showed up. I’m sure Mina has seen Hongki in less than glamorous looks over the course of filming this far but it’s cute that Hongki wants to put his best face forward for buin and cuter still when he finds it necessary to explain the reason for his puffy face.


Nice view of Hongki’s behind, and you’re welcome. This part was hilarious and Mina was so cute when she laughed in glee at the success of her prank at the black room interview.


Q: Reason you suddenly came to support HK?

A: Because I’m grateful to him for taking good care of me in many ways…

Whenever Mina does something for Hongki, she approaches it with a thankful heart, and Mina’s ability to appreciate and reciprocate kindness she has received is what makes her beautiful in my eyes.

The brutally honest Hongki swallows Mina’s food and his words to compliment a bento that both knew tasted less than fantastic. There’s a Chinese saying 礼轻情意重, which literally means the thought behind a gift is heavier than the gift itself. Hongki’s compliment is for the effort that Mina has put into preparing the bento and Mina’s happiness is at being appreciated. *pats Hongki on head*


Hongki introducing Mina to the PD/co-star (???) while on stage.
Hongki is very enthusiastic with the introducing, letting everyone in sight know that his wife is here to support him. 🙂 another relationship tip, be with a person who’s proud to show you off and whom you are proud to be around!


Ah, Hongki volunteering to kiss his wedding ring as a sign for Mina. All I can say is there are tons of other less intimate actions he could have chosen since it was up to him and not dictated by the show. 😉 According the videos and photos of the event that day, Hongki also did a ‘I love you’ sign which MBC edited out. Wae???


I feel like it’s MBC who’s trying to play up the jealousy angle? In any case, it’s also a good thing for Mina to see Hongki in his ‘natural environment’ and come to terms with how he interacts with his friends and co-workers. The surprise support mission ends with Hongki marvelling at the feeling of having a wife to back him up. Yep Hong-chan, grab her for good before it’s too late!

Ok, this bit on cleaning the house… what exactly is MBC’s point? They could’ve aired more on their honeymoon (which I’m sure there’s tons of unaired footage enough to fill that slot) and let poor Hongki rest for extra day seeing how tired the poor kid is. Anyhow, let’s focus on the cute moments.


Kawaii~~~ The little dramas that Mina thought up was so funny and that seems to be her not to subtle way of initiating skinship but unfortunately to not much success! I wonder if it might be because Hongki prefers their interaction to be more natural like he mentioned before in the interviews? Evidenced as follows:




No words to explain.


Naturally grabbing wifey’s hand. Which was totally necessary. I get you Hong-chan.


On the Ferris wheel in Okinawa, Hongki talked about spending one day doing something that the other fancies… Well hong-chan, here’s your chance! It’s very sweet when Hongki made that suggestion and I believe in his sincerity but when Mina actually wants to do something he is very much not into, he still tries to wiggle his way out of it. Heeh, reality is never easy my friends!

Stay tune for next episode to see how Hongki deals with harsh reality! I suddenly think of Jong hyun’s ‘is this the reality you want???!’ on Hello Baby. Lol

2 Responses to “Hongki & Mina – ep12 The Work”

  1. Nikki June 24, 2013 at 6:41 AM #

    Hey, happy to see your updates:)
    I will say this episode is pretty hilarious, but i am disappointed with the messy edition of MBC. Obviously they are trying to create some dramatic ”love triangle“ and stuffs by special effects (like blacking Mina during the conversation), and it makes me uncomfortable:( Hope they will show us some making which are really worth to “anticipate” as they said XD

    • J June 24, 2013 at 10:48 PM #

      Yea, watching WGM trains your heart cos MBC has a tendency to wreck episodes with their editing but I feel bad for rainbow couple cos they have a limited no. of episodes as it is! And MBC couldn’t maximize it. D:

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