Hongki & Mina – Ep11 The Honeymoon pt3

15 Jun

Unlike on regular WGM where a couple’s ‘tenor’ is dependent on their popularity and schedules, Global WGM has a fixed run of 15 episodes, which means Hongki and Mina are able to see the finishing line right from the start.  As their feelings for each other grow and they find greater happiness around each other, paradoxically a greater sense of sadness permeates their ‘black room interviews’ as they edge closer and closer to the end.




Hongki uses Mina-coupons to request for a foot massage but in actual fact it was a round about way for him to give Mina a foot and hand rub to make amends for making her upset earlier in the day. Ah Hongki, how you’ve grown to become considerate of your nuna.


Hong-chan’s scent ~ It’s not something you can see or touch but it’s such an intimate aspect of a person, someone you must be physically close enough to to commit it to memory.


Again, Hongki thinks about post-WGM when he says he feels heartache when Mina said it would be harder to forget Hong-chan because of memories of scents associated with him.


Is it just me or are they getting misty-eyed a whole lot during these black room interviews in recent episodes? I’ve not capped much of them doing activities this episode ‘cos while it’s all sweet as usual,  the interviews show their reflections of their growing relationship and that’s mainly what ep11 was about, a time of reflections and reaching out to get each other back on the same ground.

Hongki got Mina a ribbon hair clip as a surprise on their shopping trip to apologize for his ‘kayaking behaviour’  and here Mina talks about how compared to receiving an expensive gift, a gift that comes from the heart is what really makes her happy. And that’s what also makes us audience fall in love  with the Rainbow couple, ‘cos their interactions come right from the heart.


Mina also got Hongki 3D glasses as a surprise and I could feel that she too was apologetic about her emotional reaction.  The 3D glasses allow you to see stars (literally, haa) when you look at the lights around and adorable Mina says the brightest star of all though, is still her Hong-star~~


Their ferris wheel ride is my favourite part of this episode. They talk about what they’ve learnt about each other over the trip and interestingly, while Mina talks about the things Hongki likes (fun activities, beer, delicious food) Hongki talks about Mina’s ideal guy and asks if he is 0% in sync with that ideal. I feel like he said o% first to pre-empt any disappointment that he might feel if Mina says he’s not up to that ideal? Mina considers it seriously and after a a while replies that Hongki is around 40% of her ideal and Hongki looks a bit sad at her reply.


But! Mina goes on to say that even if a 100% ideal guy came along now, she probably would not fall for him because she likes Hong-chan. ❤


Happy Hong-chan! It’s true ain’t it, we all have our ideal type but it’s just that, an ideal to be looked up at and adored. Real people come with good and the not so good points but it’s the difference they make in our lives that counts.


1000 brownie points for Hongki at the last bit where he encourages Mina to speak in Japanese because it’s the language she’s most comfortable in and that’s where the ‘real’ Mina can show. Not that Mina isn’t being sincere when she speaks Korean but after all it’s a language she picked up much later in life and she will naturally process/filter her thoughts before constructing her speech in Korean in make sure it comes out right.

Point of this cap is to show them unconsciously holding hands as they talk. Haah. Hongki suggests that they could spend one day doing something Mina likes and then another doing something Hongki likes,and see if he is able to がまん (gaman – to bear/endure) doing stuff he doesn’t enjoy. Mina gently interjects to give her perspective on it: instead of looking at it as ‘enduring’, think of it as an opportunity to experience an activity they would not choose to do on their own and they might have fun together as a couple.  Again Hongki and Mina look at things from a different angle (Hongki task oriented vs Mina people oriented) but they have a common goal, for the person they like to be happy and to be happy with the person they like. =)

wgmep1109Hongki sums up their honeymoon best with the word ‘stepping stone’ and Mina expresses the same sentiment. They stumbled initially on the slippery stones of differences but they have managed to climb onto the steady rock of  mutual understanding and reliance.

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