Hongki & Mina – Ep10 The Honeymoon pt2

8 Jun

Real life commitments took my attention off fangirly stuff this week and I amazingly did not check out baidu’s Rainbow couple forum even once so I dove right into this week’s completely subbed episode without any inkling as to what might come … and the emotions got me right in the gut again. I cried bucket loads the last couple of Adam couple episodes but with Khap Kwon around, Adam is almost always full of fun and laughs. Hongki and Mina though brings a whole different set of feels to the table and I experienced both sweetness and sadness in recent episodes as they begin to get to know the real Hongki and Mina after the initial highs of the wedding event. 患得患失之间时而甜蜜、时而羞涩、时而彷徨、时而懊恼,我这个观众看着也感觉心情在做过山车。



After the face washing last episode, Hongki helps Mina apply her night creams and sings her to sleep and I love the light yet intimate touches they share which feel so natural.


The wedding at their ‘house’ was surprisingly fun and touching, helped by the presence of Hongki’s friends but I’m glad they got another shot at a quiet walk down the aisle with just the two of them.


Obviously every couple that goes on WGM knows they aren’t getting married for real but often they get swept up in the emotions of the moment or they dutifully act out their parts for the camera and at least keep up the image of a marriage within the framework of the show. Hongki though with his usual candidness is keenly aware of the ‘show’ nature of WGM and have a few times spoken of their future post-WGM (his letter and sea shell message to Mina). And here he asks again, would it (Mina loving Hongki) still be forever after WGM?  Hongki asks this in a half joking manner but our buin …


Says yes and her eyes are so sincere. But after this sweetness, Hongki and Mina will be encountering their first crisis as a couple.


They visit an Okinawa theme park where their differing personalities are already on show when Hongki participates in a programme in front of a crowd with ease while Mina stands awkwardly on stage. Later Mina enthusiastically asks to go kayaking and Hongki goes along reluctantly when he loses a game of jan-ken-pon. This short kayaking trip becomes a point of contention between them for the rest of this episode with Mina constantly asking if Hongki enjoyed it and Hongki pointedly replying that he found it no. fun. at. all.


If Mina faked those tears, I need to give the girl an Oscar.

I would expect some viewers to blame Mina for making such a big fuss over something so trivial. If Hongki doesn’t like it he doesn’t like it! What’s the big deal right? We will soon see where Mina is trying to lead Hongki with her questions.



Hongki replies that they are always together but Mina’s point was that they were alone on the kayak, without the camera crew around (a camera was fixed on the kayak to film them). This reminds me of Mina giving Hongki her Mina-coupons as a way to express her gratitude for his setting up of the wedding but Hongki interpreted it as Mina thinking they weren’t close enough and needed some activity to help.

When two people with two personalities, two backgrounds, two cultures come together, I’d be surprise if there weren’t any friction. Seeing Hongki and Mina carefully navigate the way to each other’s hearts, warts and all is what makes Hongki and Mina so raw and real. To be honest I was kinda surprised at seeing such an honest … hmmm, I wouldn’t say argument, more like a trying process of understanding another real, flawed person on a show like WGM. It’s not a matter of who’s wrong/right or who’s giving more into this relationship, but a two-way process of learning and acceptance, of modifying expectations and behaviour. And that’s what a relationship is all about ain’t it?


I’m trying not to speculate on who’s falling for who for realzzzzz ‘cos WGM is tricky like that in confusing participants and audience alike and I can only wish Hongki & Mina all the best!


2 Responses to “Hongki & Mina – Ep10 The Honeymoon pt2”

  1. Rosa Miu June 17, 2013 at 6:04 AM #

    ur analysis is sooo good!!love reading it!!please visit us at soompi thread official lee hong ki and fujii mina

    • J June 17, 2013 at 8:27 AM #

      Thanks for your kind comment. I’ll drop by the forum! I used to visit soompi all the time during my Adam couple days but haven’t checked it out recently. Good to know hong ki & Mina are getting lots of love everywhere!

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