Hongki & Mina – Ep9 The Honeymoon

2 Jun

With Adam behind me, I confidently said that I was gonna be rational about this couple and enjoy them simply as weekend entertainment and for a while it was. But dang it MBC! This WGM blackhole has claimed me as a victim again as Hongki & Mina draws me in deeper with their sweetness and sincerity with every new episode. I find myself spending more and more time on forums reading posts micro-analysing each WGM episode and once again the line between fantasy and reality starts to blur. I start to interpret each glance, each touch as reflection of real affection growing between these two real people and sometimes ‘happy’ episodes/events end up bittersweet for me when I put my own spin on things! Or is that the entire point of WGM? To get as many fans as this big room for imagination can fit. 曾经于亚当我有了这样的领悟,对于彩虹我理性的那面有同样的认知,但心还是被他们牵引着,忍不住心疼夫人、忍不住想要他们成为彼此的幸福。李红鸡你要对夫人好一点啦~~~不要明明有粉红我却每次看得要落泪。是怎样啦。

Anyway, onto the honeymoon episode which while short, is packed with all sorts of skinship that got me squeeing like mad. If I were to include all scenes that I like I’d have to cap the entire episode so just some highlights here.



暧昧的距离有时比真的亲下去还让人脸红! I wish Mina had gone in for the hug while Hongki was fixing the scarf but well, our Mina is shy and not as … forward as Hong-chan.


Lee Hongki ah!!! This show is supposed to be PG. What’s so sensual you ask?? The entire part 2 had so much sexy undercurrents I felt shy for Mina. You can tell she’s really nervous from the way she clutched to the magazine in her hands and kept twisting it throughout their time in the room but a pat on the back for nampyeon Hongki for taking the lead without being pushy.


I’m not familiar with Hongki prior to his appearance on WGM but judging from comments made by his long time fans on forums, he is a playful and painfully frank kid who would sooner prank someone than take care of them (he doesn’t ‘give face’ even on tv shows) so the fans were surprised by Hongki’s consideration of Mina so far. Hongki showed some of his ‘true colours’ when he tricked Mina into giving him a piggyback ride without using the Mina-coupons but Mina was such a good sport about both giving the piggyback ride and being tricked. Heeh, with Hongki around Mina’s life will definitely be filled with surprises everyday.




Hongki ah, please remember your promise to buin.


The ‘bed scene’ caused major nosebleeding and the exchanging of messages on seashells was touching but my absolute favourite part of this episode was at the end where they brushed their teeth together and Hongki helped Mina wash off her makeup. The natural intimacy was so gahhhhhh and do I sound delusional when I say I can see the love in Hongki’s eyes as he looked at Mina in the mirror? lol.

Now for another long wait till next episode though the BTS for ep9 to be released tomorrow night (I think?) will be a welcome relief .

2 Responses to “Hongki & Mina – Ep9 The Honeymoon”

  1. Nikki June 17, 2013 at 6:13 AM #

    Hey, it’s really enjoyable to read your blog here, I am also addicted to this lovely couple recently 😛 Btw, are u Chinese?Cuz I see some sentences in your text which are in a pretty native way XDD

    • J June 17, 2013 at 8:25 AM #

      Hi there, glad you liked it! I’m a Singaporean Chinese but guess I hang around baidu forums too much I’ve picked up a fair bit of the China Chinese slangs. Lol
      Feel free to share your thoughts on the rainbow couple here~

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