29 May

I don’t follow Jdrama news much these days so I didn’t know Karasawa Toshiaki and Matsuyuki Yasuko had teamed up for ‘TAKE FIVE’ till I read a magazine column on how Jdramas are now banking on veteran artistes to pull audiences in and used it as an example. Just throwing the names at me was enough to make me wanna check it out immediately ‘cos hello, Karasawa Toshiaki, my first ever drama prince charming ? And then there’s Matsuyuki Yasuko, whose mmm, distinct acting style stops me from calling her a fantastic actress (though she is by no means a bad one) but I love her character in ‘Emergency Room 24 Hours II’ so much that I will forever like her as an actress.


The story is an interesting one: Take Five is a legendary band of thieves who only stole from bad rich people and had never hurt anyone, that is until a security guard ended up dead after an art heist went awry. The group split up after the incident and no more was heard of them. Fast foward 20 years later, Homura Masayoshi (Karasawa) a former member of Take Five is now a respected university professor and thought his thieving days to be over, only to be lured back into the trade by a mysterious old woman.

Ep1 was decent in setting up the stage and stuff but it felt like I was only given a few corner pieces of a puzzle, ya know the parts with the sky or grass which really doesn’t tell you what sort of picture you’ll get eventually and I wasn’t curious enough to want to check out the next few pieces till today. Ep2 though, tied the loose plot threads and characters together and now I’m ready to roll with the new Take Five.

Stuff I enjoyed so far (spoilers ahead):

– Haruto (Matsuzaka Toori0) was a little annoying initially with his cocky attitude but his rakish charm quickly won me over and his scenes with Masayoshi and Rui (Matsuyuki) are so fun to watch. If this drama does take on a romance angle I’m pretty sure it will be between Masayoshi and Rui but for now the older woman/younger man flirting going on between Haruto and Rui (or should I say the flirting is a one-sided thing from Haruto?? Ha) is surprisingly cute and I wouldn’t mind more of it.

– The twist of having policeman Iwatsuki be the new fifth member of Take Five was really neat! I wonder if I should have seen it coming since the group only had 4 members by end of ep1 but I kept thinking that Iwatsuki will continue to be a source of suspense by looming  in the background with his threat of exposing the new Take Five. Masayoshi is smarter than me though ‘cos he managed to eliminate the threat and acquire Iwatsuki’s skills at the same time by recruiting Iwatsuki instead of fighting him like I expected.

– The charm of Jdramas lies in the quirky details and there are plenty funny ones here. Like how Masayoshi only drinks milk at the bar ‘cos he drops like a fly if he even so much as take a sip of alcohol. Like how Jingi is afraid of cats (nya~~). Like Iwatsuki and his cleaning theory. It was hilarious when Rui asked what Iwatsuki was he was doing (he was baited by Masayoshi into helping investigate a case), Iwatsuki dead-panned that he was cleaning the house of the neighbour’s neighbour.Watch the drama to catch the joke~

There are now two mystery thread running concurrently, the first being what really happened 20 years ago and second, what exactly is Iwatsuki investigating? I’m also looking forward to see how the group dynamics within the new Take Five evolve with the various players having their own agenda. Can’t wait to see more!

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