Hongki & Mina – Ep8 The Wedding

26 May

Though ‘the wedding’ is a WGM couple’s big event, the global edition moves along at such lightning speed that however much I adore the Rainbow couple, there’s no sense of them achieving a milestone with a wedding like my Adam other couples. I had already jumped ahead and started anticipating Hongki and Mina’s upcoming honeymoon in Okinawa where they can have more private time but ep8 turned out really touching.

The episode starts off with FT Island Seung hyun as the ceremony’s MC and I’ve missed you! my idol with groundless confidence (go check him out in ‘Idol Maknae Rebellion (MakBanShi)’ while waiting for new episodes of WGM. It’s hilarious and Seung hyun is super adorable). After walking down the aisle, Hongki and Mina read a letter they have written to each other. This part was cut from the yt version and I haven’t seen the completed eng sub version out yet so I’m gonna post a translation using the Chinese version that’s already available. There have been some complaints on baidu about the Chinese subs but since I don’t know any Korean, I’ll have to fly with what I’ve got and I believe the general meaning shouldn’t be too far off.

【弘基 Hongki】

我没向任何人表白过的心迹 你会懂

You will understand those feelings that I’ve not confessed to anyone

为那样的我带来一束光明的你 我爱你

To you who has brought me a ray of light – I love you


Though the road ahead may be dark and difficult


We will light it up with our love


You and I shall love

【美菜 Mina】


When I was born, you did not yet exist in this world


When I was growing up, you lived in another country


When I first heard your voice singing, you did not even know of my existence


When I went to meet you, you did not even know who would appear


The feeling I have is one that is always searching for you


One that is always looking up to the brilliant you


One that hopes we can look each other in the eye someday


I’ve worn high heels ^^

Hongki’s letter was alright ‘cos while I do think he’s attracted by Mina, I don’t quite buy the ‘I love you’ so early on. Mina’s one though was not just poetic and beautifully written, it felt very real in reflecting her insecurities and also her hopes in being paired up with a star like Hongki, plus the little jibe at the end was uber cute. My admiration for Mina just grows and grows ‘cos she shows with every episode how she’s much more than just a pretty face.  I’ve read some of her blog posts translated on baidu forum and she is such a thoughtful and sensitive lady.

Other highlights:

– Hongki being a gentleman and asking for a blanket to cover Mina who was shivering in the chilly April winds in her tube wedding dress.

– FT Island’s special item ‘I Hope You Will be My Lover’ where they changed the original lyrics from ‘lover’ to ‘wife’. The song was really sweet but of course the best part was Hongki being required to kiss Mina whenever the word ‘wife’ appears in the song! They looked around awkwardly the first time, Hongki manned up for a quick peck on Mina’s cheek the second time and the third!!







I see what you did there Hong-chan.

– Mina does the kiyomi again but this time placing a ‘MINE’ tag on Hongki with an indirect kiss in front of his friends. teeheehee

– Hongki and Mina holding hands for the longest time ever as they walk out of the house to be sent off by friends in their wedding car. ❤


All gifs credit to this baidu post

ETA: If you can read Chinese, I highly recommend you check this blog out. Her recaps of the Rainbow couple’s moments are side splittingly funny!

3 Responses to “Hongki & Mina – Ep8 The Wedding”

  1. kiya June 17, 2013 at 2:54 PM #

    OMG! i just into WGM yesterday (haven’t really try the original version since the pairing of Junjin and siyoung) and seriously, I LOVE Hongki and Mina pairing SOO MUCH! T^T! i only watch the youtube version (cause i don’t know korean nor chinese T^T) and i can’t believe they would cut off the vows! OMG!! Mina’s words were…let just say it brought tears to my eyes…i wonder why they would cut that off T^T!! Thank you for sharing this!! i would had never knew she said such beautiful words if it wasn’t for you T^T! THANK YOU!!
    (btw, LOVE lakorns too XD)

    • J June 17, 2013 at 9:36 PM #

      You can find the completed episodes subbed in english over here: http://www.wonderfulgeneration.net/search/label/Fuji%20Mina
      Eng subs take one or two more days to come out but better late than never right? I don’t know why they don’t just show the full version on youtube but the internet is great this way with supplying what is in demand! lol

      Yay for another lakorn lover. Hope you’ll enjoy my lakorn posts as well. Feel free to share your thoughts on them (and of course Hongki & Mina too) ~

  2. lykishkeane August 1, 2013 at 12:56 AM #

    I do agree on you! ^^
    i just dont buy the ‘i love u’ part on hong ki’s vows…

    in my opinion, the way he wrote the vows was him ‘imagining’ himself being really married to mina…i felt that it was scripted…

    however, mina wrote what she really feels and i noticed that hong ki was somewhat moved of her vows because it was real… she didn’t ‘imagine’ herself as a woman going to get married to hong ki but a “girl” who just wants to express her real feelings ^^

    even my brother felt that hong ki’s speech was so scripted xD

    ps. my bro doesnt watch this show… he only watched this part

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