Hongki & Mina – Ep7 / The Proposal MV

19 May

I forget about the Rainbow couple on weekdays but when a new episode of global WGM comes round each weekend, I end up spending significant time spazzing over their adorable interactions and being in general awe of Mina’s beauty. There were cute bits in this week’s episode but overall it felt kinda filler-ish. It’s basically the lead-up to their ‘wedding’ ceremony airing next week (MBC had better not drag this on longer) and while it’s fun to have Hong Ki’s friends around teasing him, I want to see more of him interacting one-on-one with Mina.

I don’t see many fanvids of this couple so I was happy to come across this really well made one of Hong Ki’s proposal to Mina last episode. The proposal  was obviously scripted, as in decided by the PD to have Hong Ki ‘propose’ to a woman he had only met recently for the camera but I believe Hong Ki had his input on how to go about the proposal and his sincerity filtered through the staged event. That’s the contradictory part of WGM: the marriage set up is fake yet the selling point is having celebrities put in their real emotions yet! a WGM couple is not allowed to date for real while on the programme. So far the wedding shoot episodes are my favourite ones for Hong Ki and Mina’s awkward yet bursting with chemistry kind of skinship (the photos are fab!) but I have high hopes for their upcoming honeymoon!

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