Global WGM – Rainbow couple

11 May

My one and only experience with the the Korean reality/variety show ‘We Got Married’ was with the Adam couple. Jo Kwon and Ga In were fun, sincere and completely down to earth, making their relationship easy for the non-celebrity audience to related to and I got so emotionally invested in their on-screen marriage that I cried buckets over their eventual ‘divorce’ (leaving the show). The other couples were too picture perfect for me to care for and well, I thought that was the last I would see of WGM.

Recently I started reading news of MBC developing an international version of WGM to rejuvenate the franchise which was getting a bit stale (read: lower ratings) after so many seasons. Taiwanese artiste Gui Gui was invited to pair up with Taecyeon from pop group 2PM and periodic updates of this pair on Koala’s website successfully embedded it into my conciousness, prompting me to give WGM another shot while on a drama slump. But… I’m actually not gonna talk about TaecGui in this post! As with my previous encounter with WGM where I got started for Nichkun/Victoria and ended up falling hard for Adam, TaecGui got me back in but the Rainbow couple won my heart this time.


Lee Hong Ki from Korean band FT Island with Japanese actress Fujii Mina

I didn’t even know there were 2 pairs on the global version until I started and I was just watching their parts casually but eventually I drifted over to them from TaecGui and by the latest ep6 I’m officially sailing with this ship.

With a large production crew and fans hanging round in the background off-camera, the dates and seemingly intimate moments on WGM are really not any more realistic than ones in a drama but WGM’s selling point is for the audience to buy into these celebrity relationships developing live on camera. The global version moves a lot faster than the Korean WGM, with the couples going for their wedding photoshoots by ep3,4 and I find that it doesn’t give the couples or the audience enough time to get comfortable with each other. I was pretty iffy about it initially and was ready to bail on this show soon but somehow, somehow, I fell for Hong Ki and Mina’s charm. I had no idea who Fujii Mina was prior to this but she’s the mature, intellectual type that I can identify with (versus Gui Gui who is more kiddish and the agyeo type. Nothing wrong but I’m past that age) and the more I look at her and more gorgeous I find her to be. Hong Ki is the playful younger guy and their different personalities ended up producing sparks worthy of this fangirl’s squeals. They are able to communicate fluently in both Korean and Japanese (again, versus TaecGui whose communication is limited to basic English) which really helped in them understanding each other and in turn develop the relationship.


After my Adam couple experience, I’m under no illusions that this is some real life fairy tale in the making. It is a tv show after all with celebrities performing  for the audience’s consumption so I’m gonna just kick back, relax and savour the Rainbow couple’s sweet moments while they last.

Catch cut episodes of global WGM on their official youtube channel or complete episodes on this site. 

4 Responses to “Global WGM – Rainbow couple”

  1. fun May 18, 2013 at 4:17 PM #

    haha taec/gg are overrated. i think i fell asleep watching their episode. i knew hongki was the other couple but i wasnt planning to follow since i didnt know mina. but now im completely head over heel.

    • J May 19, 2013 at 12:12 AM #

      TeacGui just isn’t my cup of tea. They are cute for about 5min then they start to lose me.
      Ain’t Hongki/Mina totally adorable?? I’m not crazy over them like I was with the Adam couple but they add a spark to my weekends. 😉

      • fun May 21, 2013 at 2:11 PM #

        I dont mind broken english but when the aegyo falls in with it, i cringe. i literally dislike aegyo (i call it fake cuteness) lol

        i totally have a girl crush on mina lol how ironic, shouldnt it be hongki

  2. J May 21, 2013 at 8:54 PM #

    Same here, I have a girl crush on Mina too! She’s so pretty with poise and intelligence to boot. 😉

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