Kularb Rai Glai Ruk review

16 Apr

Phew, haven’t marathon a lakorn in such a short time in a while. Episode 7 was absolutely swoon worthy with Nat and Chon getting stranded on an island where Chon got chances aplenty to flirt with Nat. Unfortunately when they are back in Bangkok and one step away from sealing their love, the rais went into action to stop this lakorn from ending there and then them getting together. Thip played the I’m-preggers-with-your-kid card to force Chon into marriage while Thaen (I think that’s his name?) continued poisoning Nat’s mind against Chon. There were still some touching scenes between Nat and Chon but in general it was frustrating to watch the pra’nangs, especially Nat, get played and manipulated by others. Chon did pretty well considering his situation and I liked how he was firm with Thip after he discovered that the baby was actually not his. It was a totally ‘in your face!!’ moment when Chon told Thip that he’d rather have his reputation ruined than be stuck with her. HA!

Nat on the other hand … she lost the fire that made her so interesting before and in addition to doing a lot of crying, she was so obstinate in going her own way despite all the warning signals that I wanted to bang my head on the wall. The best part was after Chon took a bullet while trying to clear her name for human trafficking, she STILL managed to latch on to Chon’s encouragement of accepting Morn as evidence that he did it all to get her to accept Morn and not because he loved her. *throws hands up in the air* Woman, the guy almost died for you! What else do you want? This is just plain lazy writing to force more angst between the main couple when there is no need or reason to. I wasn’t too happy with how Nat turned out but two thumbs up to Matt for her great acting, especially her crying scenes which really felt like it came from her heart and it touched me even if I didn’t agree with the choices of her character.

Well, Nat did finally see the light, not in the last 30min like I had predicted but in the last 10min after Morn got seriously injured protecting Thep in a car accident. Bah! I can take the lame plot device used give Nat the wake up call she needed but can’t the writers have given more screen time to Nat’s change than wasting it on her being stupid about Chon? They did have their happily ever after of course and their short reconciliation was cute but it made the lack of sweetness in the last act all the more glaring.

The last few episodes were disappointing but overall, the wonderful sweetness of Chon and Nat up till ep7 helped push KRGR into my ‘enjoyed it’ category. Khun Samee was definitely superior in writing and execution and I do so love Don/Pim together, but Don needs to take a leaf out of Chon’s book when it comes to flirting and romancing the ladies ‘cos oh hoooo, Chon is a pro.

As for none OTP stuff, Nat’s friends Oon and Ken were cute but I find Ken’s actor too kiddish looking to take his friendship-to-love thing with Oon seriously so I ended up fastfowarding most of their parts. Thep and Morn also got the same treatment ‘cos their scenes didn’t add anything new to the plot but like I always say, if fastfowarding can get you out of it, it’s not a problem. KRGR is fairly short at 11 episodes and the story doesn’t drag so if you have some time to spare, I do recommend giving this a shot if only to catch the sizzling chemistry between Great and Matt.


As I couldn’t find much pictures on KRGR, I went and screen capped a few of my favourite scenes for this post but I found myself drowning in happy feels all over again as I skimmed through ep6,7 so maybe I’ll save those caps for another mini recap cum fangirling post! Hope I’ll have time to do that before I fly off for my holiday this weekend~~

3 Responses to “Kularb Rai Glai Ruk review”

  1. fun May 2, 2013 at 4:22 AM #

    I just marathon this a few days ago. In preparing to watch this, i had to create a side story and believe that chon and morn are not actual bro sis lol i find it extremely uncomfortable with these kind of story excluding devil beside you lol im not sure how common it is in the real world but it is consider a taboo more so like unacceptable in my culture.

    • J May 2, 2013 at 11:14 PM #

      Lol, their family tree will certainly be more complicated but not too much of a taboo for me personally. How did you find the drama as a whole?

  2. fun May 4, 2013 at 3:08 PM #

    Overall? lol it is the type of lakorn to watch when u got nothing to do. It doesnt quite put u to sleep, its engaging, addicting/cute (at times) but it doesnt linger too much or leave me with a “what am i gonna do w my life now” mood. wish there were more brainy pra ek. Chon made it to my list of favorite pra ek character.

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