Kularb Rai Glai Ruk ep2 – 6

14 Apr


I marathon 5 episodes in a day, that’s how addicting this show is. I had expected KRGR to be the intense sort from start to finish like Plerng See Roong or Sawan Biang and it did seem like the case in ep2,3 where Nat and Chon went at each other’s throats. I won’t be surprise if Matt and Great accidentally injure each other for real filming those scenes, what with the biting, kicking, hauling, pushing and all sorts of manhandling. Of course there are loads of lakorns with the p’ek being rough with the n’ek (why???) but man, you gotta give it to Nat for fighting Chon tooth and nail all the way. Hmm, but is it that easy in Thailand to forcefully drag someone off in public during broad daylight? Or is that a p’ek privilege thing?

The tit for tat between them didn’t last as long as I expected though. Nat almost ran Morn over by accident while she was drunk and it was a case of the boy who cried wolf when her dad didn’t believe her after she was mean to Morn too many times. Thep spoke harshly in anger and the devastated Nat moved out to stay with her friend Oon and cut her dad off from her life. So from here on it was no longer a case of crazy daughter trying to break up her dad and step-mom, but everyone trying to get father and daughter to reconcile. Of course ‘everyone’ includes the p’ek ‘cos that how he gets the girl right?

So to my (pleasant) surprise, KRGR became sweet and narak. Yes, you read that right. From trying to kill each other (no kidding, Nat crashed her car into Chon’s in ep1. On purpose), Nat and Chon made my cheeks ache from all that smiling watching them be funny, cute and sweeeeeet. I love watching Chon watch Nat with that silly grin on his face after teasing her to get the explosive reaction that he had come to expect and find endearing. Of course there are still occasions where they are smart-mouth and angry with the other, no thanks to meddling from Thip (Chon’s friend with benefits) and Chon’s evil resort rival whose name I can’t remember. As of ep6 though Nat and Chon’s relationship has developed considerably so I’m expecting more sweet scenes to come~

Great is sooo cute here I can’t believe I rolled my eyes at him in Fai Chon Saeng. What can I say, sometimes chemistry with co-stars makes all the difference and Great’s chemistry with Matt is off the charts here.  Oh yes, the past few episodes have been taking place on a beautiful island which adds to the happy and bubbly feelings I have while watching but it’s making me miss Thailand’s beaches!!

2 Responses to “Kularb Rai Glai Ruk ep2 – 6”

  1. Fia April 15, 2013 at 12:31 AM #

    Perfect pairings does make a huge difference, doesn’t it? Matt is a very expressive actress and she pairs well with many of her pr’eks: Chakrit, Great and Film (now.) I think she’s one of the underrated few, and now that I get to see her alongside other n’eks (for a good comparison) she really is something. She’s actually really funny in reality too! Glad to hear you’re enjoying KRGR, it is a narak lakorn. I liked mam gam daeng too, great beginning and middle, but the ending went downhill for me. So I’m enjoying The Cunning Love and looking forward to her lakorn with Boy Pakorn and Rome Patchata. Sousday is a huge fan of Matt so her channel is Matt centric, so do check it out 🙂

    • J April 16, 2013 at 12:22 AM #

      I’m glad ‘The Cunning Love’ re-introduced me to Matt ‘cos like you said she’s a great actress who plays off her co-stars well and now I can’t wait to catch up on her lakorns. When you were recapping MGD, I was hesitant about checking it out because of the ending but if I can be happy with KRGR despite its poor ending, I should be fine with MGD! lol. Why can’t more lakorns give us a perfect everything?

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