Kularb Rai Glai Ruk ep1 impressions

13 Apr

I’ve been meaning to check out Matt’s Kularb Rai Glai Ruk (Evil Rose Becomes Love) for some time already but hadn’t been in the mood for a lakorn with angry people so it was put off till Matt came back onto my radar with Paen Rai Phai Ruk. I needed something to fill my time while waiting for PRPR’s subs so KRGR was perfect!


The few lakorns that I watched recently all took 2-3 episodes to set up the characters and conflicts, and sometimes I get impatient with them, wanting  to get right to the part where our n’ek and p’ek face off. Well, I certainly got that in KRGR. N’ek Nat (Matt) got a bomb dropped onto her lap 5 minutes into the lakorn when her father Thep proposes to Morn, a young woman that Nat has never met before. To say Nat flipped will be an understatement. She is extremely possessive of Thep after her mom passed away and she certainly wasn’t having some stranger come and vie for her dad’s love. Nat manages to get Thep to break up with Morn after expressing her unhappiness in no. uncertain. terms. but in the end she could not stop Thep from marrying Morn after Morn discovers she is pregnant. P’ek Chon (Great) is Morn’s elder brother who is none too happy with his baby sis marrying an old guy with a crazy daughter but ultimately he wants his sister to be happy and manages to keep his display of unhappiness to the occasional sarcastic remark … unlike Nat who is determined to break up her dad and Morn come hell or high water. Nat succeeded in creating a scene at the wedding, not enough to actually stop it but enough to infuriate Chon who isn’t going to stand for anyone bullying Morn. There we have it, the central conflict! Nat is gonna continue doing her best to drive Morn away while Chon will be there to match her every step of the way annnnnnd they will fall in love at the end.

As I said, this a lakorn with angry people and the angriest of the lot are our OTP. I do understand the yt comments which found Nat’s anger unreasonable and her actions extreme because well, turning up at your dad’s wedding dressed in your deceased mom’s wedding dress (looked like it at least) then pretending to slit your throat in front of everyone takes the crazy cake. Yet, I’m strangely sympathetic towards this woman who is behaving like a spoilt and lost child. Yes, she is an adult who should know better and be more understanding of her father. Yes, under those circumstances it was the most appropriate for Thep and Morn to marry asap. But perhaps because I’m also a spoilt only daughter I’m really close to my dad too so if I were in Nat’s shoes, I’d probably be just as upset and find it hard to accept (though not go berserk! Might pack up and go off somewhere). Matt’s convincing crying scenes also helped me feel for Nat despite her over-the-top reactions. As for Great, remember how much I didn’t care for his character in Fai Chon Saeng? Fortunately Chon actually seems to be part of the lakorn this time and there were nice sparks in his confrontations with Nat. Overall the first episode was a good start with lots of plot and acting was credible across the board. The only potential character turn-off was Nat and she managed to get me on her side so I guess we’re good. Haah.

I’m curious as to how the lakorn will develop from here. Nat’s not just gonna spend the rest of the time being a selfish brat and suddenly see the light at the last half hour right? I also wonder how love can possibly bloom between Nat and Chon who really do dislike each other very strongly. I don’t mind over-the-top drama but character growth and the love story have got to make sense through all the noise. We shall see.


I love Matt’s dress and hairdo in the scene where Nat shows up to wreck her dad’s wedding to Morn. She’s just gorgeous in general!

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