Lakorn career prospects

29 Mar

I find it easier to rant about lousy lakorns than trying to write about ones I love because I really want to do these shows justice, which is why I’m still mulling over my review of Khun Samee. I hope I don’t get lazy and give up! But as I was drafting the review, one point that came up was how Pim’s regular job and the focus that the drama gives to her working life made her character easy for me to relate to and that got me wondering about the jobs people do in lakorns. Unlike Japanese or HK dramas which have tons of occupation centric dramas (a little too many for Jdramas if you ask me, give me back my romance!), lakorn land is pure romance novel stuff so the the OTP’s day job is often a footnote amidst the emotional wrangling. But if you land yourself in a lakorn, how would you likely be earning your keep? Here are the results of my unscientific study on this subject.

lc3* Highlights indicate the person or his/her family is filthy rich.

To be sure, many n’eks on my list earn a decent living but it appears that the guys are the ones who get to be giant-mansions-flashy-cars rich and only in Suay Rerd Cherd Sod does the n’ek get to be richer than the p’ek. The guys being rich part was to be expected what with the fairy tale setting of lakorns but I’m kinda surprised by the number of models we have. Maybe that gives the n’ek more time to hang out with the p’ek instead of being stuck in the office tapping keyboards? The p’ek doesn’t have to work ‘cos he owns the company which would somehow run itself, duh!

Any other fun facts on lakorn jobs you want to share? 😉

8 Responses to “Lakorn career prospects”

  1. Fia March 30, 2013 at 2:04 AM #

    Hi Dearie!
    You bring up an excellent topic. Most of the time I prefer to read/watch series where pra’nangs are entangled and meet through crossings of their career paths. For instance, a male cop “protecting” a female witness, which makes sense. But lakorns seem to take up a life of their own- surrounding heirs and heiresses or filthy rich people- yet it’s such a guilty pleasure. Definitely a fairy-tale story- because I know that no normal citizen in a developing country could relate to that hah. There’s something to be said about the fascination or living vicariously through rich people!
    Btw, welcome to wordpress, officially 🙂 So happy you made the jump!

    • J March 30, 2013 at 11:24 PM #

      I’m still figuring wordpress out, hopefully I’ll be able to give this blog a nicer look in time!

      Indeed, lakorns can be so out there with the set ups and characters but that’s part of its appeal no? Haaa, anyway regarding drama recs, I even flipped through my written journal but I realised that lakorns feature so heavily in my recent drama watching that my recs for other Asian dramas would be rather dated and it doesn’t help that Jdramas have gotten very procedural heavy these days (I still do enjoy some but I think it’s not your cup of tea?) while Kdramas have managed to lose me as an audience despite gaining immense popularity with the general crowd.

      Here are some recs and hopefully you will find one that interests you (all can be found on
      – Aishiteru to Itte Kure (Say You Love Me): Angsty love between a young aspiring theatre actress and an older deaf painter.
      – Orange Days: Youth drama that is at times bittersweet and at times uplifting.
      – Nodame Cantabile: Based on a manga on classical music – doesn’t sound exciting I know – but it makes classical music lots of fun and the main couple is very funny and sweet.
      – Boku to Star no 99 Nichi (My 99 Days with a Star): A Japanese/Korean collab on the understated love story between a bodyguard and a star.

      – Kdrama
      Others can probably give better recs on recent Kdramas so the only one I will rec is ‘Beautiful Days’, my all time fav Kdrama. It’s from the era of the melodramas so you’d be seeing many familiar lakorn tropes there too. It starts off a little slow but I think it picks up around ep3 or 4. Oh, and feel free to ff the shrieky younger sister’s parts.

      – Tw drama
      None I LOVE but I enjoyed ‘Devil Beside You’ and ‘Corner with Love’. Both are romcoms but can get over the top at times.

      -HK drama
      ‘On Call 36 Hours (The Hippocratic Crush on gooddrama) that I mentioned. It’s a medical drama but the relationships are really well portrayed too.

      • Fia March 31, 2013 at 2:19 AM #

        Thanks for the rec! I have checked out Beautiful Days, I think I’ve watched half of it in Indonesia, but I fell out of interest after the OTP got together, even though I know there are more drama in store. The younger sister is such a pain! Also at the time, I might have had several lakorns I was recapping too hah, and didn’t have the time nor lure to continue. I did enjoy the leading man, and how hot and arrogant he is! Have you noticed I primarily watch for leading men, as oppose to rooting for leading ladies? Unless they are so strong and entertaining, like Anne T’s lakorn characters.

        I think I will check out On Call, but I don’t see it on the list of gooddrama? Out of curiosity, why did you fall out of kdrama land? We are glad you fell into lakorns though 🙂 Thanks again!

  2. J March 31, 2013 at 9:52 PM #

    @Fia, you can find On Call under the title ‘The Hippocratic Crush’. It’s the official English title but I’ve always found it rather silly so I tend to remember it by the direct translation of its Chinese title ‘On Call 36 Hours’.

    Woops, I believe some of my recs are repeats of my previous recs. Lots of drama in the 2nd half of Beautiful Days and I think it’s not as well written as the first half likely because it’s a air-as-you-shoot drama so the writing gets a bit crazy but overall I still liked it a lot. As to why Kdramas lost me, the main reason is ‘cos I simply can’t connect to the on-screen romances any more and I suspect it’s due to me not being into Korean culture and the way relationships are portrayed in that culture. I can objectively admire the shiny appearances and great packaging (this extends to kpop too which I listen to for its addictive beats) of K-ent but there’s not much emotional impact. Conversely, I much prefer the Japanese kind of subtle relationships/expression of feelings which is probably why I can still enjoy many Japanese dramas even if they are not romance centric because I can connect to the ‘kizuna’ (bond) between people in those dramas.

    Re watching for the men or ladies. I’m a difficult customer, I must like both of them! lol. It’s great if the leading man makes me swoon but if I can’t get behind the n’ek, I wouldn’t want her to get the hot man. heeh

    • Fia April 1, 2013 at 4:42 AM #

      Oh my, 25 episodes? Definitely a much longer stint than typical lakorns. I’ll start on it today! Even if I take small diversions, I seem to always find myself back. I find that lakorns are so easy going (and some have enough emotional impact) that it keeps me deeply rooted there. Maybe I will check out a J drama one day. Haven’t seen any as we speak!

      • J April 1, 2013 at 10:29 AM #

        An episode is around 45min so it’s around a lakorn length. Hop you will like it! 😉

  3. fun April 11, 2013 at 3:38 PM #

    Lol theres no logic in lakorns but thats the charm it comes w.

    I know u r not a fan of boy pakorn, but u must watch pornprom aon la waeng (chaotic blessing). Aomsusharofficialfc has it sub in chinese and in english. It is the only lakorn this year that i enjoyed from start to finish although it sort of fell apart the very last two episode but it was so well written that i can forgive. Little girl is uper adorable, if u cant watch it for boy pakorn or bella, do it for nong unda, the cutest little thing ever.

    • J April 11, 2013 at 9:24 PM #

      I don’t like or dislike Boy Pakorn actually. I was alright with what I saw of him in Thara Himalaya, just that none of his lakorns (PPO included) had storylines that interest me but still thanks for the rec, might check it out someday!

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