Darkness before dawn – Khun Samee ep 13

23 Mar

Grandma is won over by Pim after the kidnap episode and Don/Pim shares a tender moment in the hospital ward where Pim tells Don that she trusts him totally and trust that he will not lie and hurt her like Egapon did. Dun dun dun, foreboding much?


A lie however well meaning is a lie still and when it’s left to fester, the result is not pretty when the truth comes to light. Driwin conveniently showed up at the right place at the right time to overhear Pim’s family talking about how they were all aware of Don/Pim’s fake marriage and I knew shit was about to hit the fan. Driwin purposely brings Pim to Grandma’s ward just in time to overhear the conversation between the two families on their plans to get Pim to marry Don for real and as I expected, she hits the roof. If we trace back to the beginning, Pim was the one who started this farce of a marriage but I do understand her anger and hurt at this betrayal of trust by those she hold dearest. Their breakup scene at the hospital was sad but what really got me was when Pim calls Don over to her house to collect his things because it was all sign she wanted to cut off all ties with him. However feelings can’t be given and taken back at will like things and both of them hurt alone while reminiscing about their good times together.ksm13_2

I couldn’t help but laugh at this part of the emo-ing scene because the photo used was actually taken at Khun Samee’s opening ceremony if I remember correctly.

I do think Don and Pim need time apart to really think about what they want from this relationship but I don’t fancy how the show piles on the misunderstandings in ep13 which appear to extend well into ep14 from the previews. I’ve enjoyed Khun Samee tremendously so far so I really want it to have a good ending, not in the happily-after-sense but for a believable and well-crafted reconciliation for our OTP.

For other characters … Driwin was as creeptastic as ever but I didn’t rage as much for his scenes as I thought I would because Don and Pim needed to get this issue out of the way if they were to be able to love without reservations so might as well let Driwin do the dirty work. And it didn’t hurt that pretty much everyone is sacarstic with him and it was so satisfying when Lan gave Driwin a piece of her mind that I clapped for her in front of the screen. Lol.

I haven’t talked about Pra’s  (Pim’s friend who hooked up with Egapon and betrayed Pim in the beginning) parts so far but I appreciate how she went through some growth of her own and finally sees through Egapon for the useless manwhore that he is. It’s sweet how Pim and Lan takes her back under their wings and again, I love all the girly talk times which makes the lakorn feel more close to real life.

Finally, remember the hot willing cap in my previous post? Now I’m quite sure it got cut from the final version but no worries, you still get to see some of it on the variety show 3Zaap around the 25sec mark. 

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