The goodness continues – Khun Samee ep 10

21 Mar

Another great episode from Khun Samee! If you watch enough dramas I’m sure you’ve suffered internal injuries from watching the main character/couple being put through the wringer by evillll people while you yell at the screen for them to do something about it but you only end up with 10 minutes of happiness in the last episode. Or if the writer is sadistic enough, the rug will be pulled out from under you after you think the couple is home free ala Dok Soke. So I’m totally loving how the nasty people’s plans keep getting thwarted at every turn by our strong nang’ek, sensible pra’ek and their very big support group! And omg Don and Pim actually got even more narak this episode that I was drowning (happily) in the sweetness and ep11 promises moarrrr. If I’m nice will I get to see a willing?

Highlights of ep10 that I loved:

– Pim and Pad got into a big fight after he misunderstood her for spreading news about Lan being the daughter of a second wife and it’s interesting how their parents didn’t interfere to allow them p/nong to learn the hard way how their harsh words hurt each other. Despite their cutting words, Pim and Pad do care deeply for each other and eventually Pim gives in to help Lan for Pad’s sake while Pad is not beyond apologising and they are back to being the happy bickering siblings. Doesn’t hurt that this little episode gave Don the chance to comfort Pim and assure her that no matter what problems she face, she has her family (him included!) behind her.

I love Pim’s family! They are made of all sorts of awesomeness.ksm10_3

–  Driwin is still buzzing around but if he thought he is only going up against Don, how wrong you are mister! Don’s winning son-in-law award of the year and Pim’s parents ain’t gonna let you get anywhere near Pim to give problems. I almost – only almost – felt bad for Driwin when Pad and Pim’s parents took turns taking digs at him through dinner but seriously dude, chasing after married woman is a sin, just back off already. Of course Don gets mighty jealous and starts going ‘my wife my wife my wife’ left right centre to stake his claim on Pim in front of Driwin but gets all pouty when they get home.

– Which brings me to their uber sweet interaction as they both could not help but wonder how nice it would be if their marriage was real. It’s clear as day to me that they can make it real instantly by confessing their feelings to each other but on the other hand, I do understand Pim’s hesitancy. This was what Don was worried about in ep 3: that if they start their relationship on lies, the foundation will be shaky. Don is dropping very obvious hints  but Pim can only think of how one day they will have to part once their lies are exposed and she’s trying her darnedest to keep her heart intact. Still, she can’t fight her growing feelings for Don and it was so funny and sweet (albeit kinda unhygienic) when she made their toothbrushes ‘kiss’.


Then we have another accidental knock which sends Pim into Don’s arms and cue intense gazing between them while I watch with a stupid grin on my face.ksm10_2

– The episode ends with a fiery encounter between Pim’s parents and Don’s grandma and I see where Pim gets her feisty personality from because her parents sure ain’t no pushovers! They stay civil but they won’t let anyone use social status to step over them or their children and I thought Grandma was gonna bust a vein when Pim’s parents say they will only accord respect to those who deserve it. Grandma may be prejudiced against people of ‘lesser’ birth but she’s not stupid so I hope she’ll see the true colours of Garaged and her grandma soon and realise that happiness is not dependent on whether you have noble blood or not.

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