Khun Samee Kamalor Tee Ruk ep 4-9

20 Mar

Khun Samee got off to a rocky start for me so despite being pleasantly surprised by the leap in quality in ep3, I kept waiting for the other shoe to drop and started each new episode half-expecting it to collapse on me any time. I’m past the halfway mark now and Khun Samee isn’t just holding itself together; I’m enjoying the writing and OTP chemistry a lot more than I thought I would.

I think I’ve only ff about 5 mins over the past 5 episodes because no time is wasted on scenes/characters that don’t affect the overall story and the OTP moves forward continually in their relationship instead of doing the one-step-forward-two-steps-back routine that lakorns are fond of (forever looking at you Kha Khong Khon). Don and Pim are thrown together because of their fake marriage but I like how the lakorn allows their relationship to progress naturally as they get to know each other through Pim’s experiences at work instead of having a ‘big bad’ to create drama for the sake of, well, having a drama.  We have the obligatory douchebag ex (Egapon), two-faced slut (Ged), stalker boss (Driwin) but they are little stumbling blocks in our OTP’s way who end up acting as a catalyst to bring Don and Pim closer when they inadvertently wreck each other’s plans. Speaking of  ‘villians’, the only one that annoys me so far is Driwin who apparently does not understand what it means for someone to be married. I don’t fault him for falling for Pim but to be practically stalking her and abusing his power as Pim’s superior to get her to stay back for work instead of going home to a man whom he believes to be her husband is just ARGGGGG. Seriously, what does it take to throw off delusional suitors these days?? Perhaps a gun like what Pim’s dad suggest isn’t too far off. I’m thankful the lakorn has the good sense to keep his parts short before my blood pressure rises too much. Lan is out of the villian category as she grows to become Pim’s frenemy and it’s funny to see them bite each other’s heads off one minute and teaming up the next (while still bring entirely catty about it of course).

As for our OTP, who knew I would come to like Pim and even adore Don and her together? I was so-so about Rome/Chompoo’s pairing in ‘Mia Taeng’ because I couldn’t identify with the perfect Arunprapai and I wanted to bash Mr. Jerk of the Year Khongkai over the head most of time. Initially, Khun Samee felt like ‘Mia Taeng’ in reverse with Don the perfect gentleman giving his all for the seemingly undeserving Pim. As we see more of Pim, there are often times where she is stubborn, wilful, sharp tongued and more but we also see a competent, hardworking woman who values her work, her company and her family. It’s hard for Pim to admit she’s in the wrong but she is aware when she oversteps the line and it’s these faults and struggles that make Pim real. Don is as perfect a husband as they come but I guess ‘cos I’m a female viewer that once I’m good with Pim, I’m happy to accept Don’s perfect-ness? The 暧昧 or ambiguous period in a couple’s relationship is always the most squee worthy and I’ve been squeeing a fair bit in recent episodes as Don and Pim grow closer. The way they look into each other’s eyes is so hot I have no idea why Pim is still resisting making Don her samee for real. Ok, maybe I do, if her little murmur of ‘Khun Don you’re too good that I …’ is anything to go by.


Now Pim’s family are in on the secret of her fake marriage except they like Don so much that they are the ones lying to Pim in order to make Don the real deal. Knowing Pim, she’s gonna hit the roof when she finds out that her family and Don are keeping her in the dark though she’s the one who started the lies. Then there’s also the itty bitty problem of Don’s grandma who’s determined to kick this shrew of a granddaughter-in-law away. The path to true love is never easy my dears but I’ll be here cheering you on!

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