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13 Nov

Besides ‘Qi Pao’, I’m also following two other dramas which are as different as night and day.

First we have ‘Tur Gub Kao Lae Ruk Kong Rao (You and him, and our love)’ starring Pancake, Pae and Pete in a melodramatic love triangle where everyone seems to be mopey/angsty most of the time. I have no interest in the cast or another Ch7 lakorn and wouldn’t even be aware of this lakorn’s existence if not for me stumbling upon a MV by Clash who sang the theme song (which I love and can I say the lead singer of Clash is quite manly man hot). Just so happen I’m in the mood for something cheesy and dramatic so there, I went and downloaded a few episodes on my iphone to pass time while commuting to work. I’m only halfway into ep1 and am getting a bit concerned that I prefer sugar daddy Pete over our emo p’ek Pae (I’ve watched a few clips of him in later episodes) and like the secondary charaters (Pete’s siblings) more than n’ek Pancake. We’ll see how many episodes I can last for this and if it will join the collection of lakorns where I liked the OST more than the drama itself.

Next is TVB Anniversary drama ‘The Confidant’ which chronicles the rise of the infamous eunuch Li Lianying in the courts of the even more infamous Empress Cixi during the late Qing dynasty. Unlike past media representations of Li Lianying as an evil power/money hungry official, Wayne Lai’s version starts off as lowly, humble eunuch with no ambitions and plenty of heart unlike his glib buddy An Dehai (another eunuch well known for the wrong reasons) who’s already well versed in currying favour with Empress Cixi. The eunuchs in ‘The Confidant’ have also been called the most ‘manly’ eununchs by netizens because they aren’t the sterotypical eunuchs who speak in high pitched voices with feminine mannerisms and they even have their own love lines!

While Li Lianying’s story is interesting, I want to see more of Shuang Xi and his encounters with an odd palace maid Yi Lan who may or may not be a ghost – ok, I’m pretty sure she’s not a ghost and is really a princess but I’m avoiding spoilers to see if my prediction is correct. I’m appreciative of how Yi Lan’s appearance was neatly weaved into the current plot line of the young prince’s ghost haunting the medical quarters where he died and I look forward to more masterful storytelling in ‘The Confidant’.

2 Responses to “Watching now”

  1. Anonymous November 16, 2012 at 11:15 PM #

    Wah.. you’re watching the love triangle. I’ve always been a fan of Pete, he is Mr. Sud Lor (uber handsome) and I never approved of him being a second string. Who’s idea was that anyway? Blah. Probably the stupid producers. I’m also not a fan of Pae πŸ™‚ But, it was very popular in Thailand during the time it aired, but that doesn’t mean anything lol. I’m watching QP and Ubatheehet concurrently. Surprisingly I’m enjoying Ubatheehet.
    Now I’m off to a quick trip to Portland, OR. Another beautiful part of the pacific northwest. If you aren’t aware, there’s no tax in this state so I try to go shopping there every now and then πŸ™‚ Have a fab weekend na ka, J! -Fia

    • J November 18, 2012 at 8:10 AM #

      Lol, I’ve given up trying to understand the ratings of lakorns in Thailand. To be honest I didn’t find Pete handsome when I saw clips of the lakorn in the OST MV and he’s still not particularly attractive to me now but I’d much rather he was the p’ek cos Pae’s character is so dullllllll.

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