Impressions: Qi Pao ep 1&2

10 Nov

2 episodes into ‘Qi Pao’, we finally meet most of the players in this game of whodunnit and there are things I want to compliment the lakorn on but first allow me to get this off my chest.

Somebody please fire the person in charge of the music.

The OST and music effects may not seem like something significant in a drama but when used well, they are the perfect icing on the cake and help to create the right mood for special moments. On the other hand, when overdone, it can get extremely distracting and that’s my one big complain for QP thus far. There’s constantly some kind of background music or sound effects being played like a reminder in flashing neon signs of ‘THIS IS A TENSE MOMENT’, ‘THIS IS A SAD MOMENT’, ‘THIS IS A CUTE MOMENT’, ‘THIS IS A SCARY MOMENT’ and to make matters worse, the different types of music do not flow naturally into each other so a happy tune would jump abruptly into a tense one then 10 seconds later turn into a melancholic one. I was trying desperately to block them out mentally but I found myself getting even more acutely aware of the annoying music and omg, it drove me mad the whole of episode 2. Let’s hope things improve in subsequent episodes or I may have to resort to watching QP without sound. :\

Now for the good stuff. In ep 1, I liked the vibe of our main characters, be it the stern Ming Tian, lively Paeka or gentle Maylee but it was only in ep 2 that I got a better feel of their personalities and want to know more about their stories. I never doubted Ann’s ability to play two different characters in the same drama (which she already did 10 years ago in Rang Ngao) and she managed to project the different auras of Paeka and Maylee perfectly. The real surprise here for me is both Mart and Ming Tian. Mart’s not known for his acting chops – even Ann comments that he’s robotic in the BTS so hey, guess it’s an open ent secret? Lol – which was why my mind was concerned about him being casted in QP though he had already won my heart in a few other lakorns. I wouldn’t say he became an amazing actor but I do see improvements in how he emotes and he was able to convey Ming Tian’s internal turmoil with subtle shifts in his expression when he is with Paeka. As for Ming Tian, ep 1 seemed to confirm my assumption of him being the standard cold, aloof p’ek but turns out he has a playful and mischevious side! The ‘cold’ type p’eks are often cold to everyone and only likes teasing the n’ek cos duh, she’s special but that’s not very convincing so I really liked how Ming Tian was a playful person in the past who enjoyed teasing and pranking his siblings. He became sombre after Maylee’s death but his playful persona is led out again by Paeka and it was funny to see him trick Paeka into thinking a bug was on her clothes. Looking back at ep 1, it doesn’t seem too OOC for him to tease Paeka at the hotel.

Unlike in Roy Mai where Suriyawong/Rerin are modern reincarnations of Siriwong/Maneerin, Paeka and Maylee are two separate individuals who happen to look alike but I actually love Ming Tian with both of them! Haaa. Ming Tian/Paeka are obviously the end game pair here and I love the fun and spice of their relationship but Ming Tian/Maylee’s sweet, sad fauxcest love is also one of my favourite drama tropes, so yea, I get to enjoy twice the romance.

For now I think I’m slightly more fond of the Mteam, Ming Tian and Maylee. Sigh, aren’t they so sweet and beautiful together?

Romance is not the be all and end all for this lakorn though and I find the politicking within the Jao family interesting to watch too. As the Chinese saying goes, a mountain cannot have two tigers and when a house has two mistresses, life will definitely not be peaceful. Thankfully (?) both wives are the intelligent sort who crosses verbals swords and engage in proxy battles through other members of the family instead of going for the straightout petty cat fights. Well, Jao Wern Yeuy probably finds that just as irritating to deal with but as a viewer, I appreciate it (suddenly thinks of the lame tricks played by Bua Ngern in RM. I sure hope the second wife continues to be a clever villian!).

All in all, a great start by ‘Qi Pao’ but lay off the music, kthxbye.

*both sigs credit to baidu lakorn forum*

8 Responses to “Impressions: Qi Pao ep 1&2”

  1. sophory November 9, 2012 at 9:04 PM #

    Hey dear ! Long time no talk eh ? ^_^ haha I’m glad ya following this lakorn too. Have to say my life got so busy I barely have enough time to sleep so dramas more than often just reach the must watch list aka pending list aka maybe I’ll watch it one day list … I miss those time I spend not caring for a thing and just immerse myself into the story.

    This being said, I have to agree with you on your first review for this lakorn. I love the opening song. It is really fitting and match well with the plot. Tough I do find the soundtrack to be misfitting here and there. I think it was during the editing process because even for scenes sometimes, … I realize it while watching the second episode, cut are somehow not smooth enough so the transition is not flowing smoothly well. I’m not saying that cutting is bad per see. Globally first episode was top notch for me. I found the second one … a little trying too hard ? … I’m not sure I convey well what I want to communicate to you. But maybe it was because some scenes were filming in Hong Kong and the rest in Thailand. But they were supposed to remain in Hong Kong still so I found here and there little glitches … hahaha I guess I think too much or something. And well, I know this drama is produced with the intention of being different. It has succeeded so far. But I can feel here and there bad edition which for me is pretty basic as to how I would fully enjoy it. But hey don’t take me wrong. I intend to continue it because it looks promising. It is still too soon for me to say I like it or not.since my opinion for the first 2 episodes is quite different. So I’ll stalk you for more review on this. ^_*

    I like everyone hairdstyle from ek to baddies, but … clothes fashionwise .. ummm I don’t really like it. so hopefully It won’t distract me too much.

    haha, so you cheering for Maylee eh ? hehe I pity her since well she died but there was this scene that made me disappointed was when Chai Rong went to her room with a basket full of Botan and then she just drop it on the floor. I know and understand its meaning but … still I didn’t like that you know. so yeah I think I like Pink slightly more just because of that particular scene .. hahah how weird hein ? hahaha I think I’m biased seeing how much Mei Tian amused himself while teasing Pink. hahaha and Smart improve much since the last lakorn I saw him in … Likit Kammatep which is 3 years ago .. hahahhah I am so not following the trending… ^_^

    Have you seen the behind the scene episode posted by swtannenat? It was rather amazing all the detail they put. So I applaud for the effort in producing this drama. It is well-intentioned and as far as I can say, I want Ann to grab another award.^_^

    Happy viewing sweetie!

    • J November 10, 2012 at 2:27 AM #

      Hi dear! Missed chatting with you on dramas~
      I watched the BTS prior to catching ep 2 so I suppose I was more lenient with the post production editing since I knew how they had to stitch up scenes shot at various locations/different times into a long continuous one. One particularly glaring bug that I noted was Paeka having long/short hair alternately during her time in HK but perhaps I was too distracted by the music that the other editing problems weren’t noticeable. lol
      Re the Maylee scene. That was a dream sequence by Ming Tian so I’m not sure if it was something that happened b/w them in real life before but we shall see in future episodes.
      Hope to hear from you again soon. 😉

  2. jamieguo48 November 10, 2012 at 1:04 AM #

    Now that you mentioned it, I do remember thinking the music was odd a couple of times. But it didn’t bother me as much as it did you. I’ve just watched the 1st episode and I think I was more bothered by 1) the editing and 2) Smart’s lack of acting ability.

    I don’t think I’ve finished a drama of his, and I find him to be lacking in charisma, and his looks are none to appealing too me either, all of which could potentially make up for lack of acting talent, lol.

    I do like the fact that this revolves around a murder mystery, and the family seems interesting. But Smart, ugh. I don’t know. I=

    • J November 10, 2012 at 2:43 AM #

      I like Smart obviously but I do get your issues with him, which sounds like a summation of how I feel about Om! lol
      Hope that the story will be good enough to sustain your interest in the lakorn and get over Smart’s acting but personally I’m also wary of getting my hopes too high for this so let’s see how it goes.

      I only became painfully aware of the background music in ep 2 but I guess it’s those kinda things that once you start noticing you can’t help focusing on it. Fingers crossed the production cuts me some music slack in later episodes or I learn to block it out!

  3. Anonymous November 12, 2012 at 6:21 AM #

    Hello dearie. I meant to post a comment sooner but one thing led to another.. as you are well aware.
    Oh the background music.. it is because as avid viewers we don’t understand when to feel scared or cry or even sad, so we need very obvious sound effects to cue our feelings 😛
    I just wanted to stop by.. say hello.. and tell you that I agree with your thoughts on QP, including the obnoxious sound effects. I’m a little sad today though- ok a lot- because Kitchen Scholar ended and I’m not sure what to do with my weekends now. Thankfully, we still have QP during the weekdays.

    • J November 12, 2012 at 12:12 PM #

      Awww, I totally get you. That’s how I felt after I finished marathoning ‘Mr. Farmer and his Hi-So sweetheart’. It’s like bidding goodbye to close friends and suddenly getting kicked out of their lives. D: but we shall continue in our search for the next drama to obsess over! haaha
      Other than QP, I’m also pretty excited about Chompoo and Rome’s new lakorn. It’s suppose to air end Nov but I still haven’t seen any teasers released so not sure how the shooting is coming along. In the meantime, I’ve started on Pancake/Pae’s ‘ Tur Gub Kao Lae Rak Khong Rao’ … tho I have no idea why. Guess I’m in the mood for something really cheesy? Let’s see how many episodes I last for it. heeh.

  4. qofdramaland December 9, 2012 at 2:29 AM #

    I had to drop Qi Pao. Such a disappointment. Shake head at Ann. She is normally good at picking her roles.

    • J December 9, 2012 at 1:40 PM #

      I stopped at ep 4 (waiting for subs) and haven’t got round to picking it back up yet. Yikes, such a pity that QP didn’t turn out well … guess it’s fortunate that I kept my expectations low for it. :X
      Any other lakorns catch your eye recently? No idea what to watch now. I’m excited for Chompoo/Rome’s ‘Khun Samee Kamalor Tee Ruk’ airing tomorrow but subs should take a while to happen.

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