A last look at Num Ban Rai Gab Wan Jai Hi-So

3 Nov

Now that subs of ‘Num Ban Rai Gab Wan Jai Hi-So’ are completed, I went and re-watched the 2nd half which I had previously guess my way through and I’ve decided to put it in my ‘Love It’ list! Perhaps because I already knew how the story would go, I stopped minding the poor handling of the secondary characters/that final lame plot point and was able to simply enjoy my lovely OTP.


What I love most about NBRGWJHS (phew, long title) is the moments of serenity between Prab and Napdao. Sure, they argue, fight, sabotage each other like any warring couples in rom-coms but pretty early on they realise that the other is essentially a good person and in between their tug-of-war over the farm, they are able to spend quiet times together under the stars or overlooking the hills.


Individually, Napdao and Prab are also extremely likable and I dare say Napdao is my favourite lakorn nang’ek, yes, even when pitted against Alin! Napdao is so full of vitality that she lights up the screen everytime she’s on it and Chompoo makes the most adorable faces, especially when pouting at Prab to wheedle her way out of trouble. She has a bucket load of flaws but when push comes to shove, she chooses to do the right thing even if it means having to own up to her mistakes. As for Prab, I wonder if such a wonderful guy exist in real life? He loves and gives unconditionally, from Praifah, to Noinah, to Napdao.


Besides having an OTP that speaks to me, I guess the idea of gazing at the stars and lazing under the clear blue skies in a field also enchants a city gal like me. While this is not the most well-written lakorn out there, it is definitely one that warms my heart. 😉

I also love this song from the OST which I think is sung by Chompoo with Peter in back up vocals.

2 Responses to “A last look at Num Ban Rai Gab Wan Jai Hi-So”

  1. Anonymous November 7, 2012 at 7:45 PM #

    I love this lakorn to pieces even though it took a wrong turn. Wish I could have seen little Napdao do more running around haha.

    • J November 8, 2012 at 2:20 PM #

      Agree with you on both accounts! I think I could watch their family do regular stuff the whole day. lol

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