The Maidens of Heavenly Mountains – HK movie

16 Oct

Yes, still on my wuxia obsession. I was just randomly youtubing for related vids of ‘Demi gods and semi devils’ when to my surprise, I saw that someone had actually uploaded the full Cantonese version of ‘The Maidens of Heavenly Mountains’. It’s an old movie very~~~ loosely based on Xu Zhu’s part of the story in DGSD – kinda like fanfiction if you will – but you get to see Brigitte Lin, Gong Li and Sharla Cheung in their prime and that’s enough to make me ignore the plot and spend a couple of hours on it whenever there’s a re-run on tv. You can catch the movie here with Eng subs.

Sharla Cheung may not be a familiar name amongst Western audiences like Brigitte Lin and Gong Li are but she’s one of my favourite wuxia actresses. She took on many iconic wuxia roles in HK movies in the 90s and while their plots were often ‘creatively adapted’ from popular novels to form a coherent story in less than 2 hours, I was seldom disappointed by the cast. To date, Sharla Cheung is still THE Zhao Min in my heart. Gigi Lai was not bad (incidentally, Gigi Lai acted as Zhou Zhi Ruo in the movie version where Sharla was Zhao Min), but Alyssa Chia and Ady An are just NO.

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