Legend of the Eight Immortals 1998

9 Oct

Talk of Sg dramas got me thinking about those classic ones that I love and among them, the one I was most obsessed with was definitely ‘Legend of the Eight Immortals’ based on … errr, the Eight Immortals in Chinese mythology. In this drama, the world is about to face a terrible disaster at the hands of the demon Tong Tian and the eight immortals is suppose to gather and defeat the demon together. There’s a lot of action and interesting stories by the different immortals but of course it was the angsty love story between the most prominent immortal Lv Dong Bin and Mudan that captivated my tween self back in 1998.

I started re-watching it and other than the obviously fake CGI (it has been many many years), the overall production surprisingly does not feel dated and I’m reminded again how freaking gorgeous Phyllis Quek was as Mudan!

*credits to baidu*

6 Responses to “Legend of the Eight Immortals 1998”

  1. Anonymous October 10, 2012 at 4:30 PM #

    After reading your article, I miss watching my old favorite TVB dramas. Maybe it is time to turn back the clock of my teen years too. Have you seen Road for the Heroes? I can’t seem to find an old copy of my dubbed version. I also loved the Condor Heroes Saga (the 80’s and the 90’s). Wouldn’t it be fun to recap an old favorite? My only fear is getting all of the names wrong and plus, I would have to get my hands on either e-subbed or dubbed in Thai. Sigh, a girl can wish!
    I’m so bored! I feel like my brain is rotting. Sorry for the vent! -Fia

    • J October 11, 2012 at 2:03 PM #

      Hey dearie! I’m super bored these days too! I was entertained by some novels but I usually get through one in a day or two so I quickly ran out of novels to read too and that’s how I started re-watching ‘Legend of the Eight Immortals’. It did cross my mind to do a recap for it but I’m lazy to do it after work and my following few weekends are filled (bkk trip is coming!) so it may or may not happen. XD I’ve not seen ‘Road for the Heroes’ … I think I was too young back then. haaa.
      Have you seen Singapore’s version of ‘Return of the Condor Heroes (1998)’? I actually think it’s not bad but unfortunately youtube only has the subbed version up to ep 15.
      Do you know if anyone is subbing Rang Ngao? I’m curious to see how Janie takes on the role that Ann T did but story wise, I think watching the original RN was enough for me.

      • Anonymous October 11, 2012 at 6:45 PM #

        Waah, I’m dating myself. Feel so old. I have seen Road for the Heroes many times as a tween (ahem, teen) sigh. Love that series. I’ll keep looking for e subbed sword fighting series, if anything, to watch something interesting.
        I’m not aware if anyone is subbing RN, sorry na. Even I’m not watching it, not in the mood for a crazy story. Hopefully late Oct will come soon so I can finally indulge in lakorns again. I’ve been reading a lot, and watching mindless television to keep me occupied. Yet still, I’m so bored.
        Yay to your BKK trip! I get to dress up glamorous for a company gala this Saturday. I know I sound pathetic when I’m excited for a company event!!
        Btw, just discovered dramabeans thanks to your resource links and I’m enamored. I love the idea behind their site and how much interactive and involved their writers/readers are. I only hope that there is a site for lakorn fans where, podcasts, reviews, ent articles can come together! It is clear that one person cannot run the show! It reminds me of LakornGods site where they try to make that happen. Wishing fervently that one day some obsessed lakorn fan can get together with their obsessed friends and make it happen. Ha. -Fia

      • J October 12, 2012 at 4:45 PM #

        If you’re looking for sword fighting series, I’ll recommend the 2003 China version of ‘Demi gods and semi devils (http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL4397732C6C8CF176)’. It’s also based on a novel by Louis Cha, the same author that did the Condor trilogy. Movie wise, ‘Reign of Assassins’ is also a rare one that’s not self-indulgent or too catered to Western audiences like many wuxia movies since ‘Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon’.

        lol, I’ve also been attending lunch/dinner meetings with banks at my new job. Well, if anything, at least they offer the distraction of good food. XD

        Re dramabeans. Yep, it’s a big project that needs many like-minded people to chip in. I would love to contribute to a lakorn equivalent but for one I don’t know Thai, and for another, I’m too ‘self-centred’ a viewer/blogger. I can’t imagine having to continue on a recap or thought post series if I end up getting bored by/hating a drama half way through. :\ All the more I’m appreciative of existing drama blogs who put out stuff on a daily basis!

      • Anonymous October 13, 2012 at 9:40 PM #

        Thanks for the rec! Episode 5 into this, I’m already hooked šŸ™‚
        Re lakorn equivalent of dramabeans, I don’t think you need to understand Thai in order to participate, as you’ve clearly proven with your blog. The valuable aspect of DB is that they inject their personal perspective, offer consistent postings and great conversation with their readers. But like you said, it does require time, energy and serious dedication to pull it off.
        I’m off to enjoy good food at the gala! -Fia

      • J October 14, 2012 at 9:36 AM #

        Yay, glad that you like DGSM! It’s a pretty long drama as it involves 3 main leads with many twists and turns in their lives and I’m actually not that into the first guy Duan Yu, with whom the story starts off with. Haa, so I was afraid you might be bored with Duan Yu and his ‘sisterly’ encounters at the beginning. :p
        Hope your company gala went well!

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