Now I’m on a Sg drama roll?

6 Oct

‘Unriddle 2’ blew my socks off but that’s more the exception than the norm for me when it comes to post-90s Sg dramas so it was a pleasant surprise when ‘Poetic Justice’ got me faithfully tuning in every day at 9pm. It suffered from criticisms that the story was an inaccurate representation of the news scene in Singapore and that I agree. The fictional ‘Real TV’ feels more like a tv version of Sg’s tabloid evening papers than the news channel it purports to be and the ‘news’ covered often got me rolling my eyes but the plot line of the characters love lives was what kept me interested. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a main guy like Zhengye (Dai Yang Tian); he’s young, rich, goodlooking blah blah blah, hilariously narcissistic and sharp-tongued yet also manages to be a warm, decent human being at the core. His verbal interactions with almost everyone gets me laughing but of course I love him the most with our main girl Yanzhi (Rui En). While they start off on the wrong foot as many drama couples do, they quickly become friends and it’s their ‘more than friends, less than lovers’ period that I really fangirled their scenes together. Unfortunately their relationship later developed into a much more complicated love problem and since then Zhengye has lost much of his initial shine as he spent most of the time wavering between two women and moping over his dad’s problem. PJ is airing its last episode on Monday and I expect a happy ending for everyone but I doubt it can salvage my disappointment at the direction the story has taken in the second half.

But! things are still looking positive for Sg dramas with ‘Game Plan’, a drama about swindlers which will air after ‘Poetic Justice’. Wawa Pictures has consistently put out quality stuff and the cast is looking pretty solid too with Wawa Pictures favourite leading man Christopher Lee helming the show. Eh, my only concern will be Jesseca Liu. She’s pretty and a decent actress but for some reason she’s always left me cold and if I can’t get into the OTP, I probably can’t get into the drama not matter how objectively good it is.

5 Responses to “Now I’m on a Sg drama roll?”

  1. jamieguo48 October 6, 2012 at 9:52 PM #

    Yeah, that’s often a problem, it starts off good and then trails off into a mess at the end. I might need to check out Unriddle 2. And I was surprised I’ve seen Christopher Lee in a drama before, Secrets for Sale. I think the girl, Jessica Liu, was in that one as well.

    I didn’t like her much as well, but maybe it’s the type of character she plays? Game Plan does look intriguing, but now that AM Addiction isn’t around anymore and a whole bunch of other sites, it’s harder to find subs for non Korean shows, at least from reliable sites.

    • J October 7, 2012 at 7:52 AM #

      It is unfortunate many dramas don’t realise their full potential and go haywire in the later half. Now I’m much appreciative of those who keep their quality throughout!
      You watch Sg dramas too? Have you caught ‘Unriddle’ yet? It’s really good too (my non-spoilery thoughts on it) and worth a watch. There are some Sg artiste that I don’t like Felicia Chin but with Jesseca Liu she just doesn’t stick even after catching her in a few dramas.
      I’m not sure if you are able to view the videos on this site (, that’s where I go catch up on episodes of Sg dramas that I missed. Some dramas are also uploaded on yt so you can check there too. The Chinese dramas all come with eng subs so no worries. 😉

      • jamieguo48 October 7, 2012 at 11:12 PM #

        Thanks for the links! I’ve only watched Secrets for Sale, so yeah, I’m very much a newbie to SG dramas, which is why I enjoy your journal so much! Ideally, I would like to watch dramas from all different countries, but it’s kinda hard to do that nowdays with the lack of English subs available.

        Is there romance in Unriddle or Unriddle 2?

      • J October 8, 2012 at 5:49 AM #

        I have an additional source of Chinese subs but even that is getting harder to access with many Chinese streaming sites blocking IP addresses from outside China. 😦
        There is a bit of romance in both and Xiao Man’s (the main chara) feelings for her colleague Yu Ze plays a part in the shaping of her role especially in the sequel but the ‘romance’ per se is not a focal point. I blogged quite a bit on ‘Unriddle 2’ but there are spoilers.


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