Books I’ve been obsessing over

29 Sep

It’s been pretty quiet here for the past month partly ‘cos I’m settling into my new job and partly ‘cos my free time has been taken up by wuxia/fantasy novels. After finishing Cang Yue’s ‘Listening to Snow Pavilion 听雪楼’, I continued on her sprawling fantasy series ‘Mirror 镜’ and it’s sequel ‘Feather 羽’ which chronicles the fates of the various tribes/races that struggle to claim the fictional land of Yun Huang as their own. Many fans of ‘Mirror’ find ‘Feather’ a poor follow up and while I agree that the former had much more compelling narrative, my favourite pairing and character actually comes from ‘Feather’. The ‘Feather’ series is not yet complete so I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the characters I care about stay alive and get a happy ending, both of which are a rarity in Cang Yue’s novels. I working my way through her other novels and also randomly picking up other new wuxia authors to check out so this space will probably continue to be neglected till Ann’s ‘Qi Pao’ starts airing in late October.

In China, there’s been a wave of internet novels getting adapted into dramas but so far none of Cang Yue’s has been picked up so I can only satisfy myself with amazing cosplays/MVs by the Chinese fans. Would you want your favourite novel made into a drama? No casting will please every fan and there’s always the risk of the scripwriter making a mess of the story but a part of me still wants to see it transformed into something concrete on screen.

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