Mia Taeng (Wedded Wife) thoughts

12 Aug


Stupid p’ek forced into marriage with noble n’ek who tolerates his playboy ways with bitchy n’rai. Add a persistent ex-boyfriend and a just as persistent new guy on the block, we have Mia Taeng! Its premise sounds awfully similar to ‘A Person’s Value’ and I wanted to hit everyone over the head by the end of that lakorn which was why I gave MT a pass when it came out. But … I’m suddenly feeling like a Chompoo Araya lakorn recently after watching her parts in the RKTF teaser and decided to give MT a shot. I ended up marathoning the show and finished it 3 days!

The plot itself is not my cup of tea and I can’t say I approve of the positions taken by our pra’nang which was why I never felt myself rooting for them to get together. However, the storytelling was focused and things were kept moving forward towards an expected resolution (Khongkai establishing his presidency at PV and unraveling of Neuathip/Bproong’s schemes) which was more than I can say of ‘A Person’s Value’ which wandered all over the place for no reason (ok, reason being it gave Ch7 great ratings so they extended it needlessly).

On to the characters. I wanted to whack our dumb p’ek Khongkai in the face with a giant frying pan in just about every episode and most of the time I can’t help agreeing with Arunprapai’s initial assessment that he is hollow between his ears. Granted it was easy for Bproong to play on his existing bias towards Arunprapai and his forced marriage but his utter lack of respect for his mom and legal wife by letting Bproong have her way in their house was totally unacceptable. Then there was his double standard of constantly accusing Arunprapai of having immoral relations with Poochom (the ex) and Wayu (new guy) while he himself strutted around all the time with Bproong hanging off his arms. Is your blood boiling yet? Cos mine certainly was. There was however a redeeming bit in all these. I find it hilarious how not just Arunpraipai but Khongkai’s entire household don’t hesitate in calling him out on his brattish behaviour and it was nice of the n’ek to have a big support group for once! I had resigned myself to not liking Khongkai and I still didn’t like like him by the end but surprisingly, he did gain a bit of my respect. He did what many such p’eks seldom do: he acknowledged that it was his fault for hurting two women who loved and suffered for him. By then Bproong’s true colours had started showing and it would’ve been easy for him to blame it all on her schemes like Mae Lam did but he understood and accepted that he was the real root of the problems. Unfortunately, accepting blame wasn’t the same as solving the problem and he really didn’t contribute much to the eventual resolution. Khongkai should thank his lucky stars for his intelligent mother and wife!

Arunprapai is our model wife who endures and suffer everything and anything for her family. She’s too good to be true for me to identify and connect with but her calm demeanour even when faced with the most trying insults (and her wonderful come backs) helped to keep the annoyance level of the drama down. I also appreciate her firmness with Poochom and Wayu, not giving them any false hopes or much opportunity to make an already messy situation messy. Once again, lesson that Gluay from ‘A Person’s Value’ will do well to learn. Yes, that lakorn made me bitter for wasting precious hours of my life and led me nowhere. Uhm, what else? Arunpraipai is too perfect I don’t have much to comment.

Rome and Chompoo do make a beautiful couple and I must say the willing scenes were kinda hot even though not much is shown but my liking of the main couple was limited by the story. I disagree with how Arunprapai was constantly encouraged to endure because it’s a ‘wifely’ thing to do while Khongkai got a free rein with his lust and arrogance. The lakorn did touch briefly on the men’s faults but it was mostly extolling the virtues of the ideal wife through Arunprapai. It takes two to make a marriage and Khongkai/Arunprapai is certainly not the right nor healthy example of one.

I actually did root for a couple in MT: Poochom and Jieb. Poochom was rather annoying initially when he kept looking to ex-girlfriend Arunprapai to solve his marital problems but with the introduction of Jieb and development of his own storyline, I came to look forward to their scenes. They have a pretty big age gap (10+ years I guess, Jieb was able to lie to the police that Poochom was her dad) but I love the spark and vitality she brings to him, and conversely he takes care of her like no one had. I know they are only side characters and I can’t expect them to have much screen time but I still wished we at least got a scene of them confessing their feelings for each other instead of just showing us the end result of them getting together. I feel like doing a separate post detailing their scenes ‘cos they are just too adorable. ❤

The villains were the usual one-dimensional sort, inept, greedy, underhand etc etc etc but at least the n’rai Bproong had decent characterization and wasn’t nasty for the sake of being nasty. Narong wasn’t too well done though. I don’t feel his side of the story was properly told and I found the actor lacking in conveying his inner conflict between his ambitions and love for Bproong. In the dramatic climax where he had his outburst and declared his love to Bproong and later took a bullet for her, I was all like…. ehh, ok, whatever. Oh, final mention to Bproong’s best friend Sasha. Thank you for giving the n’rai a true friend with a brain and conscience instead of being simple minion who does the rai’s dirty work.

All in all, I’d say Mia Taeng’s producers did a commendable job with the material on hand and managed to make it an entertaining ride for me despite my misgivings on the story.

5 Responses to “Mia Taeng (Wedded Wife) thoughts”

  1. jamieguo48 August 12, 2012 at 7:48 PM #

    Oh, this is my favorite guilty pleasure from last year. I had problems with the editing and the ending seemed kinda rushed, but I liked Arunprapai way more then you.

    I think one of the reasons she sorta accepted all was she realized she had made the choice to put herself in this situation and I like that she had ulterior motives for marrying him, that really took him down a notch or two. Actually, the power here really belongs to Arunprapai, (unlike Gluay she’s not a doormat at all) she accepted the marriage knowing Khongkai was like that, and when she made her bed, she was determined to lie in it. I think maybe she thought she could stay unemotional about his cheating ways as she didn’t love him, but then when she found herself falling for him so hard it really started to affect her. And it also helps that na’ek has like 3 guys panting after her, she’s not powerless in her situation despite trying to be a good wife.

    I think Khongkai is tolerable BECAUSE everyone talks very openly about what an idiot he is, including Arunprapai, but his mom, servants etc. That helps the viewer look at his behavior with some amusement, rather than out and out contempt.

    There were two other things I found interesting about this, how for Khongkai, the reason he stayed with Bproong so long is because he thought she loved him and Arunprapai thought of him more as her duty. He’s always trying to get under her skin, but because she refuses to behavior jealously towards Bproong, he can’t read her and is stupid enough that he can’t realize her actions show real caring. He’s used to bimbos acting out jealous scenes with him as a sign of their love (more like love for his money) for him, but Arunprapai doesn’t play.

    I also liked the mother’s illness story as that gave Arunprapai extra reasons for staying and made khongkai have to grow up.

    Agree with you on Bproong, I hated her, but yeah she did have a little more depth then the usual other woman, and Rome and Chompoo were great together. They’re filming another lakorn together, Khun Samee Karmalor Tee Rak, looking forward to it.

    • J August 13, 2012 at 2:27 AM #

      I do like Arunprapai (definitely wayyy more likable than Gluay) and same here, I like that she was making use of the marriage to escape her problems with Poochom instead of simply being a saint and doing it only to repay KK’s mom. I appreciate Arunprapai being able to make sensible choices and give sensible responses and it did make MT different from the other dumb p’ek/noble n’ek dramas (which was why I enjoyed it) but personally I can’t make much emotional connection to such a perfect character.

      ooh, now I’m looking forward to Rome/Chompoo’s collaboration. XD Hopefully this time Rome can play someone who uses his grey matter!

  2. Anonymous August 14, 2012 at 8:54 PM #

    I don’t know how many veins I busted. I liked Arunprapai but there were times I want her to physically slap the buffalo (Khongkwai is a name I have given Khongkai, “kwai means buffalo” and it is insulting to call someone a buffalo in Thai lol it means they are beyond idiots/dumb). But like jamieguo mentioned, she put herself in that situation and she knew the consequences. I am glad she didn’t complain much.

    • J August 16, 2012 at 2:44 AM #

      Lol, I think we can safely blame Khongkai for the viewers’ rising blood pressure when watching MT. It’s good that Arunprapai kept her cool or I might have abandoned ship like I did with ‘A Person’s Value’.

  3. Casey November 20, 2014 at 7:36 AM #

    This is so old on your blog but I just finished Mia Taeng and I loved it!

    My comments are this: I was annoyed with the characters skirting around the obvious faults of Khongkai; no matter what, I feel like there was no way you could say he was adept to be anything but what he had been before: a rich boy in a cushy position thanks to his rich parents. I failed to see how he was capable enough to be president of PV when he came up with 0 of the ideas that saved PV RE or PV IC…everything was either the work of Thongtom, Arunpraipai or Pawan. He did nothing but regurgitate information and make excuses for his behavior….the same faults his mother pointed out in Bproong.

    I didn’t like how they never addressed problems to him; always sugar coating everything IMO simply made the situation worse and if we were getting hypothetical, it’s probably the reason why he was not clever. No one ever just flat out told him, we think Pragawap is responsible for your dad’s death; we picked Arunpraipai because I’ve known her family forever and they are good people who will protect you…I also couldn’t believe that he failed to connect the dots in that every single time he tasked Narong with something, it ended up with him in the hot seat about to be removed from his position at PV, and yet, he still trusted Narong with important tasks until the end.

    I likened that Khongkai was very similar to Bproong. He was “capable” in everything else but fairly unintelligent; I thought it was ironic that the same qualms Pawan found in Bproong can also be found in Khongkai; if Bproong was a rental wife, surely Khongkai was a rental husband. Also, like Bproong, Khongkai was possessive and clingy as well as being insecure in his relationship and pettily jealous. I thought it was clever, no matter how unintentional, that they sort of mirrored each other but with different objectives.

    Unlike you, I couldn’t empathize with Sasha. He was an enabler who went along with Bproong just because she was the famous model friend we all want. Only until it affected his career/personal goals in life did he step in and intervene with what Bproong was doing. He cut Pai’s gown, called Khongkai about Bproong’s fake suicide attempt and encouraged him to come out to a club on his wedding night all while knowing that Khongkai was married to Pai and that it was wrong. In the end, I think he got what he deserved too. Bproong treated him like nothing and he went along with it just for the sake of saying he had the famous model Bproong as his friend.

    Overall, I think it’s interesting and funny how Pawan felt like her son deserved the best, purest wife in all of Thailand though he himself was no prize. I think it speaks too how women are expected to be in contrast to men. Sure, Pawan felt like her son’s philandering was wrong but what did she ever really do to stop it? She made snide comments at the dinner table and that’s it. Sure, she declared her allegiance to be with Pai, but as the Poo Ying of the house, I felt like she could have done more….She wanted Pai to be a good wife to Khongkai but I don’t recall her ever telling Khongkai to be a good Husband to Pai.

    Well…that was long but I really enjoyed the drama and thought it was interesting to review.

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