Rak Khun Tao Fah ep 2

7 Aug

Things take a downward spiral for Phim and for me in ep2.

While Phim is ignoring Teera after their big fight at the end of ep1, he meets his ex Joy (can’t rem her chara’s name) on his flight to Fukuoka. Joy is going on a solo trip to nurse a broken heart and it’s clear she still harbours feelings for our Captain but Teera being a guy Teera, Joy’s subtle and none too subtle hints fly over his head and he is insistent that Phim will not be jealous. Phim is OF COURSE JEALOUS that Teera is wining and dining with a woman – his ex no less – in a foreign land and not answering her calls. In any case, Joy’s not gonna be Phim’s real problem here (I think the scriptwriter is saving Joy’s evil schemes for Cherry) and eventually they kiss and make up when Teera returns to Thailand. They get like 5 seconds of happiness planning their wedding AGAIN before Creepy Mom ruins it AGAIN. Then they fight AGAIN when Phim wonders aloud AGAIN if Creepy Mom is doing it on purpose. Seeing a pattern here anyone?

Ep 2 was pretty much a rehash of ep 1 minus the balm of the couple’s sweetness and I found myself ff through so much of it. Creepy Mom upgrades to Crazy Mom when she threw herself down a flight of stairs this time to stop the wedding. Whaaaaaat? I can’t comprehend. Some tricks used to be reserved for bitchy third wheels. Stop stealing them!

Other than my complete side-eyeing of Crazy Mom, Teera’s also kinda bland as the central character. There’s no ONE true pair for me to get invested in and root for here and the show hinges on Teera’s struggles with filial piety while trying to get a love life. It’s a more realistic premise than say, Sawan Biang, but I want to be entertained by a lakorn and entertained I am not.

Why did all these amazing people sign up for RKTF??? Argggg, Ken is still hot and yummy and so are all the ladies (Joy needs a new hairstyle though. Her forehead is rather distracting) but the plot! *bangs head on wall*

Is anyone sharing the pain with me? Or have you guys wisely gave this a pass?

Reason why I’m still sticking around:

narak jing jing~~~~ some producer plsplspls be inspired by their chemistry in RKTF and get them to star in another lakorn!

2 Responses to “Rak Khun Tao Fah ep 2”

  1. Anonymous August 9, 2012 at 4:37 AM #

    I feel ur pain just by reading ur little caps lol the creepy mother beats tik kanyarat’s mother in law in this one lakorn and trust me that lakorn was more head banging worthy lol maybe if I was able to sit thru that drama I think I can sit thru this one too… NOT!!! LOL I wilm just stick around for ur updates lol or maybe catch it when marie enters into the picture. I am more curious about her as to why she will be the happily ever after gal.

    • J August 9, 2012 at 11:43 AM #

      I’ve definitely sat through dramas with sillier plots with more strangle worthy characters but at least they are in a so-bad-it’s-entertaining kinda way you know? I’m looking forward to Chompoo’s bit ‘cos from the teasers it seems like she’s the feisty one that tells Crazy Mom in her face that she’s … well, crazy.

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